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Clutch By J. A. HussI ♥ Junco

I love science fiction and I’m a bit of a geek. <g> I stumbled upon the I Am Just Junco books about 2 months ago and I am so glad I did. It’s an addicting series and I’m hooked on Junco and her adventures. I’m going to be stalking the author, J.A. Huss, until spring when the 4th book comes out.

I adore J.A. almost as much as I love her characters 😛 She lives in Colorado too and we need to get together for real, live, (non-virtual) hot chocolate soon. The reason we haven’t yet is Colorado is a big state! ok? lol

She rocks. She’s creative and funny and supportive and just plain nice! I am so happy that she’s visiting The Book Tart this week and I can pick her brain a bit about the future of Junco and ask her silly questions.

She is very generously offering one lucky commenter a signed set of all three of her books plus swag! Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. I’m tossing in a digital set, cause I love this series and so the contest is open to International entries too.

Grab yourself some hot chocolate (don’t forget the marshmallows!) and settle in for a fun chat. 😀


😀 Me: Darling! *Pounces on J.A.* You made it! Come in, come in outa the snow (freezing cold, but no snow!)… This is Colorado in late November, snow is likely anytime from September to April… lol and as you know other random times just to keep us on our toes. Let me have your coat… and gloves, hat, scarf… 🙂 pop off your boots and hop on my virtual couch. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you here!

Oh *stops dancing around for a sec* Can I get you a drink? I know coffee and tea are out <g> how about soda, water or hot chocolate?


J.A.: (hands over my winter gear) Thank you, thank you for having me here!  Well, usually I’m a Diet Pepsi girl, but I’ll take that hot chocolate…Mmmmm…the perfect time of year for a steamy cup of cocoa!  And the couch!  Oh, how I adore this couch with all these comfy pillows!  I could just sit here forever!

Me: *hands J.A. a drink and flops on the couch* How are you hon? Didja have a good Thanksgiving? I had brussels sprouts 😛 I like them now… But I’d honestly never had them before Thanksgiving at a friend’s house a few years ago. Do you have any special dishes your family requests for holiday meals? Are you ready for Christmas? Gifts and cards and stuff? Oh! And winter sports are you excited for them? *takes a breath and looks expectantly at J.A.*


J.A.: Ohhhh…my Thanksgiving was fantastic, thank you!  But brussels sprouts? I dunno…I’ve never had them.  My idea of a vegetable on Thanksgiving is sweet potatoes! 😉  I make an awesome gooey sweet potato baked thingy.  It’s got marshmallows on top and lots of sugar – brown and white!  And butter. And nuts. It’s probably clogging my arteries right now, but it’s a vegetable, am I right?

I’m so ready for Christmas!  My lights are already hanging on the house.  Granted, I never took them down last year so they may or may not light up.  But still, they’re hanging on the house! And we’re all about the gift cards this year, love the gift cards.  Then everyone is happy!

And how was your holiday?  What kind of trouble did you get into?


Me: mmmm What? lol I was thinking about your sweet potato thingy. Yum! 😉 My holiday was nice. I was in New York and went to some friend’s house and we enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal (with brussels sprouts lol). And now I’m starting to freak out that Christmas is right around the corner… I normally have lots of lists for gifts and have marked at least half of it off by now. *sigh* I’m WAY behind!

Please tell me you are busy, busy, busy finishing Range, Junco book 4? *puppy eyes* I NEEDS it! You are a cruel, cruel girl! *bumps shoulders with J.A.* I haven’t read such an addicting sci/fi series in awhile and though I’m grateful that I had 3 to read in a row. *grabs throw pillow and screams into it* I just-just- grrrr! Lol gimme some hope here k?


J.A.: LOL…you crazy little tart!  Yes, yes…Range, book four, is almost done.  I’m writing the final scenes right now.  In fact, Junco is about to go do some damage and she’s got her favorite partner with her for back-up.  It will go into editing in January and be all polished up and ready for prime-time on April 1, 2013.  But I have to warn you, this book *might* have a cliff-hanger. 


J.A.: I know, I know.  But I’m gonna make up for it because Tier is getting his very own novella that will bridge the gap between books four and five.  He’s going to be so much fun to write, I can hardly wait!  Look for that one to make the stores around June, perfect for a summer read.


