The Book Tart Quickie with Dorothy F. Shaw + Spotlight on Defensive Heart

Me:  Welcome! oh my goodness, oh my goodness! The Red Queen (AKA author Dorothy F. Shaw!) is here! *beams* Come on in. Welcome to Tartlandia. *shoves laundry to the end of the couch* Take a seat please. Can I get you something to drink? Water, soda, tea, coffee… something festive? I’m indulging in a strawberry daquiri.


Dorothy: I would love a Jameson on the rocks please. *Grins*

Me: I’m so happy you came to visit. It’s been WAY too long since I’ve had company. *plops down on couch and passes Dorothy her drink*.

Dorothy: Thank you! =D

Me: How are you? How’s your summer been? How do you keep your hair so gorgeously red? Are you ready for your book birthday? *gasps for breath* Sorry! I’m a nosy Kat *zips lips and looks at Dorothy*


Dorothy: Have I told you lately that I absolutely adore you? Well, I do. Totally do. *clinks glasses with you* Let’s see…I’m good, well, actually, I’m a bit insane. But that’s to be expected. Day job, kids, a unicorn…and then writing. Lot’s of writing. Summer has been pretty fab. I took the kids on a vacay to Cali, went to six flags…rode ALL the coasters. And then the beach. Sad summer is ending, though I’m glad the kids are back to school. I credit the gorgeously red hair to my hairdresser. She’s awesome. Shout out to Christine!

Am I ready for this next baby to be born? Quick answer is: YES! Another quick answer is: NO! *laughs*

It’s amazing, you know? Getting to do this incredible thing? Write books, have them published and then having people read them…but better, having them fall in love with them. I sometimes still think: How did I get here? How did this happen? It’s just…cool. And an honor. As far as the “No” answer? Gahhh… what if no one likes the next in The Donnellys series? *gulps drink* Excited but nervous, sums it up.


Me: Way to rock the run on questions hon! I’m sad about summer ending too… but we have a book birthday to celebrate and I especially love book birthdays!

Happy book birthday for Defensive Heart! (out September 8th, 2015) I’ve been eagerly waiting for book two in your The Donnellys series since I devoured Unworthy Heart. *Kermit flail* And now it’s here!


Tell me about Defensive Heart and writing about Sonja and Jimmy’s story, teenagers, tattoos and lotsa HOT smexy times 😉 . *sips daquiri to cool off*.

And DANG IT! another run on question! lol


Unworthy Heart (The Donnellys, #1)
Click for my review!

Dorothy: I gotta say, like book 1, Unworthy Heart, I started Defensive Heart quite a while ago. It sat half written for almost a year I think. Last spring, I picked it up again and finished it. Sonja is…well, she’s different. Very closed off and getting inside her head to tell her story wasn’t always easy. She’s definitely different than me.

Due to how she was raised, and due to the life she chose, but didn’t quite want, she’s numb inside. Sometimes people go numb to protect themselves from a particular thing that’s hurting them. But what happens then is that numbness spills over into everything. It’s like a disease. In Sonja’s case, she went numb as a child and that carried over into her adult life—with her daughter and also, sadly, into her relationship with Jimmy.

She had to learn how to feel again. In order to do that she had to own her issues, face them head on and then let go and allow herself to have something good. It wasn’t easy, but things like that never are.

Jimmy is…well, Jimmy is the shit. Hands down. I fucking LOVE him. *slaps hand over mouth* Sorry!


Me: I Fu fracking love him too. *clinks glasses with Dorothy*

Dorothy: Anyway, I really, really do love him. He made me laugh so many times as I wrote him. And he made me cry too, as he struggled through the maze of walls Sonja had in place around her. But he wouldn’t give up. A few times he almost did, and a few times, I wanted him to. But he stuck it out.

Their story is a bumpy one, and Sonja does some screwed up things…in the name of survival. But she figures it out. Thank God!

Me: Yes! Thank God! *nods adamantly*

Take a look at Defensive Heart


*points down*

See the pretty!

Get the pretty 😉

(review coming ASAP!)

Defensive Heart (The Donnellys, #2)Defensive Heart

Release date: August 5th, 2014 |
Publisher: Berkley Trade |
Genre: Historical Romance, New Adult, Historical Fiction
ISBN: 9780425271353 |
Format: eBook and print

Uptown girl, tattooed bad boy. Think you know which one is wild? You’d be wrong.

The Donnellys, Book 2

Greenwich Village is home to successful artist Jimmy Donnelly, and the world is his playground. A broken heart in college left him with zero interest in being tied down. But when he meets a sexy, quick-witted Manhattan attorney, he reconsiders his bad boy ways.
Sonja Martin’s life is filled with work, an ex-husband who refuses to stay gone, and a teenage daughter who won’t follow the rules. Jimmy, with his myriad of tattoos and piercings, looks more like one of her clients than a potential lover. But when every argument between them feels more like foreplay, she can’t seem to stay out of his bed.

The heat burns through whatever defenses Sonja thought she had. And Jimmy finds his every fantasy fulfilled—and exceeded—by a woman whose fire burns as bright as her fiercely guarded vulnerability.

But his case for breaking her out of her self-imposed mold might just be dismissed. And he’ll lose the best thing he’s ever found.

Warning: This book might piss you off. But if I’ve done my job, while you’re busy being pissed off, you’ll also fall in love with the hero and the heroine. May contain: A pompous, misogynistic ex-husband. A rebellious teenager. A ton of sex. Adventurous sex. Make-up sex. Desperate-OMG-GET-YOUR-CLOTHES-OFF sex… Did I mention there’s a lot of sex?

♥ Buy this book from:Amazon | Barnes & Noble |Samhain | Itunes |


Me:  Well. I definitely couldn’t put Defensive Heart down and I’m BEGGING for the next Donnellys novel! *puppy eyes*.


Dorothy: *Giggles* Yep, totally adore you. Well…book 3