The Queen of Tarts review of If Only by Lisa Owens

If OnlyQueen of Tarts Review of

If Only
by Lisa Owens

I like stories with a touch of the paranormal… an element of the unusual. If Only  is the story of Bree waking up to find herself living in the past with a new life because of different choices. I enjoyed the alternate history storyline and Lisa Owen’s spin on it.

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Bree broke up with her sweetheart Scott and married Brian, the man who swept her off her feet and made her feel like she was in heaven… and then turned her world to living hell. Brian abused her and tore her down. Warning! Those scenes are raw and honest and gutwrenchingly painful.

She finds the courage to leave Brian and is celebrating her divorce one night with girlfriends when she falls in the parking lot and hits her head. She wakes up in the arms of Scott! It’s a different life… another trouser in time…what might have been if she hadn’t zigged when she could have zagged.

Bree’s relationship with Scott is sweet and sexy. She is so happy to be safe in the arms of the man she loves and has regretted leaving for years! I liked seeing how Scott cherished her. I empathized with his confusion dealing with a wife who says she was living another life and time traveled back 3 years. He has to adjust to this Bree with new baggage (and knowledge) from the life she’d lived and damage she suffered.


A few of my fav lines…

♥  Bree’s mouth pressed against his, her heart and soul seeming to go into the kiss.


“Will you forgive me for being such an ass?” he questioned with an embarrassed grin as he enfolded her into a huge bear hug and nuzzled her neck.

She sighed dramatically before giving him a mischievous smirk. “Don’t I always?”


The story is told in third person and switches view points between Bree, Scott, the ex Brian and a few more people as well. It was interesting being about to get inside various people’s heads. I liked seeing into Scott’s and Bree’s heart to see where they were coming from. Brian’s perspective squeeked me out! But he was supposed to. I wanted more from Scott’s sister and less of Bree’s mom. But as a whole I felt it was an interesting storytelling device.

If Only is a heart touching story about second chances and finding the strength to get out of an abusive relationship and live again.

((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

♦ eARC provided for review for my honest opinion.


If OnlyIf Only

Release date: December 24th, 2012 |
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books |
Genre: Romance
Lisa Owens (Author)
Format: eBook

What would you do if you had the opportunity to go back and relive your greatest mistake?

Five years ago, Bree Sexton walked out on her fiancé and into the arms of a charming and handsome stranger. She has regretted her decision ever since. Instead of a fairy-tale marriage, her “prince” shattered her dreams and her spirit with physical violence and emotional cruelty she barely escaped.

She then mysteriously wakes up in bed with the fiancé she loved and left, the life she’d dreamed of now a reality, until her cruel ex-husband reappears to destroy her new life. But what is real, and what is make-believe? Is she really getting the chance she has always dreamed of? And when it is all said and done, will she finally end up with the man she has always regretted leaving? Or will she wake up to discover herself alone?



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