Saying Yes To Dress…Shopping guest post by Heather Long + Spotlight on Some Like It Royal

I think I need to hug Heather Long! She opens up about her trials shopping (Been there!) and “That Moment” finding the perfect something. 🙂 We also get a special excerpt from her new book Some Like It Royal. *sigh*

Take a look at Some Like It Royal and get ready to fall for Princess Alyxandretta and Daniel.
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Saying Yes To Dress… Shopping

By Heather Long


I hate shopping. I mean I really hate shopping. A lot of people will say that and then talk about going out to pick up the things they like or engaging in retail therapy, but not me. Fifteen years ago, when Amazon added all of these alternatives to buy including your books, I was in heaven. Unfortunately, even with online shopping, finding the perfect dress means going to a store and paging through the racks and trying on what you find.


Problem #1


Dresses on the rack really don’t look like they will when you put them on. In fact, what looks gorgeous on a hanger can look like a mummification wrap or worse when you put it on your body. Conversely, the dress that doesn’t look like much of anything can look exquisite when you put it on.


Result: You have to go to the store to try on the dress.


Problem #2


Just because you find a dress you like doesn’t mean they’ll have it in your size. In fact, your chances of finding something you love in the wrong size or the right size in the wrong color increase with every single dress you try on. Why? Because size does matter, particularly when different dressmakers use different sizes. I have been known to fit into a size 8, 10, 12, and a 14. So I can’t just say, “Oh, I like this dress,” and get it in the size.


Result:  You have to go to the store to try on the dress.


Problem #3


Just because a store has it online, that does not mean it will be in the store itself. See problems #1 and#2. Let’s say you find a dress that you like in a color that you like and the size you want, but when you try it on, you find there’s actually a structural flaw with the dress. So, it won’t work, but the salesperson offers to order it for you and have it shipped. When they do this, they discover it’s out of stock online…


Result:  You have to go to the store to try on the dress.


The only way to make dress shopping work is to go with a friend. Someone who can pick out things and help you judge what you’re trying on. Typically, your friend has a much more objective opinion of what will work with your figure than you do… Or maybe it’s just me.

In the summer of 2013, I had to go dress shopping to replace much of my formal wear due to having lost weight. I spent three hours in that changing room and, let me tell you, anyone who says trying on clothes isn’t work is lying.  You find yourself out of breath, stretching, sucking in your stomach, prancing on your tip toes and generally twisting this way and that—and you’re still not sure it works.

But then a magical moment happens. You find THE DRESS and you turn around and you see yourself in the mirror. For a sparkling few seconds you feel like Cinderella in a shower of her fairy godmother sparkles.


So, while I am still not a fan of shopping, I am a fan of that moment.


What was your craziest dress shopping experience?





Some Like it Royal (Going Royal, #1)Some Like It Royal

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Series: (Going Royal #1)
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It’s The Role of a Lifetime…

Living out of a car and waiting tables to make ends meet is hardly the stuff of fairy tales. So when a gorgeous man approaches Alyx Dagmar with a wild story about her royal lineage and an even wilder proposition, the aspiring actress is sure he’s got the wrong woman.

Self-made billionaire Daniel Voldakov needs connections before he can expand his software business into Europe. A blue-blooded fiancée would open all the right doors—and Daniel’s certain he can tempt the pretty but penniless Princess Alyxandretta to accept the part she was born to play.

Alyx can’t resist Daniel’s offer, and throws herself into the role. But as the paparazzi fall in love with their “storybook romance,” Alyx finds herself drawn to Daniel in ways she’d never imagined. Are his returned affections true, or all just part of the plan? He’ll do anything it takes to prove his love, and to make her see that the only happily ever after he wants is with her…the real her.


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Dress Shopping in

Some Like It Royal


Alyx trailed her fingers down the length of fabric. The pure silk glided against her skin in sensuous invitation, but one look at the price tag and she moved on to the next dress on the rack. Victor cut in front of her and pointed to the dress. “What’s wrong with that one?”

His six-foot-two-inch frame was more than a roadblock and she sighed. “Nothing’s wrong with it, exactly, but it’s not what I’m looking for.”

“Hmm. And what are you looking for? We need at least four cocktail dresses, two evening gowns, a dozen daytime suits and changes. Specifically, you need a change of clothes for each meal.” He consulted the data tablet he carried everywhere. “Then there will be the shoes.”

Lips pursed, she swallowed back laughter. In his button-down steel-gray suit and hundred dollar shoes, he looked more suited to an executive office—his tense expression said “secret service, stay away.” He constantly seemed to scan their surroundings, aware of everything. Often enough for her to notice. The behavior disconcerted her, but his persistence in encouraging her to shop was too funny.

