New Reviewer! Welcome to the Baron of Books

 I am overjoyed to introduce you all to one of my favorite people in the world. My brother. He’s joining my Court of Reviews as the Baron of Books! *happy dance* He’s been a huge support of my endeavors to get The Book Tart up and running. In fact, when I was manually trying to enter in all the new book release data by hand a few years ago, he helped me out and saw more romance covers and plot synopsis than the majority of males ever do, or at least will admit too :p I adore him. He’s smart and funny and snarky and he’s blushing as he’s reading this I know. :p I asked if he would review a book he recently read and he started telling me about this Battletech novel. He said you definitely do NOT have to have read the rest of the series to get into this story because it gives the background you need to enjoy it. Which is a huge relief because I’m a science fiction fan and this review intrigued me, so I went and looked up the series. There are 63 stories in the Classic Battletech collection! So, please give a warm welcome to the Baron of Books and take a look at Close Quarters.

(((hugs))) The Queen of Tarts, Kat

The Baron of Books Review of

Close Quarters by Victor Milan

So as I try to write this review, I find it rather hard.  Some have suggested I treat it like I’m telling a friend about this book, and I think I’ll try that.  Though, as always, I’ll put my own spin on it.

Firstly, the basics, just to get them out of the way.  This is a review of Close Quarters, a Battletech Novel by Victor Milan.  Published (at least, according to the web) in 1994.  Which, interestingly enough, is a little later than I thought it was published.

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