Sweet, Sexy, Scorching book event preview….

I would like to thank My Secret Romance, Day Dreaming and The Smutty Kitty for organizing this event and for all their hard work! ((((hugs))) Girls! Also, a big shout out to all my book blog partners ūüôā I am so excited to be involved in this hop with ya’ll.

I read. I read romance. I picture myself saying that like Rachel Weisz character in The Mummy says, “I’m a librarian” almost victoriously, (and a bit tipsy Ha!) I’ve always read romance and enjoy a story so much more when there is a romantic element. Love is all you need, right? Right! There are so many of us who read¬†the romance genre¬† (top selling genre stats) and we have lots of choices for what we read. I read it all depending on my¬†mood. :p¬†I read sweet stories, sexy ones and scorching ones. And I really loathe the term “Mommy Porn” So I had no problem getting on board with this event and I¬†am very much looking forward to sharing the variety of stories from the¬†participating authors¬†starting on Monday!¬† The following is a post written by our hosts explaining how this hop will work.

((hugs)) Kat


There has been a lot of hype in the media lately regarding “mommy porn” books and the use of ereaders to hide what we’re reading. While we love our ereaders something fierce, it doesn’t mean we’re ashamed of what we’re reading. In fact, we love erotic romance books and want to share it!

People often assume that by reading erotic romance books you’re only reading sex- but it’s not true. There is a great story waiting to be told and so what if there’s a little hot sexin’ going on? It’s just like any other romance novel except with a little more heat and that makes it so much better! Sadly, the media portrays it as “offensive and abusive” to woman. Well, let’s show them they’re wrong!
So that is what this hop is all about. Starting on Monday, we will be kicking off this Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Giveaway Hop. We will be doing a month long giveaway hop with erotic romance authors showing you that there is more to the story than hot sex. It’s similar to the game of ‘Guess Who’. Each day will be dedicated to one author with lines, excerpts, blurbs or snippets from their books. The readers will then have to guess who the character is with a ‘Who Am I’ post and leave a comment on who they think it is. There will be five winners a week, and at the end of the hop there will be a chance at winning a grand prize of books and more. Make sure you check back on Monday when all the fun starts!


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