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Saving Amy

Oh Oh! *sigh* I absolutely positively love Saving Amy! I don’t often read angsty stories and I don’t think I’ve ever read one quite like this… But I couldn’t put it down! Nicola Haken’s storytelling pulled me into Amy’s head and heart and I was cheering for her and I needed her to find a safe place.

Soooo I had to invited Nicola to Tartlandia to chat about Saving Amy and then (cause I’m me 😛 ) I had to ask her silly questions. She’s a darling and I want to keep her for my own. Meet Nicola and add Saving Amy to your TBR pile!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

PS. See?! I told you I want to keep Nicola for my own 🙂 She’s added an awesomesauce giveaway! An ebook bundle + a $15 Amazon gift card 😀 More details at the bottom (Not of the sea 😛  )

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Me: Nicola! Oh hon! I’m so happy you came by to visit- From England! <g> Take a seat on my comfy red couch. (It’s velvet!) and lets chat for a bit… I know you must be crazy busy with the release of your third novel, Take My Hand, in October. And we’ll get to that in a minute but I wanna talk about Saving Amy.


Nicola: Ooo you’re right, it is comfy 😉 Thank you for having me!


Me: Oh! Snacks? *grabs a cookie and flops onto the couch by Nicola*

girl scout cookies

Nicola:*Grabs a cookie too* Yummy 😀



Me: I just read Saving Amy. In one sitting no less. *sigh*. I loved it…. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book like it before… It’s painful and raw and beautifully hopeful. You made me cry! *grabs another chocolate chip cookie* Did you cry a bit writing Amy’s journey?


Nicola: Absolutely. When I’m writing I AM that character and I think and feel everything they do. My books play out like movies in my head (naturally, I’m the star!) and I can literally see the story playing out (seeing things that aren’t there is totally normal right?). It’s hard not to feel the emotion when I’m right there with the characters. Sometimes my bottom lip is wobbling away while I’m tapping on the keyboard and I’m just grateful no one can see me because I must look pretty damn ridiculous!


Me: Like I said hon, I loved Saving Amy and I’m so glad I read it. September is Suicide Prevention month and I appreciated that your story isn’t preachy or book thumpy it just feels honest and acknowledges that there aren’t easy fixes but there is always hope… Tell me about writing Saving Amy please.


Nicola: Saving Amy was certainly a tough story to write – probably because it’s so intense. Although I like writing angsty stories with hard-hitting issues, I usually start off pretty light and work my way up to it. However I dove straight in there with this one. There was no time for lightheartedness or humour – almost immediately you are dragged into the horrors of Amy’s life.


As with all my characters there are elements of myself hidden within them and also some of my own experiences. It can be Saving Amyvery easy to judge people in Amy’s situation, especially those who may self harm or consider suicide and I suppose I just wanted to highlight that for some, they see no other way. Amy isn’t weak or selfish… she’s simply lost – exhausted. To her the pain she inflicts upon her own body is a welcome distraction from the greater pain she feels inside. Amy’s cutting, drug taking and sleeping around are not attempts to end it all (at least not initially)… they are very much about trying to feel alive. Trying to feel anything at all.


 I hope Amy also proved however, that no matter how bleak things are or how dark your thoughts may go, there is always hope. As my nanna used to say – nothing lasts forever. There IS help out there. There ARE people who can help you. Unfortunately for some however, the wait is just too long and painful.


No book would be complete without a hot guy to fall in love with right? So that’s where Richard came in 😉 He appears to have it all on the outside – the wealth, success and of course, smokin’ hot body! But I also enjoyed bringing out Richard’s own insecurities. In some ways, he’s just as broken as Amy. I have been asked a few times about the age difference (Richard is ten years older than Amy) but I like to think when you read it, you’ll see how insignificant that is. In fact, I think it’s impossible to ‘put an age’ on Amy in the first place. After everything she’s been through she isn’t your typical nineteen year old. Their relationship isn’t conventional by any means so age doesn’t really come into it. They connect through their grief, through their tortured souls… what is it Jacob in Twilight says? – “Age is just a number, baby.”   😉

 Me: I LOVE Richard!

