The Queen of Tarts Review of Becky Flade’s Fated Souls

Fated SoulsQueen of Tarts Review of

Fated Souls

by Becky Flade

I LOVE paranormal romance. Give me an alpha hero and a heroine who’s more than his match and I’m hooked. The fact that the hero, Aidan, turns furry doesn’t hurt. 😉 Becky Flade’s Fated Souls had me from the first sentence, “For crying out loud, what the hell is that?”. I loved that Maggie was sitting on a pine cone. Been there, done that, but rarely read about that joy of camping. I wanted to hang out with Maggie (somewhere without pine cone pillows) and eat ice cream!

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I adored Maggie. She’s a journalist currently working for a tabloid and investigating rumors of a werewolf in northern Minnesota. I loved her attitude and her brains. She’s smart and determined to do her best work whatever the assignment may be.

And Aidan… *sigh* I loved his big heart and his sense of humor… but he also has big walls, for good reason. He has secrets.  He is drawn to Maggie’s warmth but he wants to protect her from his past. I loved watching them dance around each other. I got a huge kick out of their flirting and I was rooting for them to be honest and well… just be together. 😉

A few of my fav lines…

Ice cream therapy was in definite order. Maggie preferred to wallow with alcohol and dancing when she had friends with her; she self treated with chocolate milkshakes and key lime pie when left to her own devices…

Aidan wondered if she were showering, eating, or already asleep. Imagined her doing all three with him.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet, sexy, paranormal romance with humor and heart, read Fated Souls. This story gave me everything I was looking for, lots of emotion, well rounded characters that I could connect with, a bit of suspense and danger, and that paranormal flavor I crave. I loved it!

The Queen of Tarts

♦ eARC provided for review for my honest opinion.

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Fated SoulsFated Souls

Becky Flade (Author) |
Publisher: Crimson Romance |
Release date: April 15th 2013 |
ISBN: 9781440566776 |
Format: Ebook and print

Shamed investigative journalist turned tabloid scribe Maggie O’Connell convinces her editor to let her go to Minnesota to research alleged werewolf sightings. Her first night in the woods, she gets trapped in an ancient sleeping bag, unintentionally attracts the attention of a bear, and is saved by the most unlikely of heroes: the very wolf she had come to investigate!

When she meets horse rancher Aidan Gael in the town market days later, she recognizes his eyes as those belonging to her champion. He dodges her every attempt to get to know him but undaunted Maggie launches a campaign to win over the recalcitrant Aidan.

Aidan tries desperately to avoid her; he both fears Maggie and fears for her. Neither man nor beast can resist her curious mind and courageous heart. One kiss threatens to break Aidan’s tenuous self-control but furthers Maggie’s resolve. But danger lurks at every turn. The curse Aidan fights to keep secret is only one of the obstacles that will test the strength of their bond. Together they will navigate the violence of both nature and of man in pursuit of their destiny.

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