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Release date: Mar. 18, 2011 |  Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. |  Genre: Romance, Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1419933191 | ISBN-13: 9781419933196 | Format: eBook
Jason and Remi want the same thing—no-strings-attached, screw-their-brains-out, burn-the-sheets-up fun. Pro hockey player Jason just broke up with his girlfriend because she got too serious. Schoolteacher Remi just saw the last of the younger siblings she raised leave the nest. Jace isn’t ready for responsibility. Remi’s had enough responsibility. They’re perfect playmates.  But fun and sexy games get complicated when emotions get involved. Then responsibility and commitment crash the party when Jason’s past comes back to haunt him. Like it or not, Jason and Remi both have to figure out what they really want.
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Copyright © Kelly Jamieson 2011

Jason looked down at the tiny little blonde standing there with her hand on his arm. Was she even old enough to be in the bar? Amusement tickled inside him. He was used to girls hitting on him, went with the territory, but this little pipsqueak teeny-bopper blonde was hands-off material. Not even close to his type, anyway.

“Favor?” he said.

She nodded, smiled with pretty white teeth and tipped her head. “My friend is determined to fix me up with someone. If you’d just talk to me for a few minutes, maybe she’ll leave me alone.”

“Talk?” His lips quirked. “You want to talk?”

“Well.” She licked her lips and blinked rapidly. “Whatever. Just fake it. You know.” Her eyes darted to the side, then back. She gave him a bright smile.

She was kinda cute, in a Reese Witherspoon sort of way. Heart-shaped face, small mouth, big eyes. Her chin-length blonde hair flipped out at the ends and long bangs grazed her eyelashes.

She pressed her lips together and gazed up at him and those big eyes were like turquoise pools, liquid and shiny. He couldn’t help but smile. It was a new pick-up line, one he hadn’t heard, but he didn’t have it in him to tell her to take a hike. He turned toward her and bent his head. She was so little, he’d have to crouch to talk to her. “Sure,” he said. “Let’s talk.”

He shifted his body so they stood apart from the other guys, who were giving them amused glances. They could think he was hooking up with blondie here, it didn’t bother him. He was a free and single man again as of this weekend, free to do whatever he wanted, including pick up little blonde pixies in bars if he wanted to.

Which he didn’t. He almost laughed at the thought. But those big blue-green eyes made it kinda hard to say no to her.

Relief shone in her eyes and her smile beamed. “Thanks,” she said. She rolled her eyes. “My friend gets an idea in her head and there’s no stopping her.”

“Why is she so determined to find you a man?”

She gave her head a little shake, then lifted her drink, closing her mouth on the straw in a tiny pursed-lip suck that shot heat straight to his dick. Jesus.

“She’s crazy.” She laughed. “My little sister moved out… well, it’s a long story.”

“Go ahead,” he said, taking a swallow of his beer. Hell, it was almost done. “Wait. I need another drink. How about you?”


He caught the eye of a pretty waitress dressed in a low cut, skin-tight black dress. She was more his type—tall, athletic build, long dark hair. She hurried over with an inviting smile. “Another of these,” he lifted his bottle. “And another… ” he looked at uh… hell, he didn’t even know her name.

“Mojito,” she said.

“I’m Jason,” he said, not bothering to watch the waitress leave, even though he knew the tight dress showed off a very fine ass.

“I’m Remi. Nice to meet you, Jason.” Her sweet smile pulled at something unexpected inside him.

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“Where were we? Oh, yeah, your little sister.”

“Oh. Well, my parents died about five years ago. My brother and sister were both teenagers, so I’ve looked after them since then. My brother started college this year and my sister recently moved in with her boyfriend. My friends think I need to start having more fun now that I’m on my own.”

“Wait a minute.”

She lifted a brow.

“If your brother and sister were teenagers five years ago, how the hell old were you?” He frowned.

“I was twenty-two.”

“No way. You look like you’re about eighteen now.”

She laughed. “I know, I get that a lot, dammit. I’m twenty-eight.”

Huh. Only a year younger than him.

The waitress returned with their drinks. Remi set her empty glass on the small counter near them and reached for the purse hanging over her shoulder. He waved a hand.

