Countdown to The Romantic Times Booklovers Convention Giveaway!

Countdown to the

Romantic Times Booklovers Conventions


I LOVE the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. I have been to it 5 times and I’m getting ready to go again… I am so NOT ready. *head/desk* I’ve ordered swag and tshirts and stuffs. I’m still getting all my costumes together and trying to get my blog ready to kinda be without me while I’m at the con. I leave for Kansas City on April 29th and return May 5th. *happy dance*

But I thought I’d share the happy and give away some goodies I forgot about from last year. I have a canvas tote bag I dragged around with my and had a variety of super nice authors sign. It’s so pretty. 😉

(I have another one I’m keeping!)



  • $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  • Signed Tote Bag
  • Various author’s SWAG



I have a tote bag signed by various authors who were in Chicago

at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 2012

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Ilona + Gordon Andrews

Heather Graham

Charlaine Harris

Deanna Wadsworth

Sabrina Jeffries

Leanna Rennee Hieber

Isabelle Drake

Lila Dubois

Beth Ciotta

Cassandra Carr

Cherry Adair

Dana Marie Bell

PJ Schnyder

Kimberly Lang

Alayna Williams

Rhian Cahill

Brynn Paulin

Carole Nelson Douglass

Stacey Kade

Mari Mancusi

Susanna Kearsley

Anne Elizabeth

Jade Lee

Jennifer Estep

Kassy Tayler

Ashlyn Chase

(Plus a few more I can’t decipher the handwriting!)

Rules: Contest is open April 15th-25th

Winner will be notified on the 26th

(If I hear back from the winner in time I will send out prize on the 27th-

otherwise it will be when I return from my trip)

International Entries Welcome!

Enter by using the Rafflecopter and leaving me a comment telling me:

What author would you would really really love to meet?

You may get other entries by following The Book Tart on Facebook/Twitter/Networked Blogs etc. But those aren’t mandatory.  Further rules detailed in the Rafflecopter. *points down*

Good Luck!

(((hugs))) Kat

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125 Replies to “Countdown to The Romantic Times Booklovers Convention Giveaway!”

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one of my favorite contemporary romance authors 😀 She took a pic with me cause she wanted to show her granddaughter my Strawberry Shortcake hair! lol I had LONG hair last convention.

      (((hugs))) Kat

  1. I would love to meet Alannah Lynne…..She just seems like my kind of person and being I met Kallypso Masters and Lexi Blake and J.M. Madden she is next on my list along with Kathleen Brooks!!!!

  2. I would love to meet Cassandra Carr, Shayla Black and Kallypso Masters. I’m a HUGE fan if theirs and books are must-read for me. Thanks for giveaway.

    1. Phuong!
      I can’t wait to squeeze you and kermit flail with you at RT!

      PS. I know at least a few of those ladies will be at RT 😀

  3. Ack, there’s so many! I think I would love to meet Lauren Oliver because I just love her books! Thank you 🙂

  4. I would love to meet AND be able to talk to for a few minutes Kate Douglas. I’m re-reading her DemonSlayers series and just love it.

  5. wow… ummm I have a list Sherrilyn Kenyon, Cynthia Eden, Kallypso Masters, Lora Leigh, Ranae Rose, J.M Madden, Nora Roberts,Chloe Neill, Elle James, and so many others.

    1. THAT is a very good list 😀 I met Kenyon (briefly!) in 2005 and she’s a hoot. I really really want to say hi to Nora Roberts someday.

      Thanks for sharing your list, Kat

  6. What an awesome giveaway! I love the signed tote bag. There are so many of my favorite authors on the list. One author I would really like to meet is Kim Harrison. I have read all of her Hollows series books.

    1. The bag turned out so fun! I am keeping one for me… It doesn’t have as many signatures. But it’s still pretty amazing.

      Kim Harrison Hollows books are amazing. I would love her autograph too. 😉

      (((hugs))) Kat

  7. I am shy so I don’t know about meeting them, however, I would love to hear many of my favorite authors speak about their writing including Sherry Thomas, Tessa Dare, and Sarah MacLean.

