Queen of Tarts review of R.G. Alexander’s Make Me Burn

Make Me Burn (Fireborne, #2)Queen of Tarts review of

Make Me Burn

by R.G. Alexander

R.G. Alexander just keeps fanning the flames higher in the Fireborne series. It’s her deliciously wicked and emotionally charged erotic urban fantasy. Make Me Burn is book 2 and while it could be read alone it’s has a deeper punch when read in the series. Her world building sucked me in and her complicated and relatable characters made me stay. I LOVE Aziza! She’s messed up, powered up and the supernatural beings around her want to use her up. One wrong move on her part could end the world, no pressure.

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Aziza is the Fireborne and no longer completely human. She is learning what that means and trying to navigate the tricky worlds of Jinn, Niyr and Werewolf. The world building is incredible! I was fascinated by the different races and their complicated histories with each other.

I had to flip the pages quickly because the action never lets up on Aziza’s journey. The Mayet, (the supernatural power that is making her Fireborne) is communicating with her in riddles.  Death, politics, passions, love, lust, friendship, betrayal, mystery and danger surround her. She has to decipher the clues, figure out who to trust, let go of her own insecurities and follow her heart. Aziza’s loyalty to her friends and family, her relatable insecurities and her wicked snark keep this supernatural drama grounded. Aziza rocks!

A few of my fav lines… (I highlighted a LOT! )

“Aziza, why do I smell Jinn?”

She reached for a glass and lifted it with a hesitant smile. “Would you laugh if I told you that it’s not gin but champagne that you smell?”


Aziza couldn’t believe she was smiling, no matter that her lips were still trembling. “I think the moral is obvious –love never goes away. As long as we remember it, it exists.”

Make Me Burn is an addicting urban fantasy. If you like complex, layered world building combined with steamy passion, a big cast of characters that won’t be ignored, and a heroine that keeps your heart burning, then read R.G. Alexander’s Fireborne Series. Now.

And now I NEED book 3!!! Yesterday.

The Queen of Tarts

♦ eARC provided for review for my honest opinion.

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R.G. Alexander (Author)
Release date: May 20th 2014 |
Publisher: Samhain |

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Erotic Romance
eISBN: 9781619217799 |

Format: eBook

One wrong step and it could all go up in flames…

Fireborne, Book 2

Aziza Jane Stewart is the last of the Fireborne, and so far it’s been nothing but a curse, destroying her family and putting everyone she loves in danger. Now she’s on a quest to find her brother’s portion of the power that flows in her veins and track down the murdering Jiniyr who still threaten her loved ones.

She and her Enforcer lover Brandon are officially “in a relationship”, but she’s still torn between two men who both set her on fire. Brandon’s duties are driving a wedge between them, and her need to protect her Jinn guardian isn’t helping. Exiled and stripped of his powers, Ram is focused on satisfying his darkest urges…and tempting her to come along for the ride.

When Aziza discovers Brandon has been keeping news of ritualistic murders from her and the evidence is pointing at Ram, all bets are off. It’s time to find her own answers, embrace what’s inside her and make her own rules, damn the consequences.

WARNING:Explicit content, even more danger and heavy drinking than book one, fetish clubs and role-play, whips and chains, voyeurism, exhibitionism, as well as more inappropriate use of supernatural powers for deviant activities… Burning down the house.

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