Queen of Tarts review of Accidental Sex Goddess

accidental sex goddessQueen of Tarts Review of

Accidental Sex Goddess

by Lexi Ryan

I love Accidental Sex Goddess by Lexi Ryan. I love the dialogue. I love the heart. I love the heat and the humor. I empathized with the heroine Reese and laughed at some of the things she was requested to do in the Sex Goddess course. I’m a work in progress too and I appreciated that the class wasn’t focused on the reflection, but on the attitude and confidence of the individual.

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I really liked the heroine Reese and the hero Ben. I wanted them to reach for what they could be together. The chemistry between them is on the back burner (for a while 😉 ) because they don’t want to lose their friendship. They’re best friends. Years before they’d tried for more and called a halt.

Reese’s situation made me wince in sympathy for her. She has an apartment she bought thinking she’d be sharing the payments with her then boyfriend. They split, thank goodness! He was a manipulative jerk that tore down her confidence and tried to keep her from her friends. She’s a strong woman and is putting herself back together. I admired her attitude to the changes in her life and how she approached them with humor. Her friend Ben’s been there to to support her. I loved their connection and caring. He really wants her to sell the apartment and move in with him.

The Sex Goddess course was a hoot! Reese needs to take the class as a requirement for a new job and she doesn’t feel like it’s for her… But she thinks she can fake her way through it with Ben’s help. That what friends are for, right? 😉 I loved that the course wasn’t not focused on the physical, though that’s a part, it definitely was NOT on size. I wanted to clap. Reese is a curvy girl and the class taught her to work with her size and wear clothes for her body. Some of the steps weren’t so simple and they made me giggle.

I liked getting into Ben’s head as he struggled with his feelings for Reese and wanting more from their relationship. He’s a good guy and I could feel how much he loved her and how she loved him and I wanted them to see into each others’ hearts and know they could be honest about that. But, that’s half they fun, watching them figure that out and the pitfalls and drama that ensue.


A few of my fav lines…

He’s cute, don’t you think?”

Reese snorted. “Sure. If you like those clean-cut, athletic types with good jobs and amazing smiles.”

He shut his eyes, resisting the urge to pull her body close. “Sure thing.”

Tucking his chin, he buried his nose in her hair, taking a hit of her scent, that soft and feminine smell that haunted him.


But at some point he’d let his guard down, and now when he looked at Reese he didn’t just see. He wanted.


I got a kick out of all the secondary characters. Ben’s brother Mark deserves a story as does Reese’s best friend Masey and the Sex Goddess school’s owner Halie… Seriously I could keep going, Luke! He needs a story too. I thought they were all well developed and intriguing characters that made me care. Besides, hopefully I’d get a little more Ben and Reese that way too.

I raced through this story laughing and wincing and wanting a happy ending. It’s a fun, fast, delightful romp. If you like contemporary romance with humor and heart and depth, read Accidental Sex Goddess.


((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Release date: Jan. 7, 2013 |
Publisher: Lexi Ryan
Lexi Ryan (Author)
ISBN: 0985872551 |
ISBN-13: 9780985872557 |
Format: Paperback and ebook


Promotions director Reese Regan isn’t a sex goddess and doesn’t want to be. But the job of her dreams requires her enrollment in renowned Sex Goddess 101. To avoid a trip to the unemployment line, Reese must pass the program and become Chicago’s next seductress–or at least fake it convincingly. Her best friend, the ruggedly sexy contractor Ben Hawk, helps her “fake” her way through the program, and the heat between them flares. When trust is broken and secrets are revealed, it appears they’ve traded years-long friendship for temporary passion. Will faking something so important cost them their chance at something real?


 I am Not Junco - Range by J. A. Huss



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