    1. Maria hon! Awwww Thanks for sharing. I like your list and agree, it would be nice to listen to fav authors talk about their writing 😀

      (((hugs))) Kat

  8. There are SO many authors that I would love to meet! Here are just a few of them: J.R. Ward, Jeaniene Frost, Pamela Palmer, Nalini Singh, Maya Banks, Laurie London, Karen Marie Moning, Lynsay Sands, Lara Adrian, Kresley Cole, Larissa Ione, and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

    1. *Kermit flail* O O! yes, yes yes to all of them.

      Actually, I’m tickled pink to meet all and any authors cause I love to read stories 😉


    1. I re-read Judith McNaught’s Perfect at least once a year *sigh* I want another story from her… It would be a dream to meet her and Roberts.

      xoxo, Kat

    1. Oooo So loving this! Another author to add to my pile. I haven’t read S.C. Stephens but it definitely sounds like I should!

      (((hugs))) Kat

    1. Yay! I am so happy that ya’ll are with me in the fan girling of the authors. I am a teeny weeny bit excited to meet anyone who tells stories.

      xoxo, Kat

  9. SO many, Kat! Shelly Laurenston, SEP, Jennifer Crusie, Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Nalini Singh… and many I’ve “met” on-line but not in person–Carrie Lofty, Ann Aguirre, Mari Carr, Sarah Mayberry… that’s the very tip-top of the iceberg!

    Have a wonderful time, and thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Fedora! Hey darlin’

      oooo loves that list! I met Shelly briefly and she’s as sweet and silly as you’d imagine. 😀 Meeting authors and telling them how much I love their stories is a highlight for me at these conventions.


  10. I’d love to meet Ashlyn Chase. I love how she can make me laugh while reading. Thank you.


  11. I’ve met most of my favorite authors (I’ve been to author signings at RT once and RWA twice), but one I haven’t met yet is Cherie Priest, so I think it would be awesome to meet her.

    1. oh! oh! are you coming to RT this year? I want to go RWA sometime too 😉
      I love meeting all the storytellers who bring be such happiness.

      (((hugs))) Kat

  12. I would love to meet Beth Ciotta and Heather Grahamn,…Of course I would like meeting any of them, I think I would be in a book junky heaven!

  13. Out of the list that is up there, definitely Susan Elizabeth Phillips! She’s my favorite comedic author. I always find myself giggling alone in my room while reading her books! Out of any author ever??? Either Jane Austen or Diana Gabaldon! Both are amazing at creating a compelling plot!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  14. I’d love to meet Cynthia Eden, Lauren Dane, Shiloh Walker, Lora Leigh, Lorelei James, Emma Holly, Karen Marie Moning and Kit Rocha!

  15. My signing story: I went to the RWA signing last year, but I had a big panic attack! I couldn’t approach any of my favorite authors — or anyauthors at all, really… I just kept wandering the aisles, not making eye contact. Because even though they’re JUST PEOPLE (as I kept telling myself), they’re the people who’ve written some of my favorite worlds and characters. They’re the gods of the worlds where I go to escape! I went and sat by a wall & gave myself a pep talk until I got back on my feet, and then I did more of the no-eye-contact thing through the aisles.
    Finally, as I wandered, I saw Jenn Bennett — she looked approachable and nice, so I walked up and stammered something & said I was shaking cuz I was so panicky. And she talked to me & hugged me and told me that I didn’t *have* to be coherent about why I loved the books. Just the love was fabulous to hear about.
    So I tried again. And I did get several books signed by several authors, and whew! I lived. :p
    This is just a long-winded way of saying, I dunno who I’d want to meet. Cuz I’m pretty sure I’d devolve into that panicky, shaky gal again. And no one needs that! 😉

    1. Hey Darlin’
      Oh! I adore you to the muchness! lol I love your story and I’m so glad you made eye contact and met Jenn Bennett (I’m looking forward to meeting her in person myself) I actually screeched at Vicki Pettersson in an elevator when I saw her name tag at RT 2007 lol She said I was her first stalker. 😛 I kinda to get overexcited and *Kermit Flail* around storytellers… cause like you said, they are the gods, creators, of the worlds we love!

      I think you’re way is less scary to them 🙂 They prolly think I’m a crazy loon!

