The Book Tart Episode 66 ~ Joint Review of Tyson’s War by Amy Gregory

Joint Review

(with Lisa, aka the Maid of Tarts)

of Tyson’s War

by Amy Gregory

This is my first tandem review and I like it! Lisa, is one of my best friends and we always chat books on the phone (or in person when we’re lucky enough to be together.) We both read and loved Tyson’s War by Amy Gregory sooooo we decided to spaz about it together. I hope you can tell how much we enjoyed it and that it makes you give Amy’s books a try too. 🙂

(((hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts

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tyson's warTyson’s War

Amy Gregory (Author)
Series: Finding Perfect #3
Release date: July 4th 2014|
Publisher: Indie |
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance |
ISBN-13: 9781500389765
Format: eBook and print

Leaving his last foster home, Tyson Ellison signed his name on the dotted line and checked out entirely, looking for something he felt missing. Four tours of service over-seas, too much death, too much violence, brought him back stateside. He was tired, drained, and still empty with nothing left to give. He hopped on his Ducati and headed northwest from his base in Georgia, the only place he’d ever called home. Fate ran him out of gas in the tiny town of Renlend, Kansas with nothing but his Army-issued duffle holding a few meager belongings.
For two years Dianna’s father has made sure something around their family-owned Bed and Breakfast needed attention. Tyson’s attention. His handy-man skills put them in each other’s space on a regular basis, her dad pointing out the vet’s attributes regularly. She isn’t oblivious, she’d memorized each one. Tyson’s body was made for the movies, and so he kind of flirted with and smiled at her. Always managed to speak to her when he is there working.
But in what lifetime would a ripped, tanned, tattooed Army veteran want with the shyest girl in town? Especially someone as plain Jane as her.

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  1. OMG I love you both soooooo much! Thank you for everything and all the support and friendship. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have found you both. I treasure our friendship greatly! xoxoxoxoo

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