Smutacular Halloween Giveaway Blog Tour

The Book Tart is beyond thrilled to welcome the delightfully smexy Smutketeers for today’s stop on their hop. The girls each have recent releases… or out soon in Robin’s case 🙂

To celebrate all the smutty goodness and Halloween too, the girls want to share about their new titles and give away treats.


Take a look at R.G. Alexander’s newest book, Wicked Release

Robin’s brand spankin’ new holiday treat, FrankenDom (10/29)

Eden’s re-release of her Edge series

Crystal’s 2nd Revved Up title, All Tangled Up


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Saturday Reads Book Blogger Meme #7

 Yay! My first meme thingie 😛 I adore Nix from Scorching Book Reviews and when I checked out her Saturday read last week I saw this adorable button and coveted it lol Soooo, I signed up. We are supposed to share a book we’ve recently read that we recommend the most. *sigh* that’s hard! I love, love, love to read but I’ve been crazy busy and have posted reviews and recommended everything I’ve read this week.

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Shiloh Walker’s Stolen Book Tour~ Theft from Vivian Arend!!!

Some of you have probably heard how stressful things get for an author when they are getting ready for a new release. Shiloh Walker’s latest book STOLEN is due out… and, well.  She didn’t handle the stress well this time.  She went on a crime spree*…she hit fellow authors Thea Harrison, Vivian Arend, Larissa Ione, Carolyn Crane and Devon Monk.  She held them up and swiped secrets and goodies.  She keeps the secrets, but you get the goodies.  Well, maybe a few secrets will slip out.

*This is all very tongue in cheek.  Shiloh didn’t really snap.  Well.  Maybe she did.  But no theft, larceny or other illegal activities were involved. No authors were harmed.  Even though she’s still trying to figure out how to steal a couple of characters.

Continuing on my life of crime…if you want to catch up with where I’ve been, please visit Shiloh’s site.


Shiloh: Today, I’ll tell you about what I’ll swiped from Vivian and the secrets I managed to get from her…now I got some fun secrets, but those secrets, she made me keep mum on (remember, we all made a deal) and the stuff I managed to figure out on my own to share with everybody…well, her characters wouldn’t steal from anybody so I had to swipe two prizes to make up for it.  I couldn’t get any dirty laundry on them.

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Cornucopia of YA~ Few Are Angels Spotlight

 I truly love YA books and the cover of Few are Angels immediately caught my eye and the synopsis held it. 🙂 Take a closer look and check out the excerpt too. Oh! The author, Inger, has a really great giveaway for her Bewitching Book Tour and there are 10 chances to win Few are Angels! Click HERE for her contest.


After you take a look at this book, make sure you scroll down to the bottom and enter my Cornucopia of Choices in Young Adult fiction contest… 😛 That’s a LONG title, COYA for short? lol You can win a $25 gift card!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Guest Post~ Sidney Bristol author of Under His Skin


When I realized I was visiting Kat today I knew what we had to talk about.


Yes, I’m going to talk about clothes! You see, Kat and I both have a thing for retro style dresses. Thank you for making my wallet hurt. It’s probably why I also spent a lot of time picking out the cast of Under His Skin’s wardrobe from a smattering of similar websites.

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Dead Faint Review

Dead Faint by Lizzie T. Leaf  is the 2nd book in the Dead series. I was a bit of a ditz and didn’t realize that until I was a few pages in *head/desk* But, fortunately for me, this book was easy to get into and I while I still want to read the first book, I was not lost in the adventure of Dead Faint. 🙂

Oh! Oh! the first story Dead Awake is FREE October 12th-13th on Amazon. I’m getting it :p


  Queen of Tarts Review of

Dead Faint by                Lizzie T. Leaf

Dead Faint is a fast and furiously fun paranormal romance. The story made me grin and I adored the heroine Billie Joyce, a self confessed hillbilly, with a big heart and very colorful language.  Billie Joyce meets with trouble when she takes a shortcut down a dark alley in New York and asks the angel she sees as she’s dying to help her.  Dovey, her rescuer, saves her by changing her into a vampire and Billie Joyce’s reaction is classic.

“Ya’ll are loonier than a cow after she’s been in the thistle patch. There ain’t no such thing as vampires.” 

