Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Hop Wk 6/Day 4 with the Nine Naughty Novelist

We are almost to the prize drawing for the Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Hop! But I feel I’ve received lots of presents already 🙂 All of the authors, old and new, that we’ve spent time with have been a blast. The readers I’ve met who share my passion for romance and the fact that my TBR tower has grown enormously! <g> It’s been such a fun experience. Thank you all for coming on this hop with us. Thank you to My Secret Romance and DayDrmzz  for all their hard work organizing this event. But the fun is not done, no not yet… keep hopping and commenting for more entries in the giveaway!

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The Nine Naughty Novelist


Nine Naughty Novelists


Juniper BellContacts:

The Nine Naughty Novelists
When One is Not Enough


Newest/Upcoming Release-


You can tie a girl up, but you can’t keep her down…

…the Receptionist, Book 3

In the year since Dana joined Ethan and Simon’s firm, the three of them have found the perfect balance of power and pleasure in their three-way, work/play relationship. Not only that, but it’s been the firm’s most successful year financially.

Except something is missing. Her men won’t tell her anything about their past. How they met, or how they formed such an unconventional business and personal partnership. Until they start sharing their secrets, Dana fears she’ll always be the odd girl out.

Everything changes when a vengeful former partner resurfaces. Suddenly, both the business and their idyllic relationship are under siege. With a tax auditor watching their every move, the three must be on their best behavior.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Dana seizes the chance to prove herself—and finally win her sexy bosses’ full trust and confidence. Now the race is on to root the evil nemesis out of their lives once and for all—before her dream relationship cracks under the pressure.


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Fearless Love (Koningsburg, #7)My seventh Konigsburg book, Fearless Love will be out on October 9. Watch for a blurb and more information–all coming soon!







Kate DaviesBlog –  http://www.kate-davies.com/

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Newest/Upcoming Release-

Take a Chance on Me

Accept no substitute…for love.

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Jessica Martin is determined to earn a permanent teaching position at Summit High School. That means hard work, dedication, and even volunteering extra time to direct the school’s Shakespeare play. Which leaves no room for romance—especially with a co-worker. She didn’t factor in the school’s sexy security officer and the delicious fantasies he inspires.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Former cop Tom Cameron likes his job. Or he did, until the new substitute busted his orderly life right open. Now, he can’t seem to avoid her—deserted hallways, empty theaters, classrooms after dark—but he’s got too many skeletons in his closet to risk his heart again. Asking her out to distract her from the play’s, well, drama is a friendly gesture. Nothing more.

The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth

Their chemistry could melt down the science lab, and before long they’re burning up the sheets off-campus. And uncovering raw emotions—a stark reminder that love isn’t in their curricula. When a troubled student goes over the edge, though, the need to stop a tragedy brings them right back where they started—face to face with fate.



P G ForteWebsite: http://www.pgforte.com/

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Newest/Upcoming Release-

Available December 2012 at Loose Id.

Finders, Keepers:

Sometimes finding what you want is the easy part.

Caleb is a bionic soldier with little-to-no memory of his past. He’s traded pieces of himself for some very highly classified, high-tech hardware, but he’s lost far more than he’s gained. He’s seeking the truth. About himself. About his past. About those missing memories.

Aldo’s an undercover cop who just might have the answers to Caleb’s questions. But Aldo’s already lost one love too many. If it turns out Caleb’s the man Aldo thinks he is, how can he even think about letting him get away from him a second time?

Then there’s Sally, she’s an ER physician who used to be married to Aldo’s late partner, Davis. Although she does her best to hide it, Sally’s not really coping very well with widowhood. She cares deeply about both Caleb and Aldo, and she knows they both care about her–one as a lover, the other as a friend–but she needs something more. If the truth about the men’s shared past comes to light, she could lose them both. Along with her last, best reason to continue living.

This holiday season, chance will bring these three together and give them an opportunity to help one another find what they each want most. But every gift comes with a price. And keeping what they’ve found once they’ve found it? Yeah, that’s gonna be the hard part all right. right.
Read Excerpt



Kinsey HolleyWebsite: http://kinseyholley.com

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Newest/Upcoming Release-

Sometimes a girl’s gotta save herself.