I really enjoyed writing this story and I’m enjoying people’s reactions to it even more! It’s an amazing feeling to know my readers feel the same things I felt when writing it and that they too are ‘right there’ with Amy. Being such an emotional rollercoaster and enduring all the tears and heartache that comes with Amy and Richard’s story, makes their happy ever after all the more worth it 😀


Wow, enough of the serious already… where the hell are those cookies?????samoa cookies



Me:*snork* I adore you! *passes cookies over*

Soooo You have another book birthday coming up… Take My Hand is the first in your new series. Tell me about it and ummm *blush* I get a bit confused sometimes with labels… Do you consider your books New Adult?


Nicola: I should be the one blushing – I’m an author and still get confused with labels and genres! The only thing I’m pretty certain of is that they’re not sci-fi 😀 So yes I would class my books as New Adult/Contemporary – purely because the main characters fit into the right age group for that category. Still, I’m not sure if that’s the ‘right’ category… but it’s the only one you’re getting!

So, Take My Hand… It’s book one in my first ever series and I’m soooo excited about it! Written in alternating POV’s it follows the story of Dexter and Emily. Dexter has moved to the UK to build a new life for himself. He’s a bit of a grumpy sod who keeps himself to himself and has no interest in making friends and definitely not lovers. But hey, I wasn’t having any of that… so I threw Emily into the mix and watched him struggle to keep away from her!


Take My HandTake My Hand

Release date: October 2013 |
Series: Take My Hand
Nicola Haken (Author)


Twenty-four year old Dexter Michaels has arrived in the UK for a fresh start – leaving everything and everyone he knows behind in the states. Determined to put right some of the wrongs he’ll never be able to forgive himself for making and make his Aunt Sarah – the only person left who still believes in him – proud, he lands in London with the intention of working hard, getting his degree and keeping himself to himself. He can’t destroy anybody else that way…

His heart and his body have other ideas however when he finds himself sitting next to nineteen year old Emily Barton in his Psychology class. Moving down south to find her own New Life, Emily is shy, smart and beautiful – everything Dexter knows he should stay away from… everything he knows would be too easy for him to break.

But she makes him feel things he’d forgotten even existed. She makes him laugh, smile, care… forget. Without her trying, and without him realizing, Emily has wound her way into the one place he swore to keep locked away forever – his heart. But can she stay there when she discovers the dark past he’s so determined to keep hidden from her? Or will he destroy her too, just like he always expected?

(Not recommended for younger readers due to language, drug/alcohol abuse and sexual content)


 I am Not Junco - Range by J. A. Huss


Nicola: I’m not going to give too much away (you’ll have to read it – nudge nudge, wink wink) but what I can say is Dexter has his reasons for being so closed off. He’s not a miserable and un-loveable pig by nature. Like all my favourite book people – he’s broken 😛

Every book in this series is filled with twists, turns, secrets and heartache and a good dollop of humour to take the edge off. So what are you waiting for? Add it to your tbr pile like NOW!! (Pwetty pweese :))


Me: Done! I added it 🙂 *points up* It sounds like angsty goodness. I want! I can’t wait to see the cover reveal on the 23rd!


Thank you for putting up with my questions… *bounces on the couch* It’s about to get worse… or better! Ha! These are silly questions that I NEED to know the answer to.

The Book Tart Quickie

1. Are you a good dancer?

When I’m alone – hell yeah!

2. What’s your favorite pizza topping?

I’m not a huge pizza fan so don’t have it too often. But if I’m feeling particularly rebellious, I’ll take pepperoni 😀


3. What’s your favorite TV commercial or jingle?

What a silly question… David Gandy in his underpants of course!!! Don’t ask me what it’s advertising because I have no idea. I’m too busy mopping up my drool to care 😉

 Mmmm I have no clue what he advertises either 😉

4. What are you wearing right now?

I’m wearing a purple t-shirt with a snow tiger wearing sunglasses on it (cool huh?) and some white pajama bottoms with pink spots on. Hey, don’t judge me – it’s Sunday afternoon!