      ((((hugs))) Kat

  16. All the m/m authors would be so much fun to meet, especially Tara Lain, Cassandra Carr (we could talk hockey!), Daisy Harris (her blog tours are always so informative and hilarious), Marie Sexton, Heidi Cullinan, ZA Maxfield, Damon Suede…

    1. I adore Cassandra Carr (only met her on FB and Twitter) This time around at RT I am determined to be more social… I’ve actually been kinda shy and not met many people even though this will be my 6th RT!

      (((hugs))) Kat

  17. I would love to meet them all but maybe Ilona and Gordon Andrews, since I love their blog.

    I wish I could go to the conference. Some day!

    1. Oh! Yes *nods* I hope you get to a convention someday soon too. I have a blast, but always need a vacation from my vacation. lol Doesn’t quite work out that way with my work 😛

      xoxo, Kat

  18. There are so many wonderful authors that I would love to meet or hear speak about their passion and craft that I can’t possibly write them all down. Here’s a good start on my favourites list: JR Ward, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Nalini Singh, Kresley Cole, Kristen Ashley, Eve Silver, Molly O’Keefe… OK, I’m only stopping because I’ll be here all night if I don’t! 😉

    1. Renee! rotflol My kinda girl *nods* Yep. I have a mountain of authors I would love to tell to their face how much I love reading their stories too.

      *mwah* Kat

  19. I’ve been fortunate to meet some of my favorite authors at conventions or book signings. Others at the top of my list are Patricia Briggs, Ilona (and Gordon) Andrews, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jeaniene Frost, Grace Burrowes, Larissa Ione, Karen Moning, Nora Roberts, Elisabeth Naughton, Lynsay Sands, Kerrelyn Sparks, and Elizabeth Hoyt.

    1. Awww I have only met her on twitter and she’s a darling! My Maid of Tarts is a Lisa too 😀 and she collected most of the signatures on the tote bag.
      (((hugs))) Kat

  20. I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve met a LOT of my favorite authors. Two on my list still to meet, though, are J R Ward, and Sarah Addison Allen. Very different authors, but both are incredible.

  21. I wish I could go to the RTB Convention since it is here in my hometown and meet all the authors . But it is to hard for me to walk around anymore, so I will have to miss it . Would love to meet them all.

    1. hi! Lila’s Farm Boy 😀 I think my rafflecotper was broken so I’ll add you manually to it as soon as I get a chance.

      I might just hug you at RT. 😛


  22. I keep re-loading this webpage but Rafflecopter won’t work for me so I hope you might enter me through my comment. I would love to meet Kim Harrison, Faith Hunter and Dakota Cassidy. Have fun at the convention and thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Can’t find the rafflecopter 🙁 but to join in …. I would love to meet R.k. Lilla or Christa Cervone … and of course Jodi Ellen Malpas…..

    1. aaggh!
      I am so sorry. I fixed it. As soon as I’m on a break from work I will add you to the rafflecopter.

      (((hugs))) Kat

    1. Hi Katie 😀

      Thank you for sharing 😀 I love to meet authors and tell them how much their stories mean to me.
      xoxo, Kat

  24. Have fun at RT!!! I’d so love to go to another one. 🙂
    Especially since I hear it’s totally different from when I went!

    As to an author I want to meet – Lisa Kleypas. Even more, to actually hang out with her, you know? Because really, especially at signings, you don’t get time with people. And then some authors are better than others when it’s an open settings.
    I’ve heard awesome things about her though! (And of course I love her books!)

    1. Hi hon 🙂
      Thank you! I am so happy I get to go… I thought it wouldn’t work out this year. But it did!
      Oh *sigh* I absolutely LOVE Kleypas too… I agree, it would be wonderful to just hang out with fav authors…

      (((hugs))) Kat

  25. I would love to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, Deborah Cooke, Jill Shalvis, Lori Foster! Lauren Dane and Maya Banks. Those are just a few.

    1. awww Jane! You are so welcome 😀 I met Kenyon briefly in 2005 and she’s a darlin’ Love the Dark Hunters too!