A Werewolves in Love story.

Sara Hedges had planned to escape the backwater, bigoted town of Luxor, Texas on the wings of a college degree—not on the back of a Harley, riding for her life.

Just a couple months shy of loading up her Miata, however, betrayal bares its ugly fangs. Her scumbag uncle has sold her to a pack of werewolves willing to pay any price for her special bloodline and it looks like there’s no way out. She never expected the new-in-town, sex-on-a-stick loner to come riding to her rescue. Or to discover he’s a werewolf, too. A good one…with one too many secrets.

Bryan Keeton waited two months deep undercover for the chance to get his hands on one of the gangster Eurowolves wreaking havoc across the South. After calling in the FBI to blow the lid off Luxor, he’d planned to leave town before he did something he might regret—like get involved with the suspect’s niece.

But Sara makes him stupid. And now they’re on the run from the Feds, who aren’t interested in her innocence, and from the wolves who want her for their own personal squeaky toy…

Product Warnings

This story includes an undercover alpha with a sexy Texan drawl, a heroine with a dangerous secret, a ring of wolves willing to pay just about anything to own her, and a small town that needs to learn a little something about tolerance.



Kelly JamiesonWebsite: http://blog.kellyjamieson.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KellyJamiesonauthor

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Newest/Upcoming Release-


Courage is feeling the fear… then pouring on the throttle.

Abandoned or betrayed by everyone she ever loved, Sera Manning’s life spiraled out of control until a near death experience left her with a mission. Now a DEA agent, her sole focus — and her first undercover assignment — is to take down a drug cartel that’s manufacturing seductive, deadly angel sugar.

To do it, she needs access to Operation Black Abyss to establish a connection between the cartel and the Death Angels outlaw motorcycle gang. Which means she must pose as a couple with another agent who’s already deep undercover.

ATF agent Ryan Thomas desperately needs a female agent to maintain his cover in the gang, but the last thing he wants is a rookie agent jeopardizing his op. Especially one that is a sexy reminder why it’s a bad idea to get involved while on a case.

Living together, surrounded by crime, pretending their sizzling sexual tension is just for show is getting harder by the day. But as the mission comes to a head, the two fiercely independent warriors must decide which fear is worse. Losing their quarry… or losing each other.

Warning: Features a badass biker hero and kickass heroine who go at it undercover — and under the covers.


Skylar KadeWebsite: http://www.skylarkade.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorSkylarKade

Twitter: https://twitter.com/skylarkade


Newest/Upcoming Release-


His Only Hope“This time, he’s not giving her up without a fight. ”

After two grueling years caring for her terminally ill mother, Hope O’Shea is eager to start fresh. Except her first interior-decorating job is for a popular BDSM club-part of her kinky past she misses, but had to leave behind.

Worse, she somehow ends up in the arms of her ex-Dom, Gabriel Cassidy. The one man who could strip her emotions bare, so bare that rather than reveal her painful history, she ran.

Gabriel never understood why Hope left without even a goodbye. Determined to get answers, he entices her to Maison Domine for a weekend on the promise of meeting the owner for another decorating job. Except being with her again reminds him why he loved her in the first place-and why she shouldn’t trust him as her Dom.

As their attraction reignites, Hope is transported back to the sub-space bliss she felt only with Gabe. Then a nightmare from her past shows up at the club, and with no other safe place to turn, she has no choice but to trust Gabe with her shame. Leaving Gabe with a devastating choice-reveal his last secret…or lose his Hope.

Warning: This book contains a feisty interior decorator, a dominating leather worker, heart-wrenching sex and redemption.


Erin NicholasWebsite: http://www.erinnicholas.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/erin.nicholas.90

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ErinNicholas


Newest/Upcoming Release-

Just For FunJust for Fun (Bradfords, #4)

There’s having fun… And then there’s falling in love.

The Bradfords, Book 4

It was a chance meeting, a spontaneous, hot moment, a never-to-be-repeated encounter. So when the gorgeous redhead he knows only as Sugar walks into the bar and heads straight for him, Doug “Dooley” Miller knows he’s in trouble. But he’s sure not going to mind.

