Stop Mr. Postman… My Book Haul

I actually bought print books this week! *sigh* all is right with my world… well, at least if feels a little closer to my normal. Ha! ūüėõ

Don’t forget to check out my interview with Beth Ciotta! Click HERE¬†Use the rafflecopter and¬†tell us where in time you’d travel if you had a time machine. We are giving away to prizes! International entries welcome.

Alrighty… Here are the books I’ve added to my collection… Just click on the covers for more info.

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts




Her Sky Cowboy by Beth CiottaLord's Fall (A Novel of the Elder Races)  by Thea HarrisonIced: A Dani O'Malley Novel  by Karen Marie Moning







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This Week at The Book Tart Nov. 4th-10

Sunday 11/4~ This Week at The Book Tart

Monday 11/5~ Her Sky Cowboy Vlog ūüôā

Tuesday~11/6 Interview with my girl Beth Ciotta and a spotlight on her new steampunk Her Sky Cowboy Her Sky Cowboy by Beth Ciotta

New Book Spotlight! Remember you can visit my New Fiction Release database anytime to see the new releases by month and day

Wednesday 11/7~ Stop Mr. Postman Where I show you all the books that were delivered into my hands over theA Private Duel with Agent Gunn (The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard)  by Jillian Stone past week or so

Thursday 11/8~ Interview and promo with Jillian Stone

Friday 11/9~ Aack! I don’t know *shrug*

Saturday 11/10~ same deal *sigh* I’m trying to juggle ūüėõ

I adore you all for supporting me and my spazzy efforts to share my love of books!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts



This Week at The Book Tart~ Oct. 28-Nov 3

I hope you have had fun with my Young Adult book contest. I will post the winner today or tomorrow ūüôā

Sunday 10/28~ This Week at The Book Tart

Hopefully a vlog… I DID one ūüôā on Shiloh Walker’s Stolen

Monday 10/29~ Moonlight Masquerade Giveaway day 5 featuring black and white costume idea

Tuesday~10/30 Bewitching Book Tours Spotlight on Allison Pang’s A Trace of Moonlight + Review

New Book Spotlight! Remember you can visit my New Fiction Release database anytime to see the new releases by month and day

Random Magic YouTube Book Tour and mystery vlog

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New Releases, October 23rd

¬†Woohoo! There are 170 new books out today. Click HERE to see the compete list. The database for October is MASSIVE! There’s more than 2700¬†ebook and print titles listed! Please use the ¬†Advanced Search page and select the format, genre, month to narrow the list down.

I really want my DB to be as complete as possible cause I have a need to know what books are coming out. I really, really want to know ūüôā¬†¬†Please CONTACT ME if you are waiting for a book that isn’t in my database. I need to fix it!

At The Book Tart we are celebrating young adult fiction and you can enter for a chance to win a $25 gift card! Click HERE or on the Cornucopia button on the right. ūüôā

There are more contests too click HERE

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

28 books that¬†got my attention.¬†Click on the covers for info ūüôā

My Kind of Christmas (A Virgin River Novel)  by Robyn CarrThe Parasol Protectorate Boxed Set: Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, Heartless and Timeless  by Gail Carriger

After Moonrise: Possessed\Haunted by P. C. Cast

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Cornucopia of YA~ What is YA anyway?

What makes a book YA or young adult? Yesterday’s fun interview with the author Red Tash included her spot-on¬†thoughts and insights¬†on writing for young adults (click¬†HERE¬†to see)¬†and made me think about what I was reading as a teen… 15 + years ago, thank you very much :p She’s right, teens can read anything they want really. But the young adult genre novels typically star a teen-aged protagonist dealing with similar or recognizable issues to their age group.

Wikipedia says this…

Young-adult fiction or young adult literature (often abbreviated as YA),also juvenile fiction, is fiction written, published, or marketed to adolescents and young adults. The Young Adult Library Services (YALSA) of the American Library Association (ALA) defines a young adult as someone between the ages of twelve and eighteen. Authors and readers of young adult (YA) novels often define the genre as literature as traditionally written for ages ranging from twelve years up to the age of eighteen, while some publishers may market young adult literature to as low as age ten or as high as age twenty-five.[2] The terms young-adult novel, juvenile novel, young-adult book, etc. refer to the works in the YA category.

I enjoy YA books. Well, honestly, I just enjoy a good story, whether it’s a picture book, early reader, children’s, YA, New Adult (we’ll talk about that in another post!) or adult. Tell me a story that catches my imagination and I’m there.

I have an entire book¬†case dedicated to young adult titles. And of course, with my chaotic collection I have YA books elsewhere too :p I know *shakes head* You are shocked ūüôā Here¬†are just a¬†few of the authors on my shelves¬†that have books¬†classified as YA.

Stacey Kade (I’ve been a fan of hers since I met her at the RT 2007 Convention and have stalked her since)

Allyson Noel (Maid of Tarts recommended)

Rachel Caine ( I got hooked on her Weather Warden series and then had to read everything of hers!)