“Don’t worry about it. She’ll just put in on my tab.”

“No, no. You don’t have to buy me a drink. Really, I just want to get Delise off my back… ”

“It’s fine,” he said firmly, waving her money away. “I got it.”

“Oh. Okay. Thank you.”

She picked up the full drink and did that sexy little pull on the straw with her pretty mouth.

“So you’re a free woman.” Just like he was now a free man.

“Whatever.” She waved a tiny hand. “Jasmine’s twenty-one, it’s not like I had to baby sit her. But it feels a little weird to not have two kids at home to look after. I’ve never lived on my own.”

Her bangs lowered and the corners of her eyes creased.

“You don’t want to be alone?”

She lifted a shoulder. “I don’t know. Delise thinks we’re celebrating tonight. And I guess… I should be happy. I will have more freedom to do whatever I want.”

“But you don’t seem happy.”

She looked a little lost for a moment, staring past his shoulder. Then she focused those glowy turquoise eyes on him and smiled again. “It’s just hard to let go. My brother’s been partying his freshman year away at college. And my sister’s boyfriend is a jerk. I can’t help worry about them even though they’re on their own now.”

He studied her for a moment. “You like being needed,” he said and her eyes flew open wide at his words. He smiled. “That’s okay. I think it’s very cool that you care that much about them. But maybe you need a distraction. Something fun to take your mind off them.”

“Like I am tonight,” she said. “But Delise thinks I need a man to do it.” She rolled her eyes.

“Having a fun night at Rouge is a good start,” Jason said.

“Except I wasn’t having much fun.” She grimaced. “This place is cool, but not really me.”

“Me either.” Yeah, when the other guys had wanted to come here after the game, he’d agreed because, hell, he could go out and do whatever he wanted now without having to worry about Brianne, but the edgy, agitated, almost desperate-to-have-fun vibe in the room made him feel tired.

“Where would you rather be?” she asked.

He pursed his lips. “There are a few places in Wicker Park I like. They play live music, sometimes the bands are just starting out, but they’re pretty good.”

“Oh, like Underground and Lucky’s. Yeah, I know those bars.”

“How about you?”

“Mmm. I like Blue Moon. They make awesome martinis and they have great jazz music.”

“Yeah! I like that place too.”

“But actually… ” She looked down at her drink. “I really just like staying home.”

He laughed. “You know what? So do I.”

They stood there smiling at each other. Then Remi looked at her watch. “Well. I should get back to my friends.”


A sharp nudge to his shoulder made him flinch. “What?” He turned to Dominic, who’d just elbowed him.

“Look who’s here.” Dominic jerked his chin. Jason followed his gaze and saw… Brianne.


Stunning as usual, she stood nearly six feet tall in her three inch spiky heels, wearing a purple dress that looked like it was wrapped tightly around her body in complicated layers. The deep V in the front showed off what he knew to be expensive implants. Long dark hair hung in curls and waves nearly to her waist.

One corner of his mouth deepened. He sighed.

Remi said, “What’s wrong?”

He turned his gaze back to her. “Hey,” he said. “Don’t go back to your friends just yet.”

“Uh… ”

“Now it’s your turn to do me a favor.”

Her lips parted and her bangs moved again with the lift of her eyebrows.

“My ex-girlfriend just walked in,” he said in a low voice, bending closer to her. “Stay and talk to me so she doesn’t uh… get any ideas about getting back together.”

Remi stared at him.

“You owe me.” He gave her his most appealing smile. It usually worked. And it did.

She smiled too. “I guess I do.”

He shifted a little closer to her. Just to make it look like they were together. She smelled incredible. Like spring flowers. Light and fresh and pretty. He inhaled, feeling a strange urge to bury his nose in her hair.

“We could go upstairs,” he said. “And sit down for a while.”

“That would be great.” She made a face. “My feet are killing me in these heels.” She extended a leg and he looked down. And a spark flared in him.

She had great legs. For someone so small, they were long, slender and perfectly shaped, with delicate ankles. The shiny black shoe with the skinny heel and pointy toe almost made him drool. He loved shoes like that. Especially in bed.

With black stockings and black lace underwear.

