Page of Tarts review of The Purpose of A Man by Daniel Brevit

The Purpose Of A ManPage of Tarts Review of

The Purpose Of A Man

by Daniel Brevitt

Sometimes having a seat on the Court of Reviewers means you get set up on blind dates -with books.  Some are DOA due to differences in personality and clashes of taste, while others are surprisingly well suited.  The Purpose of a Man by Daniel Brevitt slipped neatly into the latter group. My first meeting with the book went something like this:
Me: “Hello, I’m the Page. You’re the Purpose of a Man, yes? Well, let’s get this started. Have a seat and tell me about yourself.”


Purpose: “People say there’s something about me. They don’t say what and I don’t much care. I like being different.”

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Page of Tarts review of The Jane Austen Book Club

jane austenPage of Tarts Review of

The Jane Austen Book Club

by Karen Joy Fowler

Any other fans of Jane Austen out there in Tartlandia, or am I alone? If there are no other fans, WHY NOT?!?  …I know, I know, “To each his own,” right?


Well, I am an unabashed fan. I have read all six of her novels (my favorite and most beloved being Pride & Prejudice). I enjoy most of the books’ film adaptations (although my favorite P&P ones are the updated versions: Bridget Jones’ Diary and the YouTube series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries .

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Review of Broken Harbor by The Page

Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad Series #4) by Tana FrenchI have a new reviewer *singing… * (ummm like shower singing NOT karaoke 😛 ) I have a new reviewer! I am so delighted to welcome The Page to Tartlandia and my review court. I adore how she expresses herself. <g> ok, ok already, you’ve convinced me! I need to read  Tana French! After, this review I really, really want to 😀
(((Hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts

Page of Tarts Review 

My book collection is similar to USA Network: Characters Welcome.  This is why, with the aid of one of my dearest friends, Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series practically walked into my life, cleared a spot on my shelf, and made itself at home. I get the feeling that every minor character in this series could be pulled to the forefront and given their own full length novel.


I wanted to reread and review book #1 for the Queen of Tarts (because SHE STILL HASN’T READ IT !), but our favorite QofTs said, “Review book #4! It’s fine to review from the middle of a series!” or something like that.

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