Julia Kagawa

Holly Black

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New Releases, October 16th

¬†Wow! As of right now, there are nearly 300 books listed in the database for today! And I’m adding more all the time. Click¬†HERE to see the compete list. Or you can click on the New Fiction Release button on the menu bar *points up* Don’t forget that you can narrow that list down by selecting the Advanced Search¬†page and selecting the format, genre, month etc. It’s fun.

This database is a continual work in progress. I truly had no idea there were so many fiction titles coming out all the time <g> Please CONTACT ME¬† if you are waiting for a book that isn’t in my database. I need to fix it!

At¬†The Book¬†Tart we are celebrating¬†¬†young adult fiction and you can enter for a chance to win a $25¬†gift card! Click HERE or on the Cornucopia button on the right. ūüôā

 There are more contests too click HERE  

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts


Books that caught my attention….


a pretty YA cover…

Crewel (Crewel World)  by Gennifer Albin Crewel by Gennifer Albin


O_o I want this YA too

Beta  by Rachel Cohn Beta by Rachel Cohn

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I’m not a hoarder! I am a collector

Contemporary Romance

I am book collector. I love books. I am a¬†bookaholic and if you’ve noticed my “Mr. Postman” book haul updates, I buy a few books every week. When I moved from Montana to Colorado 5 years ago, I rented a Budget moving truck… For my books ūüėõ I¬†didn’t¬†bring any furniture and just a few suitcases of clothing.¬†Well, also, I needed a vehicle to drive to Colorado, I¬†had 17 boxes of books at the time and they covered the floor of the truck, just one stack high. I don’t even want to imagine how many boxes I would fill now. lol I estimate that I¬†have 4000+ print books. The bookshelf on the left is one I¬†built¬†this summer¬†for my hallway and it’s not full… yet. It’s been a crazy summer and I haven’t had a chance to move the excess books from my loft to this new shelf.

Oh! Oh! This is the only shelf in my house that is in¬†alphabetical order. I was so proud of myself for building this¬†system on my own. It is a media shelf¬†unit¬†¬†because it’s in my hallway and I needed the narrowest footprint I could find and I needed it to give me as much book room as possible. I went to the hardware store and bought rebar and connected another shorter shelving system on top. <g> So, it’s about 7 feet tall, 8 feet long and only 7 inches¬†deep. Yes, it’s anchored to the wall! *shakes head* I’m not¬†THAT silly :p¬†It is a thing of beauty and I am thrilled that it can hold so many books and still has room for me to rearrange the parts of my collection that are running amuck.

My loft is scary! I shove bags up there. I have a cute little lamp and some throw pillows along the back under the window,¬†but you can’t see them because of all my boxes and bags. I will get to it. I just don’t usually accomplish much when I try because I get distracted by all the books. Yes, I re-read my books. That’s why I keep them ūüôā I used to be a big library girl and a used bookstore trader when I was a teen. But it got to a point where I was buying the books I read from the library because I wanted to have them in my collection and I was mad at myself for trading away books that I wanted to re-read later. I still¬†haven’t replaced all of my Linda Lael Miller The Black Rose Chronicles series *Boo!*


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Help! Panic attack over star book reviews…

I love books. I’m crazy, mad obsessed with books and I buy scads and read heaps… though truthfully the reading has slowed down since I launched this site. *head/desk* The whole purpose of The Book Tart was to share my love of reading, meet readers, find new books to read, and of course The New Fiction Release Database so that I could know what books are coming out on what days. But the reviewing thing is making me question myself. Maybe I need to reevaluate my system… Aack!

Ok, here’s the thing, I don’t¬†really pay attention to¬†stars. Unless they are sparkling with sequins or you can wish on them.¬†I am the girl who enjoys 2 star reviewed movies, and even the occasional 1 star will be a movie I personally get a kick out of. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy reading book reviews and seeing what they enjoyed or what bugged them about a book… But the¬†stars aren’t really an influence for me.¬†So, I haven’t given stars, or in my case, if I did give something numerical ummm quantifiable? Countable? it would be cherries :p anyway, I haven’t given them on my reviews posted here on The Book Tart. I’ll tell you I loved the book and why. But I get that stories are subjective and every reader brings something of themselves to the story so my loves might not be yours. And I’m totally ok with that. I just like to talk books. I really like to TALK books, which is why I vlog, so I can just spaz out and tell you about a book I just read. Almost every book I read is one I loved while I was reading it and I want to tell my friends about¬†because I enjoyed the read¬†and I’ll ¬†say, if you like YA paranormal, you should really¬†try The Never Prayer or if you enjoy contemporary romance pick up Cari Quinn’s No Flowers Required. They are great books! And then I go and post my review on Goodreads or Amazon and you have to give a rating.¬† GGGRRRR! I don’t wanna! *stomps foot* I really don’t. But I mostly give 4s cause if I HAD to break it down it would be something like this

1= did not finish

2= ok, readable, but problematic

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