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Yay! Yay! Yay! I’m trying to contain my excitement and not doing too well. lol I have been waiting and waiting for Taryn to visit The Book Tart on her Entangled Tour  and she’s finally here!!! (I’d apologize for the excessive use of exclamation points but I’m too frackin’ excited! 😛 )

I met Taryn on Twitter September-ish and fell in love with how her mind works and we had some common interests (DEAN) And then I checked out her book Ashes and Wine and immediately bought it. I’m so glad I did. *sigh* it’s a beautiful story and my review is posted next. Click HERE to see my thoughts on it.

Taryn and I have a blast chatting and I hope you have fun getting to know more about this girl as much as I did.

Oh! and cause she ROCKS she’s giving one lucky commenter a digital copy of Ashes and Wine plus there’s a cool contest running for her blog tour to win a Facebook banner, icon, Twitter background, and Website topper designed by Taryn!!! *squee*

Contests at the bottom of this post. Be sure to click on her tour button *points up* to see more fun interviews, guests posts and excerpts from Taryn.


Me: Taryn! *pounces* Hey beautiful! Come in, come in. Oh! *adjusts my crown* Welcome Taryn from Romancelandia to Tartlandia.  I’m so happy to have you  hang  visit with me on my virtual couch. We can talk pinterest, tv, books and beautiful boys. *pauses a moment to catch breath* ok, *plops down on couch* How are you hon? What have you been up too


Taryn: Well hello there! I’ve been looking forward to this interview throughout my whole tour! My girl, Cari Quinn, had such a fabulous time that I was jealous! *Snatches crown and smushes into corner of the couch Indian style* I’ve been good. Exhausted, but really good at the moment. I’ve been a writing fiend lately. Oh, and slightly…you know, just a teensy bit…obsessed with Supernatural. I totally watched seasons 1-4 in like…3 weeks. *blush* Holy CRAP, Jensen. He’s so going to end up in a damn book. Ahem. Sorry. Babbling about boys already! *looks at phone* Wow, that must be a record. Three whole minutes.


Me: *looks amusedly at crown on Taryn’s head* You can wear it… for now 😛

I ADORE Cari and had a blast chatting with her too <g>

Click HERE for our visit

I could never mind your Supernatural conversations! *sings* “Boys, boys, boys, I like boys in cars.” Especially Jensen/Dean’s Chevy Impala *daydreaming*

Oh! I forgot to ask- Can I get you something? *waves my Dr. Pepper* soda, coffee, tea, ummm a glass of Tocai? :p I don’t really drink wine, but after reading Ashes and Wine (which I adored!) I want to. Or at least I want a sexy vintner to teach me about wine. *sigh* Can you tell me about writing Ashes and Wine? How did you research? 😯


Ashes and Wine by Taryn Elliott
Click for synopsis

Taryn: I’m a diet soda girl—preferably Pepsi Max lately. Ginseng AND caffeine…yes’m! I’m not really a wine girl either. It’s truly the only thing that can give me a hangover. You know that scene with Tessa and Mercy? Yeah—Tequila, I can do that without a hangover. Three glasses of wine and I’m like Tessa was on the morning after. Obliterated with a side of faceplant. I, however, do not get a pretty and oh so beefy Alaric to pick me up and try to take care of me.

Oh, and rude girl much? Thanks so much for having me and loving my book. Now, put your Dr. Pepper down so I can hug the stuffing out of you.


Me: lol *squeezes Taryn back then hands her a soda*


Taryn: As for the research…it was done on line. I’m hoping to go down and see the Long Island vineyards that I used for most of my research. I’ve got a ton of questions for them. Especially if I get to write Simon’s story. That will require a lot of research. Chemistry’s not as easy to fictionalize. LOL


Me: What are you working on now? Yes, I want to know more about Simon but I hope you are going to write Mercy and Alaric’s (secondary characters I fell in love with from Ashes and Wine) story soon… Details please or no cupcakes for you *scoots snacks away from Taryn* Ha! But seriously, what’s next on your agenda? Hmmm, *sidetracked* doesn’t agenda sound all sneaky and master-mind-y evil? Lol


Taryn: Hey now, no need to take away my snacks. You’ll be happy to know I got the go ahead from my editor over at Entangled to get moving on Mercy and Alaric. I just have to get a few things off my schedule first.


Me: *Bounces on couch* Woo-hoo!


Taryn: First up is Holiday Sparks which is a Christmas novella releasing in December from Ellora’s Cave. Ben and Darcy were a whole lot of fun to write. It’s about a woman that works for a department store and hates Christmas. Unfortunately, she has no choice but to suck it up and ask her hunky tenant for help. Oh and of course he’s a tattoo artist, sweet and a Christmas freak. Insert hijinks, an interesting take on Christmas lights, and a whole lot of hope.