Me: Hmph! *put upon sigh* well…. If we get a Tier short story that will definitely help! 😀

I adore your site and can while away the time reading and giggling at the banter between my favorite characters… Well, Junco’s my FAVORITE favorite 😉 but I love that the guys’ snark and chat and spill details on favorite songs and food and rivalries.  And Sera! Rotflol She must be a hoot to write. Have these characters been living inside your noggin for a while now? They are all so very real and fleshed out. Do you outline stories while you drive for work? Oh! Can you tell me how many books you have lined up for Junco? *whispers* lots, say many, many lots 😉


J.A.: I love Sera because she’s so much more than anyone thinks.  Plus, Sera was the very first character I thought up for this series –Junco was one of the last, so it’s funny that the whole thing ended up revolving around Junco instead. 

The original story was about Sera, who currently doesn’t show up until Fledge (which is book two) and her relationship with Gideon, who doesn’t show up until Flight (book three).  Junco was a side character and the whole series was going to be from Gideon’s point of view.  But I’m glad Junco took over – I just love her.

I actually do plot out a lot of scenes while I’m rolling around Colorado looking at farms for my job.  It’s either that or go a little crazy from spending so much time in the car alone and in the middle of nowhere.  That’s how I came up with the setting for most of Clutch. Eastern Colorado is a bit of a bland prairie on first look, but there’s lots of possibilities for secrets in all that open range.

Junco gets two more books and then she’s kaput.  But…maybe, just maybe…I am cooking up a far future spin-off that will continue some left-over threads of how the whole series ends.  I’ll have to see because I’ve been bitten by the paranormal romance bug so I’m going to write a new series next year in between Junco books. 


Me:I’m glad Junco piped up too. <g> And Yay! 2 more!

Ok *bite head off a gingerbread cookie* rarur *swallows* excuse me! Are You ready to get silly?



J.A.: I was born silly – so a big YES YES YES!


Me: *bops J.A. with a pillow* lol ok, ok, silly-ER! Ha! Have a cookie *dodges return pillow bop*


J.A.: Oh, I loves cookies!  Especially frosted Christmas cookies.  Thank you! Your couch is just a treat-fest, isn’t it?  I think you’ve been spying in my pantry!


Me: What? No, *crosses fingers* I don’t spy! lol

How could you compare writing fiction to the skills needed in mounted aerial acrobatics? And what about ringneck parrots? Lol


J.A.: Oh you sneaky little Queen!  I knew you’d make me put my thinking cap on today! Well, (clears throat) writing fiction and mounted aerial acrobatics have quite a lot in common, actually. You see, (cough) writers tell a lot of lies and amounted aerial acrobats don’t actually exist.  See my line of thinking there?  And ringneck parrots are great little…err.. parroters of words that make no sense but which occasionally line up to mean something.  So, they ‘re sorta, like, liars too.  🙂

Is it hot in here? (Pulls collar from neck)


Me: *snort* I totally thought mounted acrobatics was a thing! Junco does it :p lol Oh! Click HERE guys if you wanna see J.A.’s bird 🙂


I’ve arranged an array of A words: Authentic, Adept, Astute, Attractive, Audacious, or Abstemious (I actually had to look that last one up! *snort* You can only pick one and explain your answer (silly I know, but more fun for me :P)

J.A.: Oh, I totally pick abstemious because:

A) I had to look it up too, and

B) I’m totally not abstemious!


Me:  <g> I’m glad I’m not the only one who was unfamilliar with that word! I could be a bit more abstemious too…. *finishes eating cookie and grabs another*

Tell me a short story, song, poem or limerick pretty please 🙂


If you take that track… Out past the black railcar, you know the one?  With the graffiti on it? Then turn left, go past the caboose, and you’ll find him.  That bum who stole your purse.”


“Would I lie?”

“Well, yeah.  You lie all the time, actually.”

“Says who?”

“You!  That was the first thing you told me when we met.  ‘I’m a compulsive liar,’ you said.”

“Right. Forget that, I was lying.”

Me: Nice! I’d read more of that 😀

*passes J.A. the bowl of m&ms* don’t go! Lol I’m almost done


J.A.: Thank you! Mmmmm…loving the…oops, sorry, didn’t mean to spit chocolate on ya!


