Madame Librarian or Book Blast From The Past

madame librarian That song is stuck in my head. From The Music Man? Madame Librarrrrr-ian.

I am very much NOT a librarian, I love and appreciate librarians, but I’m more of a collector. A willy-nilly collector of bright and shiny stories that catch my eye and delight my heart. My bookcases are over stuffed with books. I love to look at them. I mostly read fiction, and romance at that! The authors that first hooked me on the genre include Nora Roberts, Jude Deveraux, Julie Garwood, Linda Howard and Elizabeth Lowell... just to name a few. 😉

My library is eclectic though and includes children’s classics like Winnie The Poo and Trixie Belden … Mysteries The Secret of the Mansion (Trixie Belden, #1)by Mary Higgins Clark and John Grisham. Gothic novels by the likes of Mary Stewart and Barbara Michaels… Science fiction by Robert Heinlein and C.S. Lewis. I love a good story and, next to reading them, I love talking about books!

I am going to try to make this Madame Librarian post a semi-regular one. 😉 And not just so I can sing this song.

I want to reminisce and chat about favorite books in my collection and yours… Books that we love that other readers might enjoy too. I hope you’ll play with me and share memories of past library journeys.

Soooo here goes…..

I’m giving you a blast from the past with…. Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels.  Have you read her yet? She was first published in the 60s and continued writing up till her death last year… I adore her stories. The public library I haunted as a adolescent used to have stickers on the book spines for genres. Her books were categorized as GOTHIC or MYSTERY and depending on my mood I would grab a book from her different pseudonym. Micheals for Gothic and Peters for Mystery. Street of the Five Moons (Vicky Bliss, #2)

I highly recommend her Vicky Bliss mysteries written as Elizabeth Peters. They still make me laugh and sigh. They have a delicious romance that spans the series with a wicked anti-hero and a fun, independent, foolish, brave and relatable heroine in Vicky. I’ve read AND listened to this series multiple times. LOVE!

Stitches in Time (Georgetown, #3)Her Barbara Michael’s stories always entertained me. They have a haunting, atmospheric style. They are spooky, suspenseful and sexy too. 😉 Looking at my collection I just realized I don’t own as many of these books as I should! Meep! Fix the uh-oh! I’ll start stalking Ebay and see if I can add some nice original editions to my library. 🙂

I go through fazes when my life is in turmoil (like now!) and I NEED to re-read stories from the past. It’s like putting on a vintage dress. It may be old but it has good lines and feels incredible.

Take a look at her books and tell me if you’ve read her before and have favorites too. Or share about a book from the past that you’d like new readers to find and enjoy too!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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  1. I’m currently reading all of the Irene Adler books by Carole Nelson Douglas… I don’t know how I didn’t know about these!?!? If you like Sherlock Holmes you will enjoy them!

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