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Today we have erotic romance author Terry Towers visiting The Book Tart with a guest blog on First Love and Second Chances… I’m nosy… and a romance reader. I am making up my own ending since she didn’t share all the details. 😉

Oh! She is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of An Heir For The Billionaire (from July-August 2013) to to the Canadian Cancer Society!

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♥ Guest Post ♥

First Loves and Second Chances

By Terry Towers


There’s nothing better than the feelings that come from being with your first love – in my opinion. The excitement. The anticipation. The rush of feelings and emotions that wash over you each time he glances in your direction. Smiles at you. Captures your hand in his. Or the intense spark of arousal you get with that first kiss… God, I wish I could bottle up that feeling and occasionally lift the led when I’m feeling down or feeling like I’ll never find Mr. Right.

If you’re lucky, when you think back to that first love, you smile as the memories come flooding back. I know I do. I don’t think I even remember the bad stuff about that first relationship. Only the good.

Over the years I’ve wondered about my first love. Has he found the woman of his dreams? Is he happy? Does he still think of me from time to time as I think of him? Many of us will never the answers to those questions. Some of us do. I was fortunate enough find out for myself a number of months ago. Facebook can be a wonderful thing. In this instance, it was. My first love, who I also termed my “What If” guy contacted me, wanting to reconnect.

I was excited. I was scared. I was hopeful. I was a million different things as I looked at the email on my computer screen asking if he could see me after all these years. At least a dozen times between the time I replied giving him my home address, saying as casually as I could “drop on by,” I considered cancelling. Somehow I knew he’d be as sexy – no sexier – than I’d remembered him to be.

When the day arrived I discovered that he was.

As I stood there, my heart racing; I’m sure my mouth was slightly agape as I looked at the slightly older version of the man I loved in my youth. Before I even had a chance to pick my jaw off the floor I found myself being pulled into the strong embrace of the 6’2 alpha hunk I used to know. As he held me, his cologne drifting to my nose, and the warmth of his body urging me to close any tiny distance between us, it all came rushing back to me. All the memories began to fill my mind. All the good and bad. But mostly good. All the feelings he’d bring out in me when our lips touched. Everything. The years seemed to fade away and it was as if no time has passed at all.

It. Was. Amazing.

So the moral of the story is: If you ever have the chance to reconnect with your first love or your “what if” guy, then take it. Jump at it. Race towards it even. Don’t let the insecurities of being older, or the twenty extra pounds you’ve gained since high school stop you. You never know, maybe you’ve already met that one epic love you were meant to be with. Maybe you just have to meet him – a second time.

So what does this have to do with your latest book, you might ask?

To that I answer: Everything.

When people ask me what “An Heir For The Billionaire” is about I tell them that it’s about a number of things. Most of my previous “naughty” work is rather one-dimensional:

Boy meets girl. Boy woos girl. Boy bangs girl. Happily ever after. Well, maybe I’m simplifying it a bit, but that’s the jest.


With this book, however, I go much deeper than I normally do. There’s a number of conflicts in the works throughout the story. The plot is both simple and complex. Both Katrina and Damon are struggling to come to terms with where their lives have led them. Much like myself and my first love. Damon has sacrificed love and friendship for money and power. Katrina is struggling to find her place in the world and living a life she’s embarrassed about. Their high school reunion makes them re-evaluate their lives and they both realize that they had the most important thing in life a decade ago – love.

While this struggle goes on, Damon is in a race against time to give his life meaning, before it’s too late. I like to think this story is more than just a steamy erotic romance. It’s an inspirational story about second chances, sacrifice, hope and having the courage to go after what you need to make your life complete. And finally, this story is about finding your first love, for a second time.



An Heir For The Billionaire

An Heir For The Billionaire

Release date: June 29th, 2013 |
Publisher: Soft And Hard Erotic Publishing
Terry Towers (Author)
Format: Ebook

Katrina has been waiting for her Prince Charming…


Katrina Alexander’s bland life has her wondering if she’ll ever find the true love she’s spent her life hoping for. With no current prospects, and a boring job, she’s just about given up. Running into her high school sweetheart at her ten year high school reunion has her wondering if maybe she’d met him long ago.


He’s faced with his mortality and in a race against time…


Damon Garratt is a self-made billionaire, but aside from his massive fortune has little else to show for the years that have gone by. Without love or a family, he’s feeling empty. Seeing Katrina brings up old feelings from the past, and suddenly he can see his future more clearly. Racing against the clock, can he convince Katrina to give him the one thing he desperately needs – an heir?


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Terry Towers writes her stories to be highly erotic, soft porn in nature with a little bit of plot thrown in for good measure. No subject is too taboo!
A Pseudonym for Elixa Everett.

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  1. Thanks for being a part of this hop hop hop stop, Terry! And I love the premise of your story First Loves Second Chances. I believe in second chances mainly because my first love didn’t work out (married too young and we both grew up but apart), but my second chance at love did. My hubby and I have been married now 33 years this month! We’re having a great Summer in the hot spot of central California, and we hope you are having a great Summer too.

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