Google Giggle Hangout with Elizabeth Boyce + Spotlight on Once An Innocent + Contests!!!

Google Giggle Party

with Elizabeth Boyce!

Yay! I am in love with Elizabeth Boyce! She is a darling and kept me in stitches chatting historical romances like her brand new book Once An Innocent, bathtub glitches and dewing (it’s not as naughty as it sounds)! Plus Elizabeth is giving two prizes away to readers of The Book Tart! *Kermit Flail* See? She rocks!
(((hugs))) Kat

New Releases July 2nd

Gahhh! Summertime is draining my batteries… *sigh* I’m tired. Tired. TIRED. And like Nanny in the children’s book Eloise (I adore Eloise!) I like to say things three times. 😛 It’s Tuesday! my Favorite, favorite favorite day of the week… after whatever day happens to be a day off day. 😀 There are a lot of new books today… And there were lots on July 1st too. (I actually goofed and was highlighting books from the 1st cause I thought that was Tuesday but I decided to leave it… See? so tired I didn’t know the days date!)  ummm enjoy… I’d love to know what book you’ve been waiting for that’s just come out.

Click HERE to see all the books out today (in my DB 😉 )

Click HERE to see the 350+ print books

Click HERE 130+ digital books

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The Book Tart Quickie with Jennifer Faye + Excerpt from Rancher To The Rescue + Contest!

Rancher to the RescueYay! I have debut author Jennifer Faye visiting Tartlandia for a playdate! Her first book Rancher To The Rescue will be available July 1st and it’s darling. (I’ll post my review ASAP!)

Enjoy our quicke… we did! And enter to win Jennifer’s new book, Rancher To The Rescue!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Google Giggle Hangout with PJ Schnyder + Bite Me Spotlight + Contest!

Bite Me - Release Blog Tour dates v2
*squee!* Mad Kermit flailing/Snoopy dancing is going on (it’s kinda scary! 😛 )
I have PJ Schynder on my Google Giggle Hangout couch!!!! I adore her so much, her stories and herself. 😀 We had a wonderful chat… after she and her guy helped me figure out my technical glitches *sigh* Anyways… lots of silly funness to celebrate the launch of PJ’s London Undead series with Bite Me... Werewolves and zombies and smexy times oh my… not zombie smexy times though! *snort* these are not the sexy type zombies.

Google Giggle Party!

(((hugs))) Kat

Spotlight on Conquer Your Love by JC Reed + Excerpt + Contest!

*swoon* The cover for J.C. Reed’s new contemporary romance Conquer Your Love definitely got my attention… Those abs… that chest and tattoo… Sooo then of course I had to read the synopsis and sigh some more. This is the second book in the Surrender Your Love series and I need to read both because… well… Jett! 😉 See if you want to meet him too *waves down* mmmmm
(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts review of Tragic by J.A. Huss

Tragic (Rook and Ronin, #1)Queen of Tarts Review of

by J.A. Huss

I was seriously a bit tentative about reading this story… I am addicted to J.A. Huss’ sci-fi Junco series, but Tragic is new adult. I haven’t read that many NA books …so I procrastinated. I finally picked it up and I’m all Gahhh! and Bad Llama scolding myself. I love Tragic! It has what I’ve come to need in a J.A. Huss story, smart writing, powerful storytelling, damaged and relatable characters, heart, angst and snark.I stayed up way late two nights in a row reading Rook and Ronin’s story. I’m so glad the sequel, Manic will be out August 1st cause I need it and can’t wait long too read it.

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My Nosy Nine chat with J.A. Huss + Contest!

 I am so so over the moon to have J.A. Huss visiting The Book Tart again. It’s been too long since she camped out on my couch and I luvs her to the muchness so I can’t let her stay away so long again. She became one of my fav authors when I fell in love with her Junco science fiction series… but I was a little nervous about trying her new adult book Tragic. I shouldn’t have doubted *head/desk* now I’m addicted to another series. Gahhhh! Click HERE for my review.

Enjoy our silly and have handful of jelly beans.

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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