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Welcome to the Bad Boys Vs. Good Boys Blog event hosted by:

Taryn of My Secret Romance, Dawn of Day Dreaming Book Reviews,

Autumn of The Autumn Review and Kat of The Book Tart.

We LOVE books. We’re crazy for books and boys. So we decided Valentine’s week was a great time to share some of our favorite guys and asked their authors to join in the fun. Each of the paricipating authors has interviewed their guy and a few of them wrote limericks too! Some are very, very good and some are deliciously bad. The boys are from a variety of fiction genres, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi, Steampunk, New Adult and YA ….but they all have guys we heart!

Visit each of the blog hosts every day

this week to see the featured Characters

enter to win prizes by using the rafflecopter

and picking your favorite bad boy or good boy each day

The 7 prize descriptions are at the bottom of the post

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Deck The Halls With Love Character Interview by Lorraine Heath + Contest!

*singing* Deck the halls with bows of holly, fa la la la la lalalala* hmmmm I never know when to stop with those. I LOVE the Deck The Halls With Love cover! Red dress, Christmas tree… *sigh* And the story! I definitely plan to read this. *points down* make sure you check out the synopsis and especially the author Lorraine Heath’s character interview. *giggle*


Oh! Lorraine is giving away an ebook of Deck The Halls With Love! Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post. 😀


(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts


♥ Character Interview ♥


by Lorraine Heath

Lord Chetwyn: Right, let’s get to it. How are you feeling today?


Lady Meredith: I’m feeling fine. Why would I not?


LC: I thought mayhap you might have gotten a tad bruised when you fell from heaven.

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Five Golden Rings Spotlight + Character Interview + Giveaway!

I LOVE Christmas stories. I especially love holiday anthologies because I feel insane at this time of the year (yes! more so than usual 😛 ) and I like to be able to sit down and read a short story. It’s like a mini vacation.

Five Golden Rings has 5 holiday stories and it’s only $0.99 !!! Yep, I bought it after reading our guest authors character interview. It made me chuckle and yearn for a quiet moment to read a bit.

Rena Gregory’s story is called War Of The Magi. Phin and Ginny are the stars of the story and of the interview. *points down* I think you’ll want to pick up this book afterwards too. Oh! There’s also a giveaway too at the bottom of the post

((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts


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♥ Character Interview ♥

by Rena Gregory

Twenty Questions with Phin and Ginny from “War of the Magi”


These aren’t your run-of-the-mill yes or no questions. We’re catching up with our hero and heroine to see how the world has treated them since we saw them last. I’d love to ask Phin if he wears boxers or briefs, but given that he’s from the early 20th century, I find that his answer would hardly be sexy. To live out the romance with Phin and Ginny, read the rest of “War of the Magi” in Avon Impulse’s new Christmas anthology, Five Golden Rings


  1. 1.     We’ll start easy. What is your favorite color?

G: Blue.

P: I’m partial to green.

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