Red haired heroines, authors and me…

It takes a lot of work to maintain the luster of my salon given red hair… I’m NOT a natural red head :p that’s probably kind of obvious. <g> I’m a red head at heart, but not at the roots, mine are brunette. Brunette is a beautiful color and I was brunette until my twenties or so. At nineteen I started to go grey… I don’t know the percentage of grey, well, it’s actually white. When I stop coloring it someday, I am almost positive I will have a head of white hair like my grandmother and great grandmother. Which will be nice when I’m ready, but I’m soooo NOT ready!

I begun dying my hair and I thought as long as I was paying for color why not do something different. I started going red. At first just auburn highlights here and there. Then I went all over red with a short pixie cut. It was an orange-y red and really not good for my complexion. My skin can be rather reddish anyway, so tomato was not a good look for me! I have finally found a red that I am happy with for now. It’s bright and vibrant and I adore it… but it’s a lot of fracking work! When I wash my hair I have to use cool water. Red is one of the largest color molecules (I think) anyway, it washes out easy. As the girls who were my roomies at RT12 can tell you, I brought my own towel, a red one. So I wouldn’t stain the hotel towels red! If I go to bed with red hair, which I try not to do, if I’m not careful I will wake up and the sheets will look like someone was murdered in my bed! The collars of my pajamas are rather pink from wet hair. So, yeah, red is messy.

I love my red hair though. I am semi-seriously looking for a single attractive red haired male. 🙂 So my children could potentially be natural red heads. Of course I realize that hair color is soooo not a reason to marry someone, but the color would be a plus. :p Continue reading “Red haired heroines, authors and me…”