What kind of underwear did Remi have on under that sparkly little top?

Jesus, what was he thinking?

He gave his head a shake. “Come on.” He took her hand in his, so small it almost slipped right out of his grip, and led her toward the stairs that climbed to the next level.

“Going upstairs, guys,” he told his buddies as he passed them.

At the top of the stairs, the music a little quieter, the lights more subtle and glowing, he surveyed the couches and low tables. The place was full—what were the chances they’d find an empty banquette?

They moved through the bar, hand in hand, and then a couple stood.

“You leaving?” Jason asked and they smiled and nodded. Another sexy waitress appeared to clear their empties and Jason and Remi took a seat.

“Aaaah.” Remi let out a long sigh. Then she laughed. “I’m not used to wearing heels like this.”

Jason wasn’t sure if he’d ever seen Brianne without heels. Kinda funny.

He admired Remi’s legs again, the short skirt riding up higher on firm thighs. Sweet. He shifted sideways, leaning one elbow on the padded back of the banquette so he could face her.

“So… your ex-girlfriend. You don’t want to see her?”

He shrugged, his gut tightening. “Rather not.”

“Things didn’t end amicably?”

He pushed out his lips. “Uh, no. She was a little upset.” Her tears and pleading flashed through his mind and he winced.

“So you’re the dumper… not the dumpee, then.”

“Yeah.” He huffed out a laugh. “But I felt like crap. She’s a nice girl.”

“What went wrong?” She tipped her head, blue-green eyes fastened on his with focused attention, and sipped her drink.

He sighed. “She wanted to get married. I didn’t. I figured it was better to break up now than to let things get too far and have her disappointed.”

“I’m sure she was already disappointed.”

“Yeah, I guess.” He shifted on the couch. “She’ll get over me.”

“Why do you say that?”

He looked at her. “I’m not that great a catch. I have this feeling she loved me for more than just uh… me.”

Her brows drew down and her bangs tangled in her long lashes. “I don’t know what that means. Was she after your money or something?”

He shrugged. “Or something. I don’t know. I don’t want to accuse her of being shallow. Like I said, she’s a nice girl.”


What was she thinking? He could see her mind turning over. Enough of this conversation about Brianne. She was the last thing he wanted to talk about.


Dammit. He looked up at Brianne and forced a smile. “Hi, Brianne.”

She stood there all super-model tall and gorgeous, frowning and flicking her eyes back and forth between him and Remi. Her frown deepened.

The air thickened around them and he felt Remi tense. He put a hand on her bare forearm and slanted her a glance. Her eyes were wide and worried and she nibbled her bottom lip.

“I… uh… can leave… ” she began, but he clamped down harder on her arm.

“That’s okay, honey,” he said.

“You said there wasn’t anyone else.” Brianne stabbed him with an accusing stare.

“There wasn’t.”

Remi tried to pull away from him and he held on tighter, dragging her across the leather seat easily—she weighed like a hundred pounds—and up against him. She shot him a startled glance.

“Brianne, this is Remi. Remi, Brianne.”

Brianne’s dark eyes shot sparks and then she swiveled on a spiky heel and stalked away.


“Thanks,” he muttered into Remi’s ear. “I thought for a minute there she was going to make a scene.”

“That was your ex-girlfriend?”

“Yeah. Brianne Haskett.”

“Jesus. She’s a famous model.”

“Well, yeah.”

“You dumped her?” Remi’s voice rose. She squirmed next to him so she could look up at him. This close he could see the green and blue flecks in her turquoise eyes, the long eyelashes that brushed her bangs every time she blinked, the perfect smooth texture of her skin.


“Oh.” Silence. More silence. “Well, I guess we’re even now. I should get back to my friends.”


She blinked up at him. He felt the room shift around him, slip out of focus, her face the only thing crystal-clear. The feel of her soft warmth, the fresh flowery scent of her, the way the red lights turned the flicked-up ends of her hair pink, combined with the deep gratitude he felt for her just being there and saving him from an ugly scene with Brianne, made him want to wrap his arms around her and carry her out of there.

So he said, “Why don’t we go somewhere quieter?”



Kelly JamiesonKelly Jamieson

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