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I am so excited to welcome S.M. Boyce today to The Book Tart! The synopsis of her YA fantasy novels grabbed my attention and are on my to be read pile 😉

I have been stalking browsing! her web home and she’s a hoot. ;D I think I <3 her. lol Her blog’s tagline is Sarcasm, Books, and Boyce running into things. *snort* my type of girl!

She is sharing with us about World Building– Take a look at it  (she loves pinterest *squee!*) and her newest book, click HERE to see more on Treason + a contest! Think about adding the Grimoire Trilogy to you stack… Better yet, read them now!

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Fantasy Author S. M. Boyce’s

Take on World Building


Because of the heavy high fantasy influences I’ve had in my writing career, I tend to give the setting a fair amount of detail. I do my best to keep it as secondary, but many tell me the worlds I create become characters all their own. That’s one heck of a compliment, right?

In my opinion, setting is crucial to a novel. It establishes the where and settles the reader into the novel by giving them a concrete location. With a stable setting, the reader can dream as big as they want and let the characters move through what is for all intents and purposes a real place. The background becomes solid, and in making the setting as realistic as possible, the author lets the characters take ownership of the space.

The process of world building itself is incredibly complex and subject to massive rewrites and revisions. It’s all about finding a balance between too much and too little description. Fact is, you’ll never make everyone happy. I hear reviewers say the setting was perfect just as often as I hear others complain the description went on too long. So I do what makes me happy.

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Spotlight on Treason + Giveaway!

My to be read pile has another series added at the top that I am excited to tell you about. This *points down* is the second book in S.M. Boyce’s Grimoire Trilogy. It’s YA paranormal romance and I want to read it now! *head/desk* soon, cause I’ve overbooked myself… But it looks like one of my favorite type of stories. Action, adventure, epic world building and strong characters… and love.

Read about it and check out the first book, Lichgates HERE.

S.M. Boyce has some fun excerpts you can listen too (how cool is that?) Click HERE to have a listen

Scroll to the bottom for the contest. There are some Amazing prizes up for grabs. 😀

Oh! I almost forgot, She also gave us a guest post on how she builds her worlds! Click HERE

Treason: Book Two of the Grimoire Trilogy

(Volume 2)

Release date: Oct. 19, 2012 |
S. M. Boyce (Author)
ISBN: 1938750934 |
ISBN-13: 9781938750939 |