The Book Tart Episode 25~ Review of Tarnished by Karina Cooper

I am relatively new to steampunk fiction and I really enjoyed Karina Cooper’s Tarnished, book 1 in her St. Croix Chronicles. I just re-read it so I could vlog in my steampunk costume. 😀

I am on a trip right now so my setting is different (I’m in a hallway!) and I BROUGHT my costume with me to film this. Yep! lol I’m a dork. But I have an easier time chatting about a book than writing a review. 😛 I loved the adventures of Cherry St. Croix and I am so excited to read Gilded when I get home, cause I ordered the print copy! 😉

The sequel, Gilded is out now and the lovely Karina has given The Book Tart an excerpt! *kermit flail* Click HERE to read it and to enter my contest.

Then go get the books!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts


Review of Hard Mated by Jennifer Ashley

Queen of Tarts Review

of Hard Mated by Jennifer Ashley


I read Jennifer Ashley’s short story Hard Mated (full synopsis after review) the day it came out. I really adore her Shifter’s Unbound series and this was a delicious treat to help tide me over until the next full length novel Mate Claimed comes out October 2nd. *happy dance*

In Jennifer’s Shifter’s Unbound world building the shifters have “come out” to the humans and live separated from the population in special enclaves, or reservations. They are forced to wear collars that are meant to keep their violence in check.  The hero of Hard Mated is Spike (side note, lol I LOVE that name, I’m a Buffy and Spike fan) ok, back on track… Spike is a jaguar shifter and the holds the title of Tracker for the Austin Pack. He likes to blow off steam by fighting in the Shifter Fight Club.  After a successful bout with a bear shifter a human woman brings him a water bottle and introduces herself. He thinks she’s very brave and attractive and is stunned when Myka asks him to come to the hospital with her because a woman he’d had a one night stand with five years ago wants to see him. The woman, Jillian, is dying from cancer but she wanted him to know they had a child. Spike is in shock. He’s dealing with the grief from the knowledge that the beautiful, vibrant woman he’d known is at death’s door and the joy that he has a cub. I loved his reaction to his son Jordan. He’s awed and humbled that the beautiful little child is his to care for. Now he has something is his life besides his work. He takes Jordan to Shiftertown to his home with his grandmother.

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5 Moons of Tiiana interview + review + giveaway!



Me: Come in, come in. Welcome to The Book Tart, I’m delighted to meet you Paul! I love science fiction and romance and The 5 Moons of Tiiana is the perfect mix of my favorite things. Please take a seat on my virtual couch… can I get you anything? Coffee, tea, Romulan Ale, ummm a soda? I won’t offer you a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster! The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says it “is like having your brain smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick”. Why would anyone want that?

Paul: Are you sure that isn’t a recipe involving Tequila?

Me: lol That’s one of the many reasons I love sci-fi. Yes, it’s fantastical, but we can relate to it! <g>

I have always loved science fiction and fantasy and can’t wait to talk to you about the genre!

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