Interview with Juliette Cross + Spotlight on Windburn + Contest!

Today is Juliette Cross’ book birthday for Windburn! It’s the 2nd novel in her urban fantasy/NA Nightwing series and it has dragons! *swoon*

Juliette is a darling and she answered my Quickie Ten! *points down* See?! 😀  Enjoy the silly and take a closer look at Windburn too. Oh! grab a cupcake and wish her happy book birthday when you enter her giveaway at the bottom of this post. 😀


(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

Release Day Blitz! Memory War by Paul Anthony Shortt + Excerpt + Contest!

Memory War Banner 851 x 315

I love urban fantasy! When I read the blurb for Paul Anthony Shortt’s novel Memory War I immediately added it to my TBR mountain and joined the book release party! I also adore book birthdays… so this is perfect. 😉 Take a look at Memory War and enjoy the excerpt. Oh! Make sure you enter Paul’s contest too. 😀


(((hugs))) Kat

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Interview with Vivi Anna + Excerpt

I am so happy to have Vivi Anna visiting The Book Tart today. She is clever and funny and broke all records completing my interview! <g> Like an hour! lol I love her replies too. She played with me. She can come play here again… If she brings the sequel to Vanquished. 😛

Vanquished wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It was a darker and more intense ride then I’m accustomed to. I got sucked into the story and now I’m hooked on Kat and need, need, Need! the sequel. ASAP Click HERE for my review.

Get comfy and settle in for my fun chat with Vivi Anna


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Queen of Tarts review of Vanquished

Queen of Tarts Review of


by Vivi Anna

I read Vanquished in one sitting, rushed right through it. Did I love everything about it? Nooooo, some of it squeaked me out! <g> But I LOVE the heroine Kat. And not just because we share the same name. I would personally put this title in the DARK fantasy genre. It’s a story about an nontraditional heroine in a brutal, futuristic world and it sucked me in. I plan on picking up the sequel because I need to know what happens with Kat.

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The Queen of Tarts review of A Trace Of Moonlight

A Trace of Moonlight (Abby Sinclair)  by Allison PangQueen of Tarts Review of

A Trace of Moonlight

by Allison Pang

 I love the Abby Sinclair books! If you haven’t read the first 2 novels in this series I highly recommend them. Could you read A Trace of Moonlight without reading the previous installments? I actually feel like you could… But you’d enjoy it more if you knew where Abby is coming from and could appreciate all the threads that get wrapped up in this story.

This series is urban fantasy and follows Abby’s journey. In the first book she is a bit naive and has bound herself to a fairy for a period of time for the benefits package… She quickly grew up and she is no longer naive. She’s strong and brave and a relatable heroine. She loves deeply, has hard won experience learned through trials and a core group of friends that she would sacrifice much for. I loved seeing her grow through the books and face the challenges that come her  way.

This story picks up right where A Sliver of Shadow ended… Thank goodness! Sooo, this next part is kinda a spoiler if you haven’t read the series.

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A Trace of Moonlight Spotlight + Contest + Excerpt + Trading Cards!

 I LOVE the Abby Sinclair books! I bought the first one, A Brush of Darkness last year because the synopsis grabbed me, an enchanted ipod? a miniature unicorn living in her underwear drawer?! lol So, it got my attention and held it. I devoured Abby’s first adventure with the fairies and discovering her gift and read the second A Sliver of Shadow last spring… It ends on a cliff hangar!!! argh! 😛 So, the 3rd book in this series is out today and I LOVED the book. Click HERE for my review. If you like strong, developed, interesting world building, complicated characters and lots of snark, pick up Allison Pang’s books 🙂 Continue reading “A Trace of Moonlight Spotlight + Contest + Excerpt + Trading Cards!”

Cornucopia of YA~ Few Are Angels Spotlight

 I truly love YA books and the cover of Few are Angels immediately caught my eye and the synopsis held it. 🙂 Take a closer look and check out the excerpt too. Oh! The author, Inger, has a really great giveaway for her Bewitching Book Tour and there are 10 chances to win Few are Angels! Click HERE for her contest.


After you take a look at this book, make sure you scroll down to the bottom and enter my Cornucopia of Choices in Young Adult fiction contest… 😛 That’s a LONG title, COYA for short? lol You can win a $25 gift card!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Guest Post~ Sidney Bristol author of Under His Skin


When I realized I was visiting Kat today I knew what we had to talk about.


Yes, I’m going to talk about clothes! You see, Kat and I both have a thing for retro style dresses. Thank you for making my wallet hurt. It’s probably why I also spent a lot of time picking out the cast of Under His Skin’s wardrobe from a smattering of similar websites.

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That Little Something, Something- Guest Post by J.A. Huss

That Little Something, Something

My favorite book is not a romance but I love the main character because of a romance that never actually happens.

Sounds weird, right? Well, it is and it isn’t. You see my favorite character in fiction is a ruthless, cold-hearted killer named Takeshi Kovacs. He’s not a good guy, he’s not a nice guy, he’s not a romantic guy, and he’s not even a reliable or trustworthy guy.


And as far as being a boyfriend goes? Well, he’s not a relationship guy either.


You’re probably asking yourself why I’m even talking about him in terms of great fictional relationships, right?


Let me explain. 😉

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Review of Clutch by J.A. Huss + EPIC Contest!

Now Scheduling I love to read science fiction fantasy and urban fantasy so when I read the synopsis for this series I was intrigued. I’m so thankful I followed up on my impulse. I LOVED the first book!!! My review is below. I am rather kicking myself for not signing up for the rest of the tour. :p But I enjoyed Clutch so much I have already bought the sequels. The author, J.A. Huss is running a great contest all month. The Rafflecopter is at the bottom of the post. Make sure you enter for a chance to win 1 of 2 $50 gift cards and 3 autographed copies of Clutch. She is also giving everyone who signs up for her newsletter this first story, Clutch, free! I know *shakes head* an abundance of riches. She rocks! Ok, here’s my review….

Queen of Tarts Review

of Clutch by J.A. Huss


Clutch is a fast paced, addicting, science fiction adventure that hooked me from the start. When I first read about the book and saw that the heroine was 19 years old I assumed it was a YA novel. Ummm… It’s NOT! Junco is a damaged, tough, messed up cookie and she has a mouth on her like a sailor. She swears all the time. :p There’s also violence and adult situations (not as much as I’d hoped for :p but the beginnings of a romance).

Junco’s tough, she takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. I liked Junco, actually I adored Junco! This is a first person novel… That’s not my favorite perspective normally, but for this story I was immediately sucked into Junco’s head and her world and held on tight for the ride. This is an adventure story, a vengeance story and a mystery and even the sparks of a love story… Its a story with science, politics, war, lies, intrigue and destiny. The world building felt so organic and real. The pieces of her life are stacked up naturally and never felt like “So Bob,” kind of details. 🙂 Everything seemed to flow and because her world is not so unfamiliar from ours I was able to easily suspend disbelief and enjoy this tale of humans in a possible future, aliens with wings, gene splicing and cloning and a host of other fascinating details.

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