Wacky, Whimsical Interview with birthday girl + author Tracy Ellen + Contest!

Today is Tracy Ellen’s for real and true birthday! I am so happy I met her! She wrote me one of the bestest review queries EVER! lol She called me a queen and yes *nods* flattery and snark will get you far with me. 😛 She is an indie author and I am so happy to tell you how much I adore her book A Date with Fate!

I actually vlogged about my loving of this book too. Click HERE for my review.

Love love love!  It’s one of my personal TOP favs of the year. Seriously. I love the dialogue and humor and all the people in the town of Northfield, Minnesota.

I feel like I could be best friends with the heroine Anabel. I love how independent and strong she is. And after getting to know the creator, Tracy, a bit better in our seemingly sugar crazed interview (ummm really, I think it’s just how we are naturally… but it SEEMS a bit manic!) She has a new BFF in me. I had a blast giving Tracy the randomest questions I could think of and she plays marvelously.

So… Settle in and listen in our our whimsical and often naughty chat. I would recommend putting your drink down so you don’t choke…

Oh! Tracy is generously giving away a signed copy of A Date With Fate and I am giving away a digital copy. Use the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post.

*mwah!* Kat



Me: Tracy! Welcome to my kingdom of Tartlandia! *gestures to red couch* have a seat darling and get cozy. Can I get you anything? What’s your poison? Coffee, tea, soda, *whispers* water? Meep! I’m bad about getting my daily recommended water in…. Or *brightens up* something more festive?  I’m trying to think of a holiday drink…. What’s a hot toddy? *adjusts crown* Well, whatever you want girl, I’ll get someone to make it!


Tracy: Thank you, My Queen, it’s so fun to finally meet you. *rubs couch* Mmm, very pretty. This IS cozy. Please, I’d love a holiday drink. How about we try a Tom and Jerry? *whispers back* You’ll get your water this way, along with brandy. They’re very yummy.*laugh*Isn’t a “hot Toddy” a man that stands about 6’2” and has muscles to die for? *Kat’s crown slides* Here, Your Royal Loveliness, pass me that beauteous crown and let me fix it for you. Isn’t it so aggravating when they slip so? There! *crown replaced* Perfect!



Me: *snuggles in near Tracy* Thanks ever so for fixing my crown. They can be a bit of a bother!

We have a similar thought pattern. Hot Toddys all round! hmmmm… I think it’s his day off…

*waves in attendants who bring in a tray of cupcakes* Happy Birthday!

*singing* Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday darling Tracy…. Happy birthday toooo you! Cha-cha-cha”  <g> have a cupcake. I’m so happy you can visit me on your actual birthday! What else do you have planned for today? More cake I hope. “Let them eat cake… and read!” that would be my motto… if I had a motto.


Tracy: *blushing happily* Thank you! I’m loving the customs of Tartlandia all ready; cha-cha-cha! <g>

 I so agree, Your Royal Sweetness, that every motto could be improved with a little cake and the words “and read” tacked on the end. *big sigh* All work and no play is not a good way for a Queen to rule. Look at Marie. She could have easily kept her head had she only kept her subjects fed and entertained a bit more and off the streets. But nooo, she had to be such a selfish, little piggy…


*perks up* Oh, I do hope the rest of my birthday is all about the cake. My personal favorite cake is beefcake. My personal Beefcake is surprising me today with birthday plans. I’m thinking it could be a bundt cake, pound cake, or maybe even an entire sheet cake. I really have no idea what the day has in store, but whatever kind of cake is served, I’m sure I’ll love it!


Me: *chokes on cupcake* Beefcake! *chortle* I love you! hahahah

Ummm *gasps* umm

How are things in the Kingdom of Anabel? and tell me how A Date With Fate came to be.


Tracy: Things in Anabel’s Wild Kingdom are busy! After the never ending business of self-publishing, I’m deep into writing again (yippee!) and working away on Book Two. I started a volunteer editing group. With all their helpful eyes, I’m shooting for publishing by early March, if not sooner.


