Fairytale Magic Blog Hop!

fairy tale hop*swoon* I LOVES fairy tales. I always have.I am so happy to join  Herding Cats and Burning Soup blog hop to see get recommendations for fairy tales to add to my TBR mountain and to see who may share the same favs already.
Yes. I was one of those girls who liked Disney princess movies… My favorite is actually Belle, cause she had brown hair (like I did before I went red 😉 ) and she loved to read and she didn’t let society dictate how she viewed people.
I adore Robin McKinnley’s retelling of this fairy tale soooo that’s my giveaway, A print copy of Beauty:A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast
Unfortunately it’s not available in ebook format soooo if an international entry wins I will give the winner a $7.00 USD value gift card from Amazon.

The Book Tart prize is at the bottom of this post. 😀
May the odds be ever in your favor.



The Queen of Tarts



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Fairy Tale Magic Hop

September 15th-22nd

join book loving blogs/authors as we celebrate fairy tales!

My giveaway is at the very bottom. 😀
Do The Hop. Hop. Hop!

1. herding cats & burning soup (INT) 29. Melanie Karsak 57. Michelle Fox
2. Vox Libris 30. Daryl Devore (INT) 58. Decadent Publishing
3. Dani Harper PNR Author (INT) 31. Monica Garry-Allen 59. I Read Fantasy Books
4. MYTHICAL BOOKS (INT) 32. Tara Quan 60. ExciteSteam
5. BIBLIOPHILE MYSTERY (INT) 33. Victoria Pinder 61. The Book Tart
6. Angel’s Guilty Pleasures 34. Read for your Future 62. Expressions of a Hopeful Romantic (US)
7. Joanne Jaytanie 35. Nancy Gideon (INT) 63. Romancing Rakes for the Love of Romance (INT)
8. Christine Murphy 36. Bridget Blackwood (US) 64. Carol’s Notebook (INT)
9. Christina Torretta (INT) 37. Romance Book Junkies 65. Bailey Ardisone (INT)
10. Phaze Books 38. Jeannie Platt 66. All About High Heat Romance
11. AReCafe 39. Hot Listens (INT) 67. Kastil Eavenshade
12. PLP, Home of the Benjamin McTish Series 40. Selena Kitt 68. London Saint James (INT)
13. Book Referees 41. Emme Rollins 69. Doris O’Connor
14. Share My Destiny (INT) 42. Rookie Romance (INT) 70. Natasha Blackthorne
15. Book Lovin’ Mamas 43. LilyElement 71. Houston Havens
16. Jackie Marilla 44. BookHounds ya (US) 72. Louisa Bacio — Love Knows No Bounds
17. Romantic Escapes – Angela Ford 45. http://maryinhb.blospot.com 73. Misa Buckley
18. Bookswagger 46. Sheri Fredricks, Modern Mythic Romance 74. Anastasia Vitsky (Governing Ana)
19. Jennifer Conner 47. More Books Than Livros ( INT) 75. Eva Lefoy
20. Ednah Walters 48. Brazen Babe Reviews 76. Sarah Mäkelä
21. Jess Buffett (INT) 49. Taking Time for Mommy(US) 77. Passionate Encounters
22. Adria’s Romance Reviews 50. Fab Fantasy Fiction (INT) 78. Tabitha Conall
23. Willow Brooke 51. Sara Daniel Romance Author (INT) 79. Beyond Fairytales
24. Cabin Goddess 52. V.S. Morgan 80. Laurie Treacy (US)
25. Sasha Hibbs (INT) 53. Jennah Scott 81. Sam Cheever
26. Margo Bond Collins 54. Marie’s Cozy Corner (US) 82. Serena Zane – Passion to Die for…
27. Bathory Gate Press 55. DRAGON HEART (Int) Susan Arden 83. MAD Hoydenish (US)
28. For the Love of Bookends 56. Linda Mooney’s Other Worlds of Romance (


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♥Prize just for The Book Tart! ♥

What: For US resident

A print copy of Beauty by Robin McKinley 

or if the winner is international

I’ll gift the equivalent value in an Amazon Gift Card 🙂Beauty (Folktales #1)

Who: a lucky commenter here on The Book Tart (international entries welcome)

How: use THIS rafflecopter and answer this question…

What’s your favorite updated or retold fairytale?

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38 Replies to “Fairytale Magic Blog Hop!”

  1. My fairy fandom started with Cinderella but Beauty and Beast overtook it when Disney released that movie … Little Mermaid is third. I too am a fan of the Disney princesses! 🙂

  2. I very much enjoyed the new movie maleficent. It was such a twist change from the orgnial story sleepy beauty, I enjoyed that ( hearing / watching it told differently!)

  3. I like Ever After movie, a depiction of Cinderella, starring Drew Barrymore. I have liked other versions as well Ella the enchanted too.

  4. I love most of them, lol! I haven’t read any re-tellings, to be honest, but I do love Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid.

  5. My favorite tale is Thumbelina, sadly I haven’t come across a retelling yet. So, I’ll go with Disney’s retelling of the Little Mermaid;)

  6. Actually, Beauty IS one of my favorite re-tellings! It was one of the first books I read that retold and old story and I loved it 🙂

  7. I love this book too! Also really enjoy Mercedes Lackey’s retellings in her Elemental Masters series, and the Elizabeth Scarborough Fairy Godmother series, and Kristine Grayson’s (Kristine Katherine Rusch) Charming and Fates series, so much fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. A retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan, done by a self publisher. I have passed the books on to a friend a while ago so I can’t remember the author to tell you…

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