5. Can you do any accents other than your own? And please tell me you have a British accent! 🙂

Honestly, I totally RULE at accents! It’s my party piece haha. Give me anywhere in the world and I’ll have a stab at it! And yes, I have a British accent. Though not as posh as the Queen I’m afraid. 😀


6. What’s the last thing you took a picture of?

My four children walking up the street to their nanna’s house – all in a row like four little ducklings… Sorry if you was expecting something a little naughtier, but you should’ve asked the day before 😉

 dang! lol but I can picture the little ducklings

7. Do you collect anything?
Books and Barbie’s! Books are a no brainer. I read as much as I write. As for Barbie, I’ve loved her for as long as I can remember. I’ve got literally hundreds of dolls from my childhood packed away and now I collect the special holiday editions. Yes I know I’m a grown up (or so I’m told) but it’s cool because I don’t take them out of their boxes – I just look at them. So that’s totally not weird… is it?!

Yay! I have a few in mint in boxes too 😀

8. What is the last movie you saw in a theater?

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I loved it so much I’ve added all the books to my tbr list (which is already longer than both arms!)

 I’m SO jealous! I wanna see it!

9. What’s the cleverest word you know?pop!

Onomatopoeia. It’s one of the spellings I remember being drummed into us at school, and then me feeling like a total smartarse for learning it super quickly!


10. If you were in a band, what instrument/role would you play?

The singer – star of the stage! You should see me bopping along to my iPod – I totally OWN that hairbrush!

Me: Awww you rock Sweetie. Thank you again for hanging out with me at The Book Tart. Please come visit again… maybe curly wurlybring Curly Wurly candy! I can’t find it easily in the states and it’s delicious.


Nicola: I ALWAYS have Curly Wurly’s in my cupboard. Mainly because, not only are they uber delicious, but because I follow the weight watchers plan and they’re only 3PP!


*Throws a bar in the direction of the states and hopes for the best*


*flails about to catch the Curly Wurly goodness*

(((hugs))) Kat


Nicola: Thanks so much for your time Kat. I have LOVED chatting with you 😀


Me: Oh! make sure to scroll down and enter the BIG giveaway!

Saving AmySaving Amy

Release date: June 26th 2013 |
Publisher: CreateSpace |
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Nicola Haken (Author)
Format: eBook and Print


Eighteen year old Amy’s surname may be Hope, but her life contains anything but. She drinks, she sleeps around, she cuts… anything to help her escape the agonising existence growing up between her mother’s drunken wails and her father’s fists. But nothing works. There is no escape. And Amy wants out…

Enter Richard Lewis – the doctor responsible for saving Amy’s life after her drink and drug-fuelled suicide attempt. Thanks to his own hidden demons, Richard is drawn to Amy and her situation, and despite the incessant warnings from both his own mind and his jealous ex-lover Joanna, he feels compelled to help her.

But how will Amy feel when she discovers Richard’s attachment to her is born out of his own guilt? He was her last resort – her last chance at being saved. Can anybody save Amy, or has she finally reached the end of a very long, torturous road?

(Not recommended for younger readers due to language, scenes of self-harm and sexual content)

Buy this ebook from:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble |

Buy this Print book from: Amazon

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Nicola HakenMore Nicola

I live in Rochdale, England with my wonderful family. I have two novels under my belt (Inevitable and Saving Amy) and have just finished writing Take My Hand – book 1 in a 3 part series – which will be released in October.

When I’m not playing with my imaginary friends I can usually be found looking after my four adorable (sometimes!) children (five if you include the dog, six if you include the hubby!) or studying towards my English Literature degree.

All in all I’m just an ordinary mum with an addiction to reading about hot book guys, writing about hot book guys and Pepsi Max!

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Saving Amy


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