“They’re expensive.” She lowered her voice, keeping her expression calm and the intonation smooth. Two people could have a knock-down-drag-out verbal match and no one would notice if their voices didn’t raise and their tone didn’t change. “There’s a Goodwill in Santa Barbara that has some spectacular gowns for a twelfth the price—if that.” She could feed herself for a month on real meals for the price of the decadently soft silk dress.

Her escort tapped his fingers against the rack. “You don’t look at the price tags.”


“You never look at the price tag. The price is irrelevant. You are shopping for clothing, to costume the platform you will be performing from. Money isn’t the issue, nor is the price. You look only at color, fabric and effect.” Like her, he never raised his voice, but the hair on her body prickled at the low command. “A princess doesn’t shop at Goodwill.”

Which is the most ridiculous thing ever. How many articles hit the papers about the expenses of the royal families in Europe? When Prince William and his bride visited the United States, comments were made about the number of outfits Kate was photographed in and the concept of excess versus frugality. Some liked her frugal nature, and others didn’t. Rebellion surged through her. Why spend money like that if one didn’t have to? There were better things money could be spent on.

Like feeding people, sending kids to school, paying off bills…

Getting an apartment, which would have saved me this entire adventure because I would have been behind a locked door when Daniel got his crazy idea.

As quickly as the rebellion surfaced, so did the nibble of worry that she may have missed out on meeting the sweet man she’d shared ice cream with the night before. He could be fun and funny. A thrill skated over her skin. The tickling antics delighted her, more than she wanted to admit.

Victor flicked through the rack, then pulled out a dress and held it up to her. The deep blue sheath boasted an off-one-shoulder neckline and tucked fabric that would accent her curves and smooth any flaws in her figure. It fell to just above her knees. “How about we choose a selection, you try them on and if you can’t find fault with how you look, we take it?” he coaxed with his voice and gentle expression.

“Fine.” She nodded. “Do you want to just pick out the dresses and I’ll go start trying them on?”

Disapproval creased his forehead and he sighed.

“Or I could just take a good look at what they have?”

He nodded and she resisted the urge to rub a hand over her face. Fidgeting in public got her chastised once, she wouldn’t do it again. Together, they strolled through the racks, picking out a dozen different dresses. At the dressing rooms, Victor requested the private one off to the side with a stern glance at the clerk. This flustered the young woman attending, but she hurried to help them.

“You know, we have several shoes that would go great with those dresses.” The salesclerk cut her gaze down to Alyx’s feet. “You’re a six, yes?”

At her slow nod, the clerk beamed. “I’ll be right back. Just take your time.” She hustled off and Victor leaned against the wall, taking a position between the changing room and the rest of the store.

“I guess we’re getting shoes too.”

“Apparently.” He nodded approvingly and flicked his gaze to the changing room. Accepting the subtle nudge, she stepped inside and surveyed the dresses. She’d worn a simple, slimming pair of slacks and a blousy top for shopping. Both sported designer labels and both were purchased at Goodwill for less than three dollars each. Amused, she stuck out her tongue at the closed door.

The crushed linen held up well with constant changes and didn’t wrinkle in the car. The pale peach color emphasized her tan and accented the green chemise she wore beneath as well as the dyed-to-match green flats.

If only Victor knew she’d dyed the shoes herself. She’d actually found them at an off-the-rack wedding shop. But she thought that a secret best kept to herself. Hanging her outfit up on the empty hangers, she studied the dresses. She’d worn a bra, but at least two of them would require a strapless variety and she planned to try those on last. Reorganizing the dresses, she started—left to right.

The first, a yellow and orange sunrise of a dress, wasn’t particularly a cocktail outfit but she needed daytime event dresses as well. The neckline plunged between her breasts, but the halter top emphasized her shape. The handkerchief skirt swirled around her legs and she did a little hop-twirl and laughed.

“Find something you like?” Victor’s voice drifted over the stall door, reminding her she wasn’t alone.

2014 © Heather Long


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National bestselling author Heather Long likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. She writes snarky women tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories—the characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, Heather devotes herself to her family, remembering a time when her Nan used to read her steamy Harlequin novels instead of picture books. Heather believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you were friends with someone just like them once, you’ll enjoy her worlds almost as much as she does.

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2 Replies to “Saying Yes To Dress…Shopping guest post by Heather Long + Spotlight on Some Like It Royal”

  1. I can definitely relate–I bought my wedding dress based on its online photo because I couldn’t bear the idea of trying on dress after dress and not finding the ONE. Luckily, it fit.

    The book looks fabulous. I added it to my to-read list.

  2. I also hate shopping. I think I just missed the shopping gene…except I do like online shopping which is much more dangerous. LOL

    The book sounds cute.

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