New Releases, September 17th

Hi *blush* long time no release list… gahhh! It’s September 17th and I stapled my posterior to a chair and looked through my database to see what I could see. And there’s some fun books out today too. Check ’em out.

Click HERE to see the 125+ books out today… and my DB is missing lots! *head/desk* working on it….. I keep saying that. But I’ve been assured that it’s fixable!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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September 17th

Deadline Frozen: Book One (HEART OF DREAD)  by Melissa de la CruzThe Wicked and the Just  by J. Anderson Coats

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New Releases, July 23rd

I am still a Maine Tart (for the rest of this week.) Maine is beautiful and now that it’s finally cooled down I can enjoy it. 😀 I am not used to the humidity. Blech! 😛

I’m so sorry ya’ll that I missed last Tuesday’s new releases. 🙁 Trying to juggle life, work and blog and sometimes I just glitch… Speaking of glitches, the bug affecting the database is still being worked on and it is NOT updated like it should be. I’m missing books. Grr argh. Email me and hopefully I can add it.

Click HERE to see the books out today… that my database has in it… *sigh*

Click HERE to see the 290 + print books

Click HERE 50 digital books

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New Releases, July 9th

I am a Maine Tart for the next few weeks. 🙂 I’m here for work and enjoying the water and views… the mosquitoes? Not so much. 😛

Also… I’m a bit stressed out because my database is glitching and not automatically adding books! I have a wonderful friend who is working on the problem. So hold tight. (I am. meep!) Soooo I am absolutely positive I am missing some new releases. Please email me if I can fix the uh oh!

Check out the ones I do have listed *points down* And happy Tuesday!

Click HERE to see all the books out today (in my DB 😉 )

Click HERE to see the 250+ print books

Click HERE 120+ digital books

Oh! Don’t miss my silly fantastic chat with historical romance author Elizabeth Boyce! She is incredibly fun and giving away two, yep! TWO! prizes! Stop by and join the funness. Click HERE

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