I’m Back! Romantic Times 2016

Lisa (The Maid of Tarts) Dawn and me Together again!

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I was able to attend the Romantic Times Book Convention! I’m so thrilled to be here. If you’re here and are a fan of The Book Tart bloggin’ vloggin’ funness come say hi! I’m running a print book giveaway for a Stephanie Evanovich novel (click HERE) and I’ll give the 3rd copy away to a random convention attendee who says hi 🙂

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My goof is your gain Contest!

I accidentally bought 2 copies of Katie Macalister’s new dragon book! I know *shaking head* silly Kat. But my goof is your gain.

I have a prize pack with Sparks Fly by Katie Macalister

Christina Skye’s To Catch A Thief  plus a t-shirt! Score! jammies :p

Swag from the Romantic Times Book Convention

including steampunk goodies from Maureen O. Betita (there’s a temporary tattoo! and book marks and magnets oh my!)

and Eden Bradley and Rachel Grace to name a few.

But  that’s not all. Oh, that’s not all…

a pink reusable grocery bag from Joey W. Hill

a great notepad from K.C . Sehlhorst

a can cozy from Sharon Page

And whatever else I toss in :p


This contest will run for two weeks until Monday, June 4th.

You enter by commenting on this post and telling me what book you are eagerly waiting for, or what book you’ve accidently bought multiples of! and you get more entries by liking The Book Tart on Facebook and re-tweeting.  Good Luck!


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Romantic Times Convention Contest

 I brought back some amazing stuff from the Romantic Times Book Convention and wanted to share. This prize includes the book bag all attendees were given at registration in Chicago and all the swag inside 🙂



A RT Booklover Convention book bag

The May RT Book Reviews magazine

Sabrina Jeffries’ historical romance To Wed a Wild Lord

Lynda Hilburn’s novel The Vampire Shrink

Various bookmarks and promo materials

The contest runs from Sunday, May 6th to Sunday, May 13th. You receive entries in the contest by commenting on this post and answering the following question- What book did you just finish? You can also receive entries by tweeting about the contest and liking The Book Tart on Facebook.

Good Luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor :p


(((hugs)) The Book Tart

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Resuming my recap of the Romantic Times Convention

Rats! I ran out of “r”s I was trying for alliteration in my title *snort* Well, here goes…. Back, back in time ( only a few weeks, I’ll bring you back to where I found you, honest) back to Thursday morning, April 12th. Where I last left off our heroines (Lisa, the Maid of Tarts and me)  lol Well, after we went to the Karaoke party- at 9am in the morning!!! We popped into Club RT and tried to enter our names into all of the prize drawings offered. The Book Tart offered 2 prizes, a cherry tote bag with a fuzzy blanket made by Lisa, and another tote with an Amazon gift card and assorted goodies. There were some amazing gift baskets! I am soooo not lucky- and won zip. Lisa won the Stacey Kade prize 🙂  In the signed tote bag (which we are giving away as a prize! comment on the previous post by midnight 5/5 to be entered) were some goodies, Lisa shared  the amazing pink, blue and purple eyeshadow and we used it for our Saturday night costumes- you’ll see a pic when we get to Saturday. Lisa then went to the Wild and Wacky Party hosted by Kayla Perin and Jamie Rush aka Tina Wainscott. Their party is always a blast! But I was trying to network and learn so I went to a panel on social media and group blogs hosted by The Nine Naughty Novelists. It was a great workshop. I took a lot of notes and our roomie Dawn was a guest on the panel! She is a reader and blogger extraordinaire. We met her last year at RT and I invited her to be our roommate this time around. It ended up being a perfect fit. She’s stuck with me indefinitely now 😛 I can call/text her anytime and say “Dawn? help!” and she does. If you love to read steamy romance check out her blog at http://daydrmzzz.blogspot.com/



Next on the agenda was an Author Chat with Jeaniene Frost, Nalini Singh and Charlaine Harris. All in one room! I was over the moon excited. I love all of them and own all their works, even the ones in anthologies. Ha! lol It was so fun to listen to them talk about their books.



