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I’m happy as pie to be part of the review tour for Fevered Souls by S.K. Falls! My girl La Revenant wanted to read it. And though it wasn’t quiet her  cup of tea she finished it! (Which is a good sign for her :p)  Her review made me move the book up my pile. I happen to love angsty romance 😀


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Fevered Souls Season 1 (Fevered Souls, #1-5)Fevered Souls

Release date: August 5th 2013 |
Publisher: S.K. Falls |
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook


After I left for college, I thought I’d never see Eden again. But I found myself headed back four years later, destitute and unable to find a job anywhere else. Still, I was adamant nothing would keep me there for long.

Then I met the intoxicating Dax Allard. Copper-colored eyes, skin that emanated an exceptional heat, and a host of strange talents… It wasn’t long before I was drunk on him.

But Dax’s past was darker than mine, teeming with ancient secrets. Falling for him could cost me my life.

I had two choices: walk away or deal with the perilous consequences.

It was no choice at all.

Volume I is the compilation of five episodes of the serial novel (essentially an omnibus), and runs about 60,000 words. It is the equivalent of the first book in a trilogy of novels.


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La Revenant’s Review of

Fevered Souls

by S.K. Falls

What’s wrong with you, with us, what’s happening to us? Ah our love is a harsh cord that binds us wounding us and if we want to leave our wound, to separate, it makes a new knot for us and condemns us to drain our blood and burn together.
Love, Pablo Neruda (S.K. Falls. Fevered Souls Season 1)
la revenant 1Boom: Girl meets guy


Boom: Girl and guy become desperately enamored with each other


Boom: Guy saves girl’s life


Boom: Girl and guy cannot be together because of stuff connected to said guy


Boom: Girl and guy attempt to make a life together


That about sums Fevered Souls Season 1 up in a nutshell. Cara (girl) and Dax (guy) are the desperately in love couple. Their relationship reminded me a bit of Bella and Edward’s relationship, it had a bit of a codependent feel to it, which Cara admits to.


I knew mortals would say I was codependent or that I lacked a life of my own, but I couldn’t alter my feelings for him any more than I could change the color of my hair. It was pre-destined, almost a shaping of my genes.
(S.K. Falls. Fevered Souls Season 1)


Fevered Souls Season 1 was a quick read. I felt that it was almost too rushed. I would have enjoyed getting to know some of the peripheral characters a bit more. That being said, this story offered up fated love, action, and intrigue, which definitely held my interest. The end of Fevered Souls Season 1 closes with a bit of a mystery, which I hope to read about in future installments. If you enjoy intense romantic relationships, action and stories with an otherworldly aspect to them I would definitely recommend picking up Fevered Souls Season

Devour Books,

La Revenant


More S.K.:

A huge fan of spooky stuff and shoes, I enjoy alternately hitting up the outlet malls and historic graveyards in Charleston, SC where I live and imbibe coffee. My husband and two small children seem not to mind when I hastily scribble novel lines on stray limbs in the absence of notepads. Since no writer’s biography is complete without mention of her menagerie of animals, you should know I have one dog that doubles as a footstool, a second that functions as a vacuum cleaner, and a cat that ensures I never forget that my hands are, first and foremost, for pouring cat food.

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