And in January, I’ve got a longer length novel with Loose Id that’s also got a bit of a holiday theme. The tentative title is Suspended. It’s a roadtrip book about two strangers starting over.

Between edits, I’m also starting a new project with Cari Quinn called Kiss Kakes. That one is still on the hush-hush end.


Me: 😯 You are such a TEASE! lol

I’m a big sci-fi tv geek. Adding “y” at the end of a word makes me think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Scooby Gang. I miss Buffy, Angel and Spike *sigh* I’m a Spike fan 🙂 Spike: “Mmm. I hate being obvious. All fangy and “rrr!” Takes the mystery out.” Please say you watched Buffy? And you’re a fan of the boys of Supernatural right? Let’s pause for a moment of appreciation for Sam and Dean….mmmm… And my new fav is Lost Girl! We have a tivo date starting in January 🙂 Gonna watch season 3 together when we can. *squee!* Bo and Dyson and Kenzi oh my! Rotflol What are some shows on your tivo this fall? Or better yet- what couples are you into? 😛


Taryn: Of course I loved Buffy! That’s just a silly question. LOL I wasn’t a fan when Willow went rogue tho. Uncool. I’ve definitely been converted on the Spike angle. I loved Angel, hated that they broke them up, but I came around to Spike. Even if he was muy crazy in the things he did. Buffy-bot anyone?

My love for Dean on Supernatural knows no bounds. He’s so unflinchingly honest, messed up, and fiercely loyal to his brother. The pain that Jensen can put into just one look…yeesh. Is it any wonder I’m so into the guy?


Bo and Dyson on Lost Girl had me from episode 1. It’s so nice to see a show that works with sexuality and doesn’t turn the woman into a blubbering mess because she has needs. The only thing that doesn’t work for me is Lauren. Blah. NO chemistry with Bo, imho. I’m a firm Bo/Dyson shipper.

Me: *high fives Taryn* Me too!

Taryn: Actually, I’m a shipper of the worst order. I love TV couples, man. It’s unhealthy how much I love them. LOL Especially Castle’s Kate and Richard. Holy Hanna…no denying the fun there. So glad we get to see them work through being a couple. SO good to see it on television instead of the endless longing that too many shows portray. Relationships are messy and imperfect and fascinating. Great fodder for a show like Castle.


Me:  Holy Hanna?! *snorts soda* *cough* I luvs, luvs, luvs you!

Let’s talk Pinterest! You, my dear, have 3715+ pins! Do you pin on a boat and with a fox and in a box and here and there and everywhere? I really loved Tessa and Royal’s board. 😉


Taryn: Oh girl. I have a problem. Talk about time suck of the ages. BUT—it’s fun. So I no care. My Delicious Men board is probably my most popular. There’s way too many delicious men and infinite pinning to be done! But as a writer, I also use it for the storyboarding. Each of my books has one. 😉


Me: (Side note, definitely click on Taryn’s Delicious Men link above *melts* )

Me again: Alrighty, now it’s torture make the author shine time *evil grin* Where are you going? Taryn, come back! It won’t hurt…. much :p


Taryn: *looks over shoulder—Shuts door—leans on it* What? You’re not done with me? I talked about TV and my various boyfriends…what more is there? Oh….right. The book thing. I forgot.


Me: *hands Taryn a cupcake for her bravery*

Is your writing at all influenced by the snack choices of your critique partner? What about Christian Kane?


Taryn: Cari and I have a healthy obsession with McD’s nuggets. It does come up in conversation at least once every Friday when we do our weekly chat/catchup/chase-each-other-off-the-roof thing. I’m mostly just in desperate need of music to write—and Pepsi Max lately. LOTS of Pepsi Max.

Oooh Christian?

This… Christian?

Or perhaps this?

You’re welcome. Sorry…you didn’t need your ovaries did you?


Me: mmmmmmmmmmm Christian *sigh*I’ve been a fan since his stint on Angel… *dreaming*  What? ok- I’m back 😛


I’ve just made up a word, Frabmissik. Please make up a definition and use it in a sentence…


Taryn: Frabmissik: n. a bastardized weapon that is part crossbow and part knife.

The tension wire was cocked, her arm as still as the castle wall it hovered over, and a trio of arrows locked in the Frabmissik’s chamber just waiting for her prey to move.


Me: Epic! and I want one 😀

Tell me a story– There once was a princess from Mistmoor…



There once was a princess from Mistmoor. She stood over her subjects, her serene mask in place as she waved from her castle balcony. The binding ivory wimple cut into her chin and forced her shoulders and spine to stay rigid and straight. Miles of heavy satin folds and layers hid soft, silent boots instead of fancy silk slippers. Mother always told her that beauty did not equal comfort. That the visage was more important than her wants and needs.

But her mother was gone and her people needed a leader instead of a figure head. She glanced at the Frabmissik behind the curtain. Tonight they would have both.


