Goodbye Maine…

I’ve been in the gorgeous state of Maine for the last 3 weeks and we are leaving tomorrow and heading back to Colorado. I was trying to think of a fun way to say goodbye and post some pictures and today I went to a cute bookstore in Yarmouth called Royal River Books to meet Steph,¬†a new friend and book blogger from She is so nice and snarky and smart and reads a ton! Check out her site ūüôā Oh! She gave me books! *sigh* I¬†<3 Steph!¬†That girl definitely knows her way to a bookaholics heart. <g> ¬†Anyway, while I was browsing the shelves I saw a children’s book called Goodnight Maine in the store. It’s a state specific take on Margaret Wise Brown’s classic Goodnight Moon. I amused myself tonight¬†by coming up with a¬†silly rhyme.¬†That doesn’t always rhyme… But I¬†had fun and get to show you¬†my pictures. And I did mention books :p

Here goes….

Goodbye Maine

Goodbye blue gray ocean

Goodbye to fresh¬†lobsters roastin’

Goodbye kayaking on calm seas

Goodbye forests with big green trees

Goodbye boats and goodbye raincoats

Goodbye ocean sunsets ….

Steph and me

and goodbye to the friends I met

 Goodbye bug bites and goodbye itches that last all night

Goodbye fog  goodbye hair fluff

and goodbye to the seagulls squawking stuff

Goodbye waves, goodbye here…

Goodbye Maine till next year

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  1. This is great! LOVED meeting with you. I iced tea was delish. I love the logo and background and the new fic feature is fantastic. Thanks for the mention! A lot of families with Maine places spend a snowy (sometimes) Christmas here! But in any event we’ll see you next year.
    I am Maine’s biggest fan. It’s the last state with just tons of open space on the east coast.

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