She’s plum full of creative phrases that always made me grin. Billie Joyce, or later, BJ, accepts that she’s a vampire now and wants to learn how to handle new life. (I know *snort* my mind immediately went to the gutter on that nickname too, and it’s briefly mentioned that BJ can apply to more than horny thoughts 🙂 ) Anyway, she stays with a Dovey’s friend Daniel, a nearly 1000 year old vampire. Dovey is going through some surprising changes of her own and it just works out better for BJ go through her transition with Daniel.

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Review of Clutch by J.A. Huss + EPIC Contest!

Now Scheduling I love to read science fiction fantasy and urban fantasy so when I read the synopsis for this series I was intrigued. I’m so thankful I followed up on my impulse. I LOVED the first book!!! My review is below. I am rather kicking myself for not signing up for the rest of the tour. :p But I enjoyed Clutch so much I have already bought the sequels. The author, J.A. Huss is running a great contest all month. The Rafflecopter is at the bottom of the post. Make sure you enter for a chance to win 1 of 2 $50 gift cards and 3 autographed copies of Clutch. She is also giving everyone who signs up for her newsletter this first story, Clutch, free! I know *shakes head* an abundance of riches. She rocks! Ok, here’s my review….

Queen of Tarts Review

of Clutch by J.A. Huss


Clutch is a fast paced, addicting, science fiction adventure that hooked me from the start. When I first read about the book and saw that the heroine was 19 years old I assumed it was a YA novel. Ummm… It’s NOT! Junco is a damaged, tough, messed up cookie and she has a mouth on her like a sailor. She swears all the time. :p There’s also violence and adult situations (not as much as I’d hoped for :p but the beginnings of a romance).

Junco’s tough, she takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. I liked Junco, actually I adored Junco! This is a first person novel… That’s not my favorite perspective normally, but for this story I was immediately sucked into Junco’s head and her world and held on tight for the ride. This is an adventure story, a vengeance story and a mystery and even the sparks of a love story… Its a story with science, politics, war, lies, intrigue and destiny. The world building felt so organic and real. The pieces of her life are stacked up naturally and never felt like “So Bob,” kind of details. 🙂 Everything seemed to flow and because her world is not so unfamiliar from ours I was able to easily suspend disbelief and enjoy this tale of humans in a possible future, aliens with wings, gene splicing and cloning and a host of other fascinating details.

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Cassandra by Starlight Spotlight, Excerpt + Giveaway!

I’ve been on a contemporary romance kick and this book caught my eye. I *whispers* ummm *cough* read gossip sites *cough* ;p I like to follow Hollywood so this story line where the hero is an actor sounds fun and like one of my fantasies. Take a look at the excerpt. <g> I’ve added Cassandra by Starlight to my TBR list and wanted to share. Oh! At the bottom of this post is a rafflecopter for a chance to win a copy of this ebook 🙂

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Review of No Flowers Required

Queen of Tarts Review

of No Flowers Required

by Cari Quinn

 Oh my goodness! I am in love! This contemporary romance gave me what I wanted and more! It is a sweet, sexy story with a lot of heart and humor. I loved the characters, I loved the story arc, I loved how grounded this tale was in relatable situations. The heroine, Alexa, owns a small business and her hopes and fears and stresses are very familiar. She’s dealing with expectations from, well, herself mostly, and the promises she made to the woman who mentored her and left her the little flower shop she’s now struggling to keep afloat. The hardware store down the road has began selling flowers. Alexa really HATES the hardware store and it’s bargain arrangements that are outselling her artistically arranged original pieces. She’s just downsized and sold her house because of the money pinch she’s under and is feeling very vulnerable and like a bit of a falure as she moves into an apartment above her flower shop. I admired her so much. She is a fighter and not planning on quitting, you can feel her drive to work even harder to make the store succeed.

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The Night Budda Got Deep In It author interview + spotlight + giveaway

 I read the plot for The Night Budda Got Deep In It and after visiting Ron’s blog, I was hooked. I enjoy reading Young Adult books and I loved the way Ron wrote on his website… So I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did. My review is in the next post. Don’t forget to enter contest at the bottom of this page. Ron is giving away lots of copies of this book. It’s worth it to buy, so, definitely enter to win it for FREEE lol

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