      (((hugs))) Kat

    1. Yay! Thank you for sharing and I’ve added Synder and Cashore to my look up list lol I do like Pierce a lot!

      xoxo, Kat

    1. Oh! Oh! I am so excited to see how she wraps up the Sookie series…. Have you read her Harper Connelly books? Those are my fav I think 😀
      ((((hugs))) Kat

  26. Oh my gosh there are so many I would love to meet! Jeaniene Frost, Pamela Palmer, JR Ward, Cate Dean, Yasmine Galenorn, PC Cast …..this list could go on and on lol

  27. I would really love to meet JR Ward, Colleen Hoover, Elizabeth Reyes, and S.C. Stephens. Those are my favorite authors and I’ve read ALL of their books! 🙂

  28. I would love to meet Jayne Rylon, Mari Carr, Lexxie Couper, Jess Dee, Kallypso Masters, Rhian Cahill, Cari Quinn, Cassandra Carr, R G Alexander, Eden Bradley & a ton of others. Have fun at the convention

    1. Hey Lisa 😀
      Thanks hon! I am very excited about this year… and kinda freaking out too. I can’t wait to tell ya’ll about it after.
      *mwah* Kat

  29. Third time a charm???

    Easy answer: all of them

    Names: JR Ward, Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon, Jess Dee, Rhian Cahill, Jambrea Jo Jones, Lila Dubois, Bianca D’Arc, Dana Marie Bell, Cassandra Carr, Eden Bradley, RG Alexander, Crystal Jordan, Robin L Rotham, Kate Pearce, Cari Quinn, LA Witt/Lauren Gallagher, Carol Lynne, Joyee Flynn, Gabrielle Evans, Stormy Glenn, JC Wells, Lex Couper, Lex Valentine. That is just my short list. Then there are the bloggers: You, Kitty Kelly, DayDreaming Dawn, Froggirita, Limecello, Mama Kitty, and Wicked Lil Pixie. =)

    1. OMG Bobbie! That is your short list? lol I love it 😀 I will meet you someday hon and hugging will commence!
      xoxo, Kat

  30. Oh wow who’d I like to meet… Oh so many but to name the ones off the top if my head would be JR Ward, Christine feehan and Lisa keypas!

    1. Ohhh great list! *sigh* I so wanna meet Kleypas. She’s one of my all time fav historical romance writers.
      (((hugs))) Kat

  31. I would like to meet Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Karen Marie Moning, Tammara Webber, Rachel Vincent and Cassandra Clare!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  32. There are a lot of authors I’d like to meet – but among those listed in the prize package, I would love to spend a little time with Charlaine Harris!

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway 🙂

    1. lol You are welcome 😀 I was going through my stuff to get ready for RT and remembered that I forgot to do this giveaway… so NOW is perfect 😉
      (((hugs))) Kat

  33. I’d love to meet Karen Marie Moning. I just met Jeaniene Frost last month and she was wonderful. What a great experience.

  34. I would love to meet Charlaine Harris. My uncle is friends with her and met her through a local Arkansas tv station. I never got the chance to make the trip to meet her. So she would be the one I want to meet.

  35. I would love to meet Jill Shalvis. Reading her blog posts & FB updates always makes me smile. She seems like a really fun person!

  36. I would love to meet Dana Marie Bell I love her books and I would kill to have a book or bag signed by her. X

  37. I’d love to meet Jaci Burton, Gena Showalter, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lora Leigh, Lauren Dane, Donna Grant, Karen Marie Moning, Jill Shalvis and J.R. Ward. I’m going to try and go to RT on Saturday…maybe I’ll see you there! 🙂

  38. I grew up as a huge horror novel fan and would love to meet Dean R Koontz. But out of today’s popular authors, I’d really enjoy meeting Veronica Roth. My husband and daughter both read her books after I finished them, and we can’t wait for the 3rd book and movie to come out!

  39. I have a long list but one of them is Nora Roberts. My mom and I have been reading her books for many, many years. Both of us are really big fans!

  40. Can’t wait to see you next week Kat!!! Plus I’m so looking forward to meeting Julie Garwood & Jude Devereaux… I’ve never met them before!

  41. I really wanted to go this year and combine it with a visit with family (cousin and his children who I haven’t seen in many years) but wasn’t able to. …sigh… There are so many authors I would love to meet, jill Shalvis, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Carly Phillips, Lori Foster, Kristan Higgins, etc., Really, just turn me loose to mingle…

  42. Out of your list above, if I HAD to pick only one, I say Ilona + Gordon Andrews. My real wish list would be too long … lol. Thanks!

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