She needs a date to some swanky something-or-other. He’s a fish-sticks-and-denim guy, but for a woman who’s not afraid to get naughty in an elevator, he can stand a couple days of smoked salmon and Armani.

Morgan James admits she doesn’t really know Doug, but she needs him to keep her mind—and hands—off her ex. A man who, despite the fact he stole her ideas, she’s afraid could charm her into repeating her mistakes. Only Doug can make her forget the weasel exists. Besides, it’s just this one time.

What started as not even a one-night stand has Dooley feeling things that he’s never felt before. And that’s outside of the bedroom. Don’t even get him started on what’s happening between the sheets. Why does he have a feeling that, as far as flings go, they’re doing something wrong? Then again, if they’re falling in love, they might just be getting that right.

Product Warnings
Contains a woman who knows what she wants, a man who knows what he doesn’t want, and a proposition that shows them both that they’ve never really wanted anything like this before.



Sydney SomersWebsite: http://www.sydneysomers.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sydneysomers

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14719.Sydney_Somers


Newest/Upcoming Release-



It’s been forever since I’ve much news to share about new releases so I’m super psyched to let you guys know about a contemporary romance (with a good dose of suspense and action thrown in) I have out in 2013. It’s part of a four book series with 3 of my fellow Nine Naughty Novelists (Kelly Jamieson, Meg Benjamin & Erin Nicholas) surrounding a wedding that doesn’t quite go off as planned in a small New England town. Mine is the third book in the series and will be out next spring.

I am still planning on more gargoyles, witches and the last Shadow Destroyer book. It’s just taken me a bit longer than I had planned to get my writing feet back under me. As soon as I have news I can share about those books, I’ll be posting it here and I’ll definitely have news about some of them before the year is out.

The other good news is I’m re-releasing my vampire trilogy, From Tonight Until Forever, starting this fall. When I know the definite date for the first book, I’ll let you guys know.




The Nine Naughty Novelists put out not one but two collaborative books!! These are Fabulous, Hysterical, and a Great Buy!!


PhotobucketThe Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy’s Secret Werewolf Babies

by Juniper Bell , Meg Benjamin , Kate Davies ,  P.G. Forte , Kinsey Holley, Kelly Jamieson , Skylar Kade , Erin Nicholas , Sydney Somers


Theirs was a love that nature never intended. Bigger than Texas. Hotter than Hades. Weirder than…a lot of other things you might have read about up until now.

Self-made zillionaire Rock Fangsworthy is your typical Texas cowboy…well, sort of. Typical in that the only thing this lethally sexy lady-charmer with the hair trigger temper loves more than his horse is his ranch, The Double Fang. Or maybe his boots. Less typical in the fact he’s also a four hundred year old vampire with a shocking secret—he can’t stand the sight of blood.

Buffi Van Pelt is just your average girl-next-door winery owner…or is she? The spunky single mom to twin boys also happens to be a winsome werewolf with secrets and troubles of her own. The winery that the gutsy good-girl recently inherited from her grandmother is on the verge of ruin. If Buffi can’t find a use for the mysteriously tainted wine before time and her pantry’s limited supply of red meat runs out, she and her pups will be left homeless, destitute and very, very hungry. Worse yet, her baby-daddy is the same hunky, bad-boy vampire rancher who’s out to steal The Best Little Winery in Bloodsuck from under her paws.

Once upon a time their passion flamed hotter’n a summer’s night in Dallas with three Cheerleaders and a side of habanero sauce. Tonight, love’s lightning might just strike them twice…but only if the wine don’t kill them first.


PhotobucketIf You Give a Duke a Duchy, Or, Love’s Savage Whiplash

(Not Your Typical Regency Romance)

by Juniper Bell , Meg Benjamin , Kate Davies ,  P.G. Forte , Kinsey Holley, Kelly Jamieson , Skylar Kade , Erin Nicholas , Sydney Somers

Being a Tale of Panting Passion wherein a Disaffected Duke runs away to Sea to become a Pirate and ends up becoming Love Slave to a Ninja Queen, whilst at home he is replaced by a Nefarious Highwayman and ne’er-do-well who is, in turn, Ultimately Redeemed by his love for a Poor but Virtuous Governess.

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