Me: *smothers laughter* Don’t worry about it. *grabs handful of m&ms* We will be abstemious tomorrow. 😛


I just thought up a word… mottist   please give me a definition and use the word in a sentence


J.A.: Mottist:  n. A rock star from an 80’s hair band. Axl Rose was the hottest mottist of 1987.


Me: What is the 11th sentence on page 111 of your first novel? 😛


J.A.: “I won’t lie to ya.”


Me: *suspicious look* really?! You totally planned that! lol


It’s time for The Book Tart Quickie

  1. Eric or Bill?: Eric. OMG.  Yes.  Definitely Eric.
  2. Snack food craving?:  Milk Duds
  3. Last book you read for fun? Red Fox by Karina Halle
  4. Laptop or PC?: PC
  5. Holiday song that gets stuck in your head?:  Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  6. Worst or best gift you’ve received?: Best:  A popcorn cart machine – I love popcorn. It’s my favorite vegetable after sweet potato baked thingy. bwahahah! Luvs you!
  7. Dream vacation destination? Australia – I’d like to see all of it, so it might take a while!
  8. Tv show you wish wasn’t cancelled? Battlestar Galactica…sob…you just had to remind me. Oh :((((hugs))) I miss it so
  9. First holiday movie that you can think of? Home Alone
  10. A fictional character you’d like to hang with? Takeshi Kovacs from Altered Carbon. I’d like to do a lot more than hang out with him though.  ****oh, not what you’re thinking, my Queen!  He’s the killer I based Junco off of, so I’d like to go soldiering with him and see how a professional gets the job done. 😉 ooo I actually remembered him! I have a guest post about that 😉 Click HERE guys


Me: You? Rock! Thank you! Thank you for playing along with me and for creating stories that I am addicted to and for being a friend of me and The Book Tart. You are welcome to come hang on my couch anytime, k? Don’t be a stranger!

(((hugs))) Kat

J.A.: (((Hugs)))) back, Kat!  Thank you so much for inviting me up. It was totally worth the drive to see you! Muah! Muah! Muah!

PS. Don’t forget the Giveaway – I am Just Junco trilogy (Books 1-3) autographed paperbacks and swag

Thanks Kat – this is so fun I can barely stand it!

Me: *locks the door* ummm where do you think you’re going? You can write anywhere mwahahaha-hack *cough* ok, fine! But you have to come back!

More J.A.

J.A. Huss writes new adult speculative and science fiction as well as an entire line of science non-fiction textbooks that cater to home learners. She has an undergraduate degree in equine science and a graduate degree in forensic toxicology. She adores everything science and considers herself a major geek! Her first series is called I Am Just Junco and is due out on October 1, 2012.

She’s always packing heat and she is owned by two donkeys, five dogs, more chickens and ducks than she can count, and of course, the real filthy animals, her kids. The I Am Just Junco series was born after falling in love with the ugliest part of Colorado and the Rural Republic is based on the area of the state she currently resides in, minus the mutants, of course.

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  1. Fun interview! Jingle Bell Rock is definitely a song that gets stuck in my head during the holidays – another one is “I Want A Hippapatomus for Christmas”. Thanks for the great giveaway

  2. Awww I love both of those songs 🙂
    … That’s the jingle bell rock! lol it’ll be stuck in my head for a bit 😉
    Thanks for visiting with us!

  3. What a fun interview! The song that ALWAYS gets stuck in my head this time of year is Feliz Navidad. It never fails.

    And now it’s in my head.

    I’ve been anxious to read Junco’s story as soon as I have some free reading time again!! Thank you ladies for the great giveaway!

  4. I do a pretty good job at avoiding all Christmas music, but my mom really likes traditional Christmas hymns, so We Three Kings always ends up stuck in my head.

    1. My mom starts listening to Christmas music in like September. She watches (and DVRS) every (emphasis EVERY) Christmas movie on TV. And she has a chiming clock that plays Christmas carols all. year. long. 🙂 Gotta love moms.

  5. My husband likes to torment me with Gayla Peevey’s I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Also, I randomly found myself singing Elvis’s Blue Christmas at Starbucks yesterday.

    1. you too?! I just heard that song cause I HAD to listen after one of the first comments mentioned it and now I can’t get it out of my head!!! lol
      I like Blue Christmas 😉


    1. rotflol
      I don’t want a crocodile or a Rhinoceros-es all I want is a hippopotamus-es 🙂
      Yep, It’s stuck in my head too
      (((hugs))) Kat

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