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That Time of the Month by   Emily Shaffer

This book was a delight all the way through. I actually just googled synonyms for Adored and Loved because I needed more words to adequately express my enchantment with this story. I was swept into Ellie’s world and connected with her. She felt very familiar to me and I recognized a kindred spirit. I absolutely positively LOVED this book.

So, Ellie, the heroine of the story, loses her job in the very first chapter. It’s a particularly funny scene that I’ve made two of my friends listen to me read. *snicker* I am enamored with Ellie’s voice. She’s snarky and silly and hopeful. After losing the job she didn’t really love, but it kept her in the city and out of her brother’s spare room, she decides to see this as an opportunity to focus on a dream she had set aside when she went to school and got a responsible degree. She wants to write! Ellie has enough money in her bank account for a month’s expenses. She finds a coffee shop that is perfect for a respectable soon-to-be famous author to work in and she eats a piece of pie. And so starts her 31 day journey towards her goal.


The secondary characters felt very real and are a joy. Ellie’s best friend, Beth, is sweet and sarcastic, a shopping goddess and a supportive true friend. *sigh* And then there’s Jeff… When she first sees him Ellie thinks “He is the scruffy hip-looking type. He is also the handsome dreamboat type.” I liked Jeff so much. Ellie tries so very hard not to be interested in Jeff. I loved that he seemed so bemused by her and didn’t give up on her.

Ellie is a bit lost for some of the story. She’s is going through some major changes and it trying to find her balance. I loved her journey. I got a kick out of all the lists she writes, her adventures in pie eating, falling over counters,her foot in mouth habit, the dumpster diving and opening the door dressed in pj pants with cowboy pickles on them (I have silly themed jammies too lol) This book made me so happy. I keep grinning when I think about it. That Time of the Month is a whimsical story that is funny and insightful at the same time. I am beyond thrilled that I picked up this book and can’t wait for more from Emily Shaffer.


In no particular order here are just a few of my favorite lines…

“I turn off all the lights and lay down on bed-couch. Sleeping isn’t going to be easy tonight. I try counting sheep. I try counting the number of car horns I hear sounding on the street outside. I try counting the number of dollars I have left in the bank. None of it is helping. I decide to turn the TV on.”

♥ “Of course I want ice cream on the pie. I don’t understand why anyone ever asks that question. Would someone ask if you want sunshine with your day, or Jekyl with your Hyde? No!  So why would anyone ever ask if you want ice cream with a piece of apple pie?.”

♥”Unique? See, I hate when people make statements like that. “Unique” is one of those things that sounds like a compliment, but could actually be quite the opposite. “Unique” could mean that he finds me fascinating and exotic, or it could mean that he thinks I’m an especially rare type of lunatic.”

♥”There is no polite way to say “I’ve completely tuned you out, you jobless hippie, and therefore haven’t a clue what you want to know…could you please repeat yourself”…so I just stare at him in ignorance.”

♥”Talking is my favorite thing, and here is someone who wants to sit and listen to me.”

Take a look at this book. I hope you fall in love with it like I did 🙂

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

♦eARC provided for review (but I seriously just bought the print book from Amazon!)

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 That Time of the Month

Release date: Oct. 2, 2012 |
Emily Shaffer (Author)
ISBN-13: 9781478249535
Recently fired and almost broke, thirty-year old Ellie decides to push all distractions aside and form a crash-or-burn plan to save herself and finally pursue her dreams. She gives herself one month to make the near-impossible happen, otherwise she has to leave New York City and move into her niece’s toy room. The plan seems simple but becomes complicated by a nosey best friend, a difficult roommate, a dreamy stranger, and a really bad ring. As the month progresses, Ellie must confront the realization that by deciding to focus on herself, she may have become completely self-centered. Will she let her own ambitions, insecurities, and assumptions ruin her friendships and get in the way of a possible romance? Ruled by endless lists and fueled by several plates of pie, Ellie’s comical thoughts and mishaps drive this story from the office to the coffee shop during a month that will leave her with a broken foot, a great pair of shoes, and a forever changed life.
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