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ThefornarinaaffairbannerOh! I love mysteries and grew up reading them. I am thrilled to have The Fornarina Affair mystery author Ellis Drake‘s guest post. She shares about the books she read as a child… as yes, she still has them!

*Snoopy Dance* Me too! I still have my childhood favs. *raises hand* I’m a book packrat too. 😛 I still have my Trixie Belden’s and Encyclopedia Brown collection.

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PS. Make sure you enter the contest. Just leave a comment telling us… What are some of your favorite childhood books?

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My Favorite Childhood Mysteries

by Ellis Drake,

author of The Fornarina Affair


childhoodmysteries (1)Mysteries were my first love, at least as far as the type of books I read. The first book I ever read on my own was a mystery–Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe, and yes I still have that book–but even before that I remember staring at my mom’s bookshelf full of mystery novels and wondering what stories they hid between their covers.


As a kid, I especially liked mysteries with paranormal elements in them. My first favorite book was The Ghost Wore Grey by Bruce Coville, about two girls who had to solve the mystery of a missing painting to help a Civil War-era ghost find peace. The Ghost Wore Grey had a great line in it that I remember to this day: “What a hunk! Too bad he’s dead.” Too bad, indeed, Hypersexualized Preteen. That’s like a major bummer. Also, I feel like I just dated myself with the term hunk. But moving on… The two girls also solved another mystery when they joined a summer theater production in The Ghost in Third Row. And I still have both of those books too!


Beside the Ghost books, I was a huge fan of Zilpha Keatley Snyder (although I didn’t really keep track of authors enough to know that I was reading every single book by her I came across). The Egypt Game–I was obsessed with anything related to Ancient Egypt–is one I definitely remember, if only for the awesome cover. There was also a whole series of books called The Accidental Detectives by Sigmund Brouwer, about a boy with a strange younger brother who noticed everything (now that I’m older I think he probably had Asberger’s or was autistic). Those were my first traditional mysteries in that they were narrated by the “sidekick” of the story and the boys solved mysteries by noticing details other missed. And yes, I still have those books.


When I was in third grade, I wrote my first “book,” and it will come as no surprise that it was a mystery! In the story, a group of friends find a secret passage in their house and follow it to discover a hidden treasure. The story was extensively illustrated on ruled paper and I bound into an “actual book” with blue yarn. Later I wrote The Mystery of Boot Hill, about a graveyard haunted by an outlaw ghost.


I think the reason I love mysteries, then and now, is because mystery is the basis of any good story. You want to find out about the characters and you wonder what will happen to them next! Even the books I read in other genres, like romance or fantasy, have some element of mystery to them. People read because they have questions, not because they already know the answer.


What are some of your favorite childhood books? Maybe I’ve read them (and still own them–packrat problems, what can I say).


♥ Ellis

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The Fornarina Affair

Release date: Dec. 7, 2012
Ellis Drake (Author)
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A recent art history graduate, Ana Moreno is thrilled when one of her former professors invites her to Rome to research a newly discovered painting by Raphael. But how does making an appointment to see a piece of art lead to murder? That’s what Ana wonders when she discovers the dead body of a curator in the famous Borghese Gallery.Between glittering balls, sunny Rome, the archives of the Vatican, and romantic Florence, Ana not only has to solve the mystery of Raphael’s greatest love affair, but also a murder–or she may never make it out of Rome alive.’
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Ellis Drake worked in museums as a curator and researcher for several years before she realized that she wanted to write mysteries. Her short story, Hanged to Death, is based on some of her real-life experiences.


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Just tell us:

What were some of your favorite childhood books !

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    1. I’m delighted to have you visit 🙂 and to know I’m not alone in saving my childhood reads!

    1. Hi Traci! I had forgotten about Bunnicula until Ellis’ post lol Those were about as scary as I could get. 😀
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