Maid of Tarts review of My Planet

My Planet: Finding Humor in the Oddest PlacesMaid of Tarts Review of

My Planet

by: Mary Roach

This book is chock-full of essays originally published through Ms. Roach’s column in Reader’s Digest.  I did not know this when I purchased the book, all I saw was that somehow I had missed a book by Mary Roach and absolutely needed it as soon as possible.  So I ordered it without even reading the synopsis.  When I received the book and actually read what it was about I was mildly upset (aka pissed). I didn’t want a book full of short essays.  I wanted a novel like Stiff, Bonk and How to Pack for Mars (some of her other titles), a novel that entertained my mind and made me laugh for hours not a bunch of short essays that entertained for minutes.  I took a deep breath and then another and then decided what the heck  these short essays could be pretty good. I mean I wasn’t about to send the thing back and in truth no matter the form Mary Roach’s stories come in they are bound to be informative and hilarious.


I sat down and started the first essay/story and two hours later I had finished the book.  Each story will have you smiling, laughing, and nodding your head in agreement at her descriptions of family life, the trials of new technology, and even perils of medical searches on the web.  It doesn’t matter what age you are young or old, whether you’re married or single, man or woman, you still will be able to identify with something in this book.  You might even realize your family or your life isn’t as crazy as you think or it is and they are and it’s just nice to know that you’re not alone.   You can read this book all at once (like I did) or just a few stories here and there (which I did and still do) either way this book is wonderfully enjoyable.

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My Planet: Finding Humor in the Oddest PlacesMy Planet

Release date:  April 4th 2013 |
Publisher: Reader’s Digest
Genre: Non Fiction
Mary Roach (Author)
ISBN:  1621450716 |
ISBN-13:  9781621450719 |
Format: Print and eBook


A Hilarious Collection of Essays from one of America’s Most Gifted Humorists!

Follow New York Times bestselling author Mary Roach — but be careful not to trip — as she weaves through personal anecdotes and everyday musings riddled with her uncanny wit and amazingly analytical eye. These essays, which found a well-deserved home within the pages of Reader’s Digest as the column “My Planet,” detail the inner workings of hypochondriacs, hoarders, and compulsive cheapskates. (Did we mention neurotic interior designers and professional list-makers?) For Roach, humor is hidden in the most unlikely places, which means that nothing is off limits. Whether she is dwelling on her age or talking about the pros and cons of a bedroom night light — “A married couple can best be defined as a unit of people whose sleep habits are carefully engineered to keep each other awake” — Roach finds a lesson, a slice of sarcasm, or a dash of something special that makes each day comical and absolutely priceless.

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