 When I came down off cloud 9 from the thrill of being in the same room as them 🙂 We went to the Steampunk Gathering. I had packed a steampunk outfit, unfortunately my zipper broke at my bust. Grrr! Big busts can be a bain (hey, look, alliteration attempt again) Now, I have to share a pic. Look to the left… Yum! A great guy who had NO wardrobe problems is  Scott Nova, in his steampunk costume. There wasn’t much to it…. It was just right! I <3 Scott, I met him last year when he was competing in the Mr. Romance competition. Yep, I voted for him. I enjoyed catching up with him this year. Continue reading “Resuming my recap of the Romantic Times Convention”

Romantic Times Convention recap part 1

Ok, finally I am trying to recap my experience at the Romantic Times Book Convention in Chicago. I have been home for 2 weeks and should have written this a week ago while it was fresher (is that a word?) in my mind! Lol but my mind was NOT fresh- it was exhausted and it’s taken me this long to get my groove back-ish. Cause now I’m suffering from allergies and getting in a funk AGAIN! :p Alrighty- enough with the excuses, just write this thing.

My girl, Lisa, and I met up in Chicago on Monday afternoon, April 9th. I was so excited to see her! We live in different states and though we talk on the phone, it’s amazing to actually be together. We spent Tuesday doing a quick touristy trip through a bit of Chicago. We went on the Blue Line. I’m originally from Montana, and now live in Colorado, so I’m not used to the public transit system and got a kick out of the shuttle and was all big eyed and impressed waiting in the terminal and listening to an acapella group singing. They would pause while the shuttle went by and then start again. I loved it! We shopped at the Water Tower Mall and got pics with cute mannequins. Lisa puts up with my camera addiction! Lol I adore photos. Grrr! WordPress won’t let me add the manequin photos right now… I will try later.

Next we grabbed a taxi and went to The Lincoln Park Zoo and had a great time wandering around admiring the big cats and giraffes and meerkats. Then we went to downtown Chicago and ate a delicious dinner at Mia Francesca’s and had to pop into a few stores looking for sweatshirts, cause we were FREEZING! It was 50 degrees and windy and getting colder and we weren’t dressed appropriately lol We finally found Wrigley sweatshirts and wore those to the Cubs game and we still FROZE. It was fun though and the field is absolutely magical. Then it was time to gear up for the convention!

We have attended the Romantic Times Convention since 2005. We LOVE this con. And this year was its highest attended yet, over 1500 readers, writers, and industry professionals. We adore RT because it’s a group of people who share the same passion, we love to read, we love romance… When you meet people at the con you can become instant friends. And you get to interact with the authors who bring us their wonderful stories. I am a huge fan girl and squeal when I meet my favs. I would guess it’s 98% women, I really have no clue on the breakdown, but the majority of the attendees are women. And that is so fun! Being in hotel with a bunch of women who are excited about reading and meeting authors and chocolate, yes, there is a lot of chocolate at the convention. Lol We don’t have much time to eat, we run, run, run to all the workshops and panels and sometimes live on chocolate. This year we tried to be better prepared and had healthy options in our room, but still, I ate a bunch of chocolate!

We hit the ground running on Wednesday morning. I was a stressed out mess! The Book Tart site had just gone live approximately 12 hours before the convention started and I was planning on promoting it and passing out swag and doing a giveaway and the site was and is still just a baby, crawling not running, yet. So, I was a bit of a disaster. But Lisa and our roomie Dawn tried to keep me calm and my head on. It has a tendency to pop off, like a Barbie :p We registered and got our goodie bags, went through the goodie room. It’s a room where you get to pick wander through and pick out approx 10 free books! It’s like a candy shop for readers. Then we went to the Welcome Party and afterwards I went to a marketing class, which had a lot of good info and I took notes, but most of it is for future me, when the site isn’t in its infancy. Oh, and I also set up my spot in promo alley with The Book Tart swag. I bought cute pens and book marks and rub on tattoos and chocolate kisses.  I learned a lot on what works and what I should do next time. My book marks are super cute, but they don’t advertise what this site does and the New Fiction Release database.  Sooo, for future cons I will be better prepared.


We absolutely HAD to go to the Intergalactic Bar and Grill reader party. We’ve never missed it. Linnea Sinclair and her crew host a fun game and give away great glowy gifts (say that five times) I got to be the designated extrovert, hence the headband with tinsel lol and both Lisa and I were holding the Hunk Card (ours was a picture of Ben Bowder from Stargate- yumm! Remember him in Farscape? I loved that show) when our table answered the Jeopardy style question correctly, so we got to pick a prize. We both picked books by the SAME author, accidently! The covers and blurb got our attention. I grabbed the first one and Lisa picked out the second book in a series by Alayna Williams. We didn’t realize until we sat back at the table and compared them! Lol we will keep you posted in the review section (when it’s working!) on these books, they look really good.