Me: March?! *wail* I want’s it now! *stomps foot* lol Now I tell you


Tracy: *laughter* Anabel Axelrod jumped to life from idle, “what if I’d stayed single and fancy-free” hedonistic thoughts and she hasn’t slowed down since.

 I knew Anabel had to be strong, smart, funny, and confident. She truly doesn’t want to fall in love, or let one man tie her down. This is a book series centered on the heroine’s whole life and all her relationships—not just her sex life. Now, about that sex life…*laugh* The man to possibly win a heroine so in control of her own life has to be intelligent and interesting. He’d need to be very alpha without being a poser. Lastly, I was sure their relationship would have to be challenging, full of fun, push boundaries and be sexually explosive to make Anabel sit up and beg like a dog.


I haven’t dreamed of being a writer all my life, but I’ve always loved the idea of owning a bookstore in a small town. The living in an awesome apartment overhead was always a piece of that daydream, but there was also a huge garden on the rooftop. <g> And a swimming pool. And a pool boy. And several lifeguards.


Me: *gasps* That’s my dream!


Tracy: I  went overnight from constantly reading books in effortless pleasure, to the hard work of passionately wanting and needing to write the books instead. I am typing away on the keyboard continually now. How many future stories will be related to The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod? That remains to be seen after Book Two.


Me: I adore Anabel by the way. I laughed out loud and nodded my head a lot ‘cause I could relate to Anabel’s thought process. I love the people in her town and Anna! Plus I have a major crush on Luke… I think, No, I know I’m a bit jealous. <g> There are so many great characters in your story that I really, really hope… Who am I kidding? I’ll make a royal proclamation if need be. 😛 Write MORE! Ummm Please?


Tracy: *clapping and beaming* Thank you! *laughter* Anna is based very, very loosely on one of my long time good friends. She is the best of women. And Luke…well, let me just say this about Mr. Secretive: If you were crushin’ on him in Book One, you are gonna be screaming to the rafters in Book Two. I know Anabel all ready is…<G>


Me:Tease! You are so so mean! I can’t wait for book 2

Another cupcake? *bounces on couch* ok, Tell me what’s your favorite color? Are you scared of zombies? Do you love Benedict Cumberbatch? were you ever a flower girl? *gasps for breath*


Tracy: Yes, please–the white one with all the pink sprinkles. Do you ever chew on the cupcake paper after you’ve eaten the cupcake? No? I have. It’s weird but rather tasty.


Despite almost drowning several times in my life with the latest near-miss being as recent as last March, my favorite color in the world is ocean blue.


Yes, zombies scare the living crapola out of me and I adore them. My third book will hopefully be a zombie book; if I can find a guy writer to co-author it with me. I want to write the female parts and be chased by zombies and then kill them. It wouldn’t be the same if I have to write the zombies that are chasing my women characters. Kind of takes the fun away– like playing tag with yourself, you know?


Benedict Cumberpatch? Woo Doggie, I mean Kitty–Benedict Cumberbatch can come to dinner anytime! With a name like that I’m sure the poor man needs comfort food and a friendly shoulder.


*sad mouth* I’ve never been a flower girl, YET.



Me: You can be a flower girl if you want to! I decree it so 😀

Because you? Are completely awesomesauce! And that was just the warm up… Hold onto your socks *watches Tracy grab toes* Not for realz silly!


Tracy: I was just showing off a little, * giggle* it’s the brandy!


Hey, Queen of Cuteness, wouldn’t “Tartlandia AwesomeSauce” be an incredibly cool brand name for something? Applesauce?… KY Gel?


Me: *snort* I will set my royal minions to brainstorming that. I will rule the world…. I need to practice my evil laughter.

How could you compare writing to dancing in the Nutcracker? And how do you feel about tall people?


Tracy: Hmm, an interesting but disturbing first question. I do like to twirl around in my writing, and tippy-toe. I also fantasize and dream while writing. But now I’m creeped-out thinking about fantasies and scurrying mice. *shudders* Those tails!