Me: Oh! oh! I love your way with words and the picture you painted of the princess leader. I would read more about this princess. And BONUS points for using Frabmissik your vocabulary word for a bastardized weapon! lol


Now it’s time for The Book Tart Quickie…


  1. Favorite Villain? Hook on Once Upon a Time is my current fave.
  2. Sam or Dean? DEAN!!!!! Ahem. Yes, it would be Dean.
  3.  Spicy or mild? Food? Mild. Personality? Spicy.
  4. Laptop or PC?  Laptop.
  5. Silk or Satin? Silk  
  6. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
  7. Night owl or morning person? Night Owl all the way.
  8. Go to karaoke song? No one needs to hear me sing. But if I’m drunk – Wanted Dead or Alive
  9. Ebook or print? Ebook
  10. Tatoos? Yes. I love them and have 2.


Me: Thank you hon for playing with me! You are a delight. I adore your taste in men and tv and your sense of snark. I loved Ashes and Wine So too-the-muchness! And I can’t wait to see what you write next. *begging* Mercy’s story soon? Lol ok, ok, I’ll let you go. My couch is always open. I hope I haven’t scared you away. :p


Taryn: I am so glad that you’re one of my last stops. It was a blast. You are an amazing interviewer. When we answer the same questions time after time, having a blogger that loves to make it fun is an absolute joy! That and you are one seriously cool chick. I’ve got a Christmas book, Holiday Sparks, coming out next month. And yes…I’m working on Alaric and Mercy this winter. Cross your fingers that it all goes well. I’d be happy to come back and visit and we can gush over Dyson since Lost Girl will be back in January!

*smushy hug*

Me: It’s a date!

My fingers are definitely crossed… and my toes 😛 that the stories comes pouring out of you onto paper then into my hands soon! <g> And I am totally getting your holiday book.



The Queen of Tarts


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Taryn Elliott is from the great state of New York—upstate NY, thank you very much. Her family consists of a brother who takes care of keeping the snarky side of her alive and a dog that is more spoiled child than mutt. She counts her writer-friends as the glue that keeps her crazy ideas more in the sane category, and her non-writerly friends as the reason she’s not a complete hermit.

She can’t go a day without laughing, and falls in love with each and every one of her leading men as she’s writing their book. Music is life and every story has its own soundtrack.

Taryn is shamelessly addicted to the internet and adores hearing from readers. You can email her at or find her on most social media outlets via her website,


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17 Replies to “Interview with Taryn Elliott + Contests!!!”

  1. Favorite TV couple…wow – I always have to put on my thinking cap over here with the Queen! 🙂 I’d have to say…KERMIT AND MISS PIGGY! Bwahhahahah… :::flailing::::

    OK, but seriously, they are too cute. I stand by my answer.

    1. *snicker* Kermit and Miss Piggie 😀 they are pretty stinking cute. And they’ve weathered some storms. I will grant you that they’re a memorable couple. lol
      My fav couple is Dean + me! rotflol
      (((hugs))) darling!

  2. Ooooh, oooh, I just remembered mine:

    Helo and Athena! If someone went through BSG and clipped all parts related to their story and put it on disc I would probably ruin it from overuse.

    Does Tahmoh Penikett make the list of delicious men?

    @Tayrn: The snapshot of princess on balcony is quite intriguing. I like your way with words. Also, I don’t often read strictly romance books but if you wrote one with a character based on Dean I would probably HAVE TO read it. …and Christian Kane’s voice is like chocolate fondue (to borrow a description from my sister-in-law).

    1. Man–he’s pretty delicious. He was the bad guy on Castle last season. Holy COW does he bring the pretty!!

      LOL! I’ll be sure to let you know when the Jensen book comes out. It’s in lockup at the moment until I get some stories off my plate. He’s a superhero. Heh.

      And Christian Kane? Man…I love his music. Making Circles was on the playlist for ASHES. Such good stuff.

  3. Piper and Leo from Charmed…I know that the series isn’t running anymore, but they were the best to watch! I loved how they fought through everything to be together.

  4. Congrats on the new release. Ashes and Wine sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it to see more of Royal and Tessa. I think my favorite TV couple was Mick St. John and Beth Turner from Moonlight. Great show. Too bad it was cancelled.

    1. *sigh* Agreed. That was a gone too soon show. I actually even wrote letters and did the whole sis boom bah to save that damn show. It was getting so good at the end. I think the Vamp politics would have made the show even better.
      Mick St. John….man. Alex is dreamy. At least we get to see him on H5O. But McGarrett’s not quite the same as my tortured Mick.

  5. For some reason, Grey’s Anatomy comes to mind. It’s been on the brain a lot lately. So I love Meredith and Derek Sheppard. They’re so cute together!

    1. *kermit flail* Cari! We adore you more 🙂
      So delighted you stopped by!
      (((hugs))) Kat
      PS. When you get to promote your joint project I wanna interview you girls together! 🙂

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