Wednesday night was the Ellora’s Cave Hip Hop party. Lisa and I love the night parties cause we like to dress up. But for this party, I couldn’t think of what to wear so I was not costumed and a bit bummed.  Many people didn’t have that problem and there was a mix of 80s costumes and hip hop. But my favorite was Lila Dubois and her friends in track suits. And Yes, I have pictures :p Ellora’s Cave gave out amazing swag! Everyone had track pants and t-shirts on the back of their chairs. They are very comfy- Lisa and I actually wore our pants with our Wrigley sweatshirts on our flight home.

After the party, Lisa, Dawn (our most excellent roomie) and me got into our pjs and wandered the hotel at midnight looking for the YA Slumber Party. We were late cause we couldn’t find it :p Honestly! I could swear we checked the room we finally found it in first and it was empty- some sort of time continuum shift caused it to not be there when we looked the first time and when we tried again 15 minutes later- it was there! But we had a giggling good time wandering around a quite hotel in our pajamas (Dawn and Lisa had on socks and slid on the marble floors!) and then we found the party and ate junk food and watched a slipper fashion show .

Thursday morning we got up early and went to the Mystery Chix and Private Dix morning mixer. Free books and pastries, yummy for me. Side note- if you are an author who sponsors these mixers please consider providing a gluten free option. Lisa couldn’t find anything to eat at most of the events.

We popped into the Nine Naughty Novelists & Smutketeers & Cover Model Karaoke party. The karaoke machine kept spazzing out but the singers were troopers and had fun.

Ack! I’ve only made it to Thursday morning and I written 1200 words. I’m sure I need an editior :p but I’m going to call it quits and finish this recap tomorrow night.

Goodnight and (((hugs))) The Queen Of Tarts

Romantic Times Book Convention Here I Come!

Ready or not… mostly not! Lol I seem to procrastinate and order everything last minute and pay expedited shipping cost and STILL didn’t get some of my costume pieces in time *boo* But I am sitting in a hotel in Denver, CO trying to finish this blog and upload a quickie vlog, before I get a few hours sleep and hop on an airplane in the morning to fly to Chicago and the convention. I am both excited and supremely stressed out! And feeling not quite ready, but there isn’t much I can do now. So I need to just let go…. I am so absolutely NOT good at that.

Oh… ummm, in the vlog I have a bit of an accent. I didn’t notice until I re-watched the vlog and didn’t have time to film again. And I know I look different than my first vlog- I like to play with my hair, long, short… one time I might wear one of my many wigs! About the accent…. It pops up randomly! I blame it on having braces at an impressionable age and being obsessed with the Anne of Green Gables movies and having to enunciate with the metal mouth. I am from the U.S. but I sometimes sound like I rule my own little kingdom of Tartlet or some such, which works for me, cause, I’m The Queen of Tarts!


I will be at the Romantic Times Book Convention in Chicago all this week, here’s a link http://www.rtconvention.com/ . It is so fun! I am bringing costumes and books to be signed and plan on buying too, too, many books and having an absolute blast! I will also be promoting this website… I have a lot of SWAG, bookmarks, temporary tattoos, the cutest little pens, candy and a book bag filled with goodies for a random drawing sometime during the week. I will pick up goodies from other people and plan on putting together a bag to give away from this site at the end of April! Yay! I’m sure it will have books too…. :p

I have decided that my website in not only a baby elephant, cause it’s taken over 2 years to come to be… but my newest analogy is cookie dough. Have you seen the last Buffy episode? I really think you can find an applicable Whedonism for most situations lol . Here’s what Buffy said “I‘m cookie dough. I’m not done baking. I’m not finished becoming who ever the hell it is I’m gonna turn out to be. I make it through this, and the next thing, and the next thing, and maybe one day, I turn around and realize I’m ready. I’m cookies. And then, you know, if I want someone to eat m- or enjoy warm, delicious, cookie me, then that’s fine. That’ll be then. When I’m done.*snort* I love Buffy! The Book Tart is cookie dough, all of the ingredients are here… chocolate, sugar, egg and whatever else is in cookies! Side note, my daddy makes the best thin chocolate chip cookies *sigh* and now I’m hungry at midnight in a tiny hotel room! Frack!



Where was I? Oh, yeah, cookie dough…. So the website isn’t done baking, but the ingredients are here, I’m so excited about the database, and I WILL catalog all my books, and share my convention pictures and we WILL review books, we’re just not quite there yet. No warm, melty cookies, yet. But they’ll be delicious and worth the wait. So, keep checking back on my adventures in reading, and elephants and cookies.

And now it’s after midnight and I need to sleep….

Goodnight, The Queen of Tarts