Now, tall people are something else. I worship tall people. Without tall people, high places would forever remain a mystery to me. Plus, a girl is never too old to sit, dance, or nap on laps. Tall people have great laps.



Me: *nods* Laps are excellent! 😉 And I am picturing you tippy-toeing around writing Anabel <g>


You are invited to a Christmas party next week by Colin Firth and also by Kevin Bacon. Who would you choose to go with and how would you tell the other your plans?


Tracy: <g>This is an easy one. Men will be the first to tell you they don’t like to be bothered over party details. I see no reason to tell them my party plans and cause bother.


So, for all the women out there—this is the plan!


*jumping on couch*I love parties! My plan is to be picked up by Colin, but only if he is Mr. Darcy. (I’ll pointblank refuse to go if Colin’s acting like himself–he’s sooo not my type.) Mr. Darcy and I will eventually get to the party, in an hour or two.


Kevin Bacon would be delivered a scented note to meet me for a little dancing on the snow-covered back lawn at the stroke of midnight. This plan works wonderfully because I can ice him down should he get too sweaty crazy dancing like he does. Don’t you find that extremely sweaty men, as in buckets, can be a stinky turn-off? *wrinkles nose* Me, too!


It’s a well-documented fact Colin, as Mr. Darcy, is no fun at parties, and Kev tends to pass out now in exhaustion after dancing in the moonlight.


Sooo…the rest of my plan concerns Benedict Cumberpatch. He will be picking me up at the gates at 3:00 a.m. sharp. He must have seen the invitations from Col and Kev on my mantle the night he was over for dinner. (He’s such a snoop!) He wasn’t invited to the party, but he offered to make me breakfast knowing I’ll have worked up an appetite. Ben’s a good dude and I highly recommend him as any woman’s pick-up man.


Me: *stairs at Tracy in awe* I. Am. Impressed! And jealous! lol That is party planning and juggling on an EPIC  scale!


Quick! Close your eyes. Tell me 10 items on my coffee table and no peaking.


Tracy: I couldn’t miss the red licorice whip with the Kat O’Nine Tails. *shiver* I’m sorry, but it’s all I can remember. Can I peak now?


Me: Yes! *bites the licorice* You were distracted by my shiny crown I think. 😀


I just made up a word slugization please make up a definition and use the word in a sentence. 😛


Tracy: “Slugization” : a person, usually male, that over a time degrades from having human qualities into a cheap slime ball.


“Slugization”: Molly thought she’d met her Prince Charming in Chuck, but then slugization occurred and she dumped his wormy be-hind when he stuck her with their drinks tab for the third date in a row.


Me: Slugization! I know some individuals I can use that on <g>


We’re gonna play a game of Madlibs… nope, not telling what it is. Make your answers as naughty or nice as you’d like 🙂







Hunger Games
















Alex O’Loughlin




Magic massager




Me: bwahahaha! You decided to go naughty didn’t you?  lol Here you go…

I was LICKING and turning through the POWERFUL night. A scary movie by the name of the Hunger Games came on my big screen tv. Hearing a noise on my roof top, I stirred from my bed and hid in my SLAP closet. I was petrified and could not move. The TANGY noises of a BLACK crying and a TONGUE breathing were getting closer and closer until it stopped outside of my BASEMENT door. My eyes were as PURPOSELY as saucers as I held my BUTTOCKS to prevent the invader from hearing me. Suddenly, the doors flew open and standing there before me was ALEX O’LAUGHLIN in a SASSY Santa suit holding a MAGIC MASSAGER. He called my name and told me that I should be sleeping. I let out a sigh of relief and SCREAM to my bed. Perhaps if someone would have reminded me that it was Christmas then all would have been fine.


Me: *still giggling* Last but not least…

It’s time for The Book Tart Quickie


  1. Christmas song you hate?:Little Drummer Boy
  2. Superpower you’d like to have? Teleportation
  3. Night owl or morning lover?: Night Owl
  4. Favorite snack food?: Pita Chips and Jalapeño Hummus
  5. What are you wearing right now?: My birthday suit, of course!
  6. Chocolate or vanilla?:Vanilla
  7. Last book you read? Mutated by Joe McKinney:
  8. A show you tivo’d?.A Game of Thrones
  9. Best/worst gift you’ve received? My daughter/Charitable donation never given—in my name, no less!
  10. Phobia? Stinky People


Tracy hon, this has been a joy and a pleasure! My castle will never be the same again. lol Thank you so much for hanging out at The Book Tart on your birthday! I hope the rest of your day is just as fabulous as this. 😉


(((hugs))) Kat


The Queen of Tarts


Tracy: Thank you for the invite, Queen Kat, it was fun.*fist in air* Long Live Tartlandia!


*Cheek!* Tracy Ellen


Me: *Cheek!*

(The Queen watches from her balcony as Tracy Ellen crosses

the northern border and leaves her kingdom,

followed by four thousand men-at-arms that were all flying the

turquoise and black colors of Anabel Katrina Axelrod.

Spying a lone, dark haired man speeding out to meet the writer in a

black truck, a Ford 150 Harley Edition,

Queen Kat notices the fierce face and black brows.

She urgently calls for her binoculars and whispers,

 “Can it be..?!”


More Tracy

Meet Tracy Ellen. I wish I had super-impressive credentials to be an author, but I try hard not to lie. I do have half a brain, an insatiable hunger for books, sparkling conversations with the voices in my head, opinions on everything under the sun, opinions on the sun itself, true grit and determination, a strange sense of fair play, a stranger sense of humor, and the ability to laugh at myself. The latter has turned out to be quite a good thing since I often have reasons to do so.

A Date with Fate is my first novel. I’m seriously, passionately hooked on writing. As you read this, I’m happily listening to music that inspires chapters while typing away on my next book; regardless of attempts to tie me up.

I would love to hear from you. Did you know newbie indie authors thrive on attention? It’s true. Your thoughts and opinions matter, so drop by and check out my blog or face book.

Stalk Follow her

Website: http://tracyellen01.wordpress.com/

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A Date With Fate  Amazon | Kindle |

Tracy is generously giving away a signed copy of A Date With Fate

I’m throwing in a second prize of a digital edition so this contest is open it international enteries too.

Contest open 12/18/12-12/24/12

To Enter use the Rafflecopter and wish Tracy a happy birthday and tell us….

If you’ve ever been a flower girl! lol

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Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.



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81 Replies to “Wacky, Whimsical Interview with birthday girl + author Tracy Ellen + Contest!”

  1. Happy birthday Tracy! Hope you have the greatest!

    Yes, I’ve been a flower girl and I must admit, looking at the photos and the video, that I looked so cute! I saw it with my own eyes! Haha!

    1. Lol You area night owl like me! Hi Anne 🙂 I’m jealous 😛 I’ve never been a flower girl… Oh! I was one of the candle bearers (its that what it’s called?) At my aunt’s wedding… So That’s preetty close.

      (((hugs))) Kat

          1. This is where I dance around your glaring self and sing “tra-la-la, tra-la-la…” *skips merrily around her queen*

            *stops* But they did trust you with the power of fire…that’s pretty much awesomesauce…or applesauce, depending on your performance with said fire :p

  2. Thank you, Anne! Always believe your own eyes! You are so lucky. A friend of mine has promised me since she was five that I am to be her flower girl. She’s twenty-four now, but I ‘m holding her to it. (You hear that, Jenna Lynn!??!)

    Hi Queen Kat! Absolutely love the review–the best birthday present ever! You are so much fun! I am holding you to the BFF…

    p.s I hope you’re happy–the Madlib caused leakage from laughing and snorting ;}

    1. Tracy! Happy Birthday Darling! *cheek!* I also vlogged for you, with my crown especially 😉 I love love love your book. And our interview is going to go down in the history of Tartlandia for it’s epic-ness!

      (((hugs))) Kat

      1. Wow! Epic-ness?! Me? It’s been a long time since I’ve blushed so hard at 3:15 a.m. CST, but I’m on fire here! Thank you so much, K!

        You won’t be surprised to hear I don’t know for sure what vlogging is, (with your crown especially) but I am off to find out! :}

        Then this night owl is gonna go get forty winks, and maybe some sleep, too.

        *Dos Cheek*

    2. Happy Birthday Tracy! Hope you have an amazing day. 🙂 I loved reading this interview very much! The banter between you and Queen Kat was a delight!

      A Date with Fate is an amazing book written by a super talented writer/person/friend.

      I look forward to reading your books for many years to come.

      *Absolutely brilliant*

      Love Love Love
      (P.S…there is not another person in the world that I would rather be my flower girl)

      1. Jenna Sweetness! Whew! It was such a relief to hear I still am your first pick for flower girl. I have tried on my pink lace dress with the pink ruffled undies faithfully for nineteen years. (I WILL NOT let you down, woman!)

        Thank you so much for your compliments on my book. I’ll always cherish our many fun times laughing over the chapters at our drunk fests, ( I mean sleepover, girl night, card parties)

        Should you see anything that strikes your fancy you’d like for Xmas, as you wander around the Queen of Tart’s palace, you just let Auntie T know…

    1. Tracy can come over for a play date any time 🙂 she took what I gave her and made the virtual chat a blast.

      Glad you got a kick out of our silliness 😉
      (((Hugs))) Kat

  3. Happy birthday Tracy. Once again, you are delightful. What a great interview. I have never been a flower girl but I am a girl who loves flowers. Write on Tracy.


    You have an extraordinary wit and I envy that. That was a great
    interview. I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots from you in the future.
    Have a “hot toddy” for me later.

    1. *snort* Hot Toddys and Beefcake are on the menu at the party with Mr. Darcy,Kevin Bacon and Benadict Cumberbatch 😀

      Thanks for coming by!
      xoxo, Kat

    2. Karen–trust me, I am having a hoy Toddy for you right now! Maybe two or three after that post. ;} Thanks so much and I am so happy you got a kick out of our interview. I’m still dying over that weird Madlib…

  5. I lOVED the way Tracy wrote the book! It makes me smile just remembering it 🙂 now I might have to go reread it! I am so excited to volunteer to help as reading is a passion and what better way to spend some relaxing time after kids are in bed than reading and helping out! so excited I found this book and I recommend it to all my friends who ask (and some who don’t) what they should read next.

    1. Hey Girlfriend! Everyone, meet Shannan! She signed up as a volunteer editor on Book Two. (I cannot decide on a dang title for the life of me!)
      Thanks for telling your friends about my book. I so appreciate you stopped by The Book Tart blog for a chat—it’s a cool place to find many more books to fall in love with, that’s for sure!

      1. Shannon! *tackle pounce* oh! You need to edit fast and Tracy needs to wrote faster lol how can you edit without collapsing in giggles? I would be too distracted to notice errors 😛 so thank you for doing what you do and helping Anabel shine!

        (((Hugs))) Kat

        1. I won’t lie- I have to read, and then re-read. My husband constantly asks what I’m doing when I am talking to my computer or books…he just doesn’t get it 🙂 Happy Birthday Tracy and thanks for including me in such an amazing experience and now I have a new blog to watch for ideas on books!

          1. Any woman who talks out loud to her computer and/or her books is my kind of women. If you start swinging and throwing things, we’re best friends for life. (Don’t worry your hubby doesn’t get it. Men are pretty crazy that way.)

            Believe me, I am thrilled you joined our merry group of vagabond editors.

            I’m so glad you like this blog, too!

    1. Hi Savannah, thanks for the birthday wishes. I loved doing the interview. I love LMAO like a crazy woman.

      Everyone, Savannah is one of the originators of the “Cheek!”. (You’ll see what I mean when you read the book.)

      I’m also threatening her cheeky self with being a character in Book Two! :}

      Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Cheek,Celeste! Thank you for visiting on my birthday!

      Kat and I ARE perfect for each other. I think I heard a rumor she’d save her vintage Trixie Belden books in the event of the world somewhat ending.. I’d leave mine behind then and grab the Nancy Drew’s, the Gerogette Heyer’s, and the stacks of Archie Comics…and my little red wagon. My 8×10 glossy of Elizabeth Montgomery as Bewitched I’d put under my shirt–safe against my heart.

      1. Oh! *makes friendship bracelet* You love Trixie Belden too? *flail* We are a match made in paradise 😉 You save Nancy and Heyer (yep, I read both too) and I’ve got Trixie. We can share with those unfortunate enough to never have read these books.

  6. <>anyone who wants a faster delivery of the 2nd book meet me behind the castle. There are ways to make her type faster! Cupcakes are just the beginning! Happy Birthday Darling!

    1. *sneaks* Tell me please! does vanilla and strawberries help too? I want more Anabel

      That kinda sounds like I want more cowbell 😛

  7. Happy Birthday, Tracy!
    I loved a Date with Fate and really enjoyed your interview with Kat. I just had a huge chocolate cupcake with whipped cream icing in honor of your day.
    I’ve been a flower girl three times, two of them successfully. You choke one time, freeze halfway up the aisle and boom you’re washed up at the age of five.
    I can’t wait to read more about Anabel.
    PS I’m also looking forward to exploring thebooktart.com.

    1. “Two of them successfully” !!

      LOL, Hi Colleen. Thank you so much for visiting.

      Colleen is another volunteer editor and funny woman extraordinaire. She literally makes me pee-pee my panties with laughter at her emails–it’s so not funny!

      I knew you’d like this blog!

  8. Happy Birthday Tracy Ellen aka MY BIG SISTA!!
    YOU are hilarious. I just have one request.. invite Gerald Butler to your party… for me.. pleaaassseeee… big sigh…
    Seriously.. have a great Birthday sis. You deserve it..

    1. My favorite Lil Sister! How nice to see you here at Tartlandia! Gerard is definitely coming to the next party. Unfortunately, the party is in Minnesota…and you live so far, far away…Pack your pillow and head north, pleasseeee. I miss you! (Kat, it’s east for you—if the passes are still open!)

  9. Happy, happy birthday from all of us (that’s me!) to you! We (Me) wish it was our birthday so we could party too!!! I am hungrily awaiting your zombie book. I like your idea of having the zombies being written by another author.

    1. Love the name! Tell all (you) that everyone (you) can party even if it’s not everyone’s (your) birthday. You can share ours (mine) as long as everyone(you) keep their (your) mouth closed…I’m sooo hungry to write the zombie book. Know any writer’s?

      Thanks for the birthday greetings!

  10. Happy Birthday, milady. A thousand and one good wishes to you this day. (I’d say a million, but some good wishes must be saved for the rest of the days as well).

  11. Happy Birthday! I’ve got the book sitting right next to me, now all I need is the time to sit still and read! I’m shooting for December 26th as a start date. 🙂

    1. Hi Amanda—thanks for stopping in tonight.. Now don’t be scared if Anabel starts talking to you sooner than December 26th. She has a hard time sitting still, too. You guys will get along real well! Merry Christmas! :]

  12. *Runs up and Hugs Tracy* Happy Birthday Tracy!! *shimmy dances while singing Happy Birthday song, realizing I sang so much today that my throat is dry and I am in desperate need of a holiday cocktail*

    *not sure if I should curtsey or not, I awkwardly half curtsey/half bow and smile to the Queen of Tartness* 🙂

    *jumps on couch sitting criss cross applesauce next to Tracy*

    I read the review and had tears in my eyes…. From laughter and from pure pride in you, my friend! I am soooooooo happy for you!
    I loved HRH The Queen of Tarts review! She is right on about your book and writing style and also about how awesomeit is being your friend. 😀 This LIVE interview is so fun. Some people write words online that may not reflect who there are offline… Being a long time friend of Tracy’s, I can tell you all that Tracy is as humorous, smart, spunky, outgoing, independent, dirty minded , and lovely in person as you she is in her written words!

    *looks around and checks out the beefcakes*

    Congratulations Tracy on the book, your birthday, and for Jenna putting in writing that you will be her flower girl one day and also for NOT drowning!!

    Love you!

    1. lol Amy! I am so glad you are hanging out in Tartlandia 🙂 I’m all about the snarky, independent, big-hearted, dirty minded funness 😉

      Stay awhile and have a cupcake!


      1. Thanks Kat, May I call you Kat? or do you prefer HRH or Queen of Tarts? I would love one of the chocolate with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles! If you have any KINKY Liquor I would love one. I’ve always wanted to try KINKY! *acts innocent*

        I love your blog and recently followed you on Twitter. I don’t tweet much but check out a few tweeters that I follow… I hope that doesn’t sound stalkerish. I wouldn’t want to be that way… Who has the time?

        Lovely castle you have. Do you ever do girls nights here? I’m sure Trace and I would love to attend.. .and teach you a fun game or two!

        1. lol I’m Kat 😉 My girl, The Page of Tarts calls me QofT 😛

          and you should see me giggling at all the nicknames Tracy has called me today. Love!

          I am so ecstatic at the witty and warm people who have stopped by to say hi today and enjoy the silliness that happened when Tracy and I sat down to chat.

          I had a blast with everyone and would LOVE to do a Girls Night and play games..

          .I really want to try google hangouts… And I would totally love to have Tracy and all ya’ll chat cause everyone has been such a hoot!

          Tartlandia is offering citizenship to Tracy and company and an open invitation to come back and play.

          (like kisses just smisher!)

    2. *Huge grin and swaying hug* Amy! *Hands Aim a festive holiday cocktail to soothe her poor, dry throat* Bottoms Up, Best of Women!!

      I think you actually caused me to be speechless for a few minutes. Damn you! If I am half of all that to you, it’s only a reflection of your own beautiful self and generous spirit. shining the way in friendship.

      Plus, you’re fun as hell! I think you all now have an idea why Queen Kat thinks the character Anna in my book is so great! (You two would be thicker than thieves in no time! I’d probably explode from laughing!)

      Amy comes up with the zaniest, craziest ideas and is always up for a goodt time—A REALLY good time.. Last time we let loose, I woke up with a Frito Bandito mustache drawn on my face and she looked like Hitler’s doppleganger. We had no clear idea why!

      (Amy—quick! Beefcake alert at Twelve O’Clock. Should I get his number for you? *snicker* I know how shy you are!)

      Thanks for all your support, good advice (except the blasted twittering–I refuse, you hear me, I refuse!) and endless conversation throughout the years.

      p.s. I can’t take the credit for not drowning. You know I’d be dead meat if my daughter’s brand new husband hadn’t saved me! Imagine that–one day before the ceremony, he has a chance to let me drown. No court in the land would have found him guilty. But no, he has to save me so my daughter would think he’s a hero and now he OWNS me lock, stock, and barrel. He says jump and I say, “Yeah right, but what can I cook for you today, owner of my soul?”

      Love you back, Ms. Shimmy, Shimmy Cocoa Puffs!

      1. Ha! I am so glad you put in writing that I rendered you speechless… that doesn’t happen often. In fact, most of the times we are together we both are talking nonstop, often times, many conversations at once! It’s great that we always can talk and eventually get back to one of the topics of conversations and end all of them to our satisfaction!

        You told the mustache story!! haha! I still am clueless as to why we had them…perhaps it was a start of a conversation over women who really need to wax their upper lip? *shrugs*

        Thanks for the offer about 12 o’clock beefcake. We’ve already connected… He notice my shimmy!

          1. Oh… I’ve never been a flower girl, but I’ve had many bridesmaid dresses and one used bridal gown that If I ever am brave enough to go to a Zombie crawl i will wear as a zombie bride!

            We always knew your son in law was a good guy!

      2. You have the bestest stories! And somehow, even after getting rescued from a watery grave Ocean Blue is still your fav color. lol You rock completely and I adore you to the muchness!

        ((((hugs))) and squeezes and I hope your birthday has been fantastic.
        You have totally made my day, month and year and *whispers* I would love a sneak peak at Anabel 2

    1. not for sure lol but after reading A Date With Fate I had a feeling she’s play with me and be up for anything! I love getting to know authors a bit more (cause authors, you -> Tracy! are my rock stars!) and I normally ask silly questions but this one I just let loose and let my hair down…
      Though my hair is pixie short now! 😛

      Anyway, this has been the funnest day and I think this post has the most comments ever cause you girls are chatty like me!
      luvs it!

      1. Darling QoT—I’m hanging up my borrowed crown for the night.

        I had THE best time! You give great interview! Thank you again, so very much, for inviting me and letting me run all over your castle grounds today.

        You, My Queen of Huggy-poos, are the absolute best. You are a woman of much talent, wonderful, warm humor and much heart.

        It’s been an honor,

        Smishes, Smoochies, and Cheek! Cheek!

        Tracy Ellen
        Official Scribe to Queen Anabel of Northfield,
        Honorary Citizen of Tartlandia,
        (Home of the famous Tartlandia AwesomeSauce….)

  13. Hullo Tracy,
    Hippo-birdie-two-ewe! I am glad you have The Baron as your fairy god banker. He is quite level headed.

    The QofTs was pimping your book out to the review court and I must say I am looking forward to reading it. The scent of snark is in the air and calls to me.

    As to the flower girl query… ^_^ I was one but don’t really remember. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out La Revenant and I had to hold hands while walking down the aisle to keep each other in line. Not all of us were to be trusted with fire like our fair queen.

    I am glad the flower girl honor is still being reserved for you by Jenna Lynn. This makes me smile a very goofy smile at sweet promises remembered.

    1. PoT—Thank you all so much I had such a marvelous time. ..What a fantastic court!

      My snark is a natural thing, often unconscious, and you are right–it sometimes smells. I hope you enjoy reading my first novel effort.

      *sigh* Skipping down the aisle throwing rose petals while drooling in toothless cuteness may never be in my cards. I shan’t give up hope entirely, or be too downcast if sweet Jenna Lynn elopes in terror. Perhaps you are the lucky one to not remember…

  14. Happy Birthday Tracy! Ok, so my wishes are a bit belated. I got a bit distracted while reading your interview–my hankering for beefcakes got ramped up on a sugar high. You’ve got me dancing in the kitchen again, and soon enough I’ll be looking for a lap to nap on. *wonders what she just said*
    Anyway, this was much fun. You and your interview are “awesomesauce”. (I think that’s my new favorite word–Thanks Kat).

    1. My P P P Peggy Sue!

      Once again, you are making poor, poor me exercise my abs. They still hurt from laughing so much yesterday.

      Sugar-highing kitchen dancing followed by naplapping is awesomesaucing at its finest, no doubt about it!

      Belated Birthday wishes are never too late ;} Thanks for visiting me at Queen Kat’s Coolest Castle

      p.s. I’m thinking the Baron may enjoy kicking up his heels….just sayin’…

  15. Tracy, you didn’t tell me it was your birthday in your email! Happy belated birthday! I cannot give “A Date with Fate” enough praises! One of my most favorite books this year, by far!

    1. Hi Amber! *stopped back again and got another brownie from Page of Tarts. Think I’m hooked….on PoT, not the brownies. (the wicked little Poptart)*

      Thank you so much–I am so happy you joined up to be a contributing editor on Book Two. I promise I’m writing, and not goofin’ off…. ;}

      OO and XX!

    1. Dawn–since the EOTW hasn’t happened quite yet today, I thought I’d say thanks to you for picking up my book.

      Have fun talking to QoT about it all day. *pouting off in a corner while chewing on the last cupcake wrapper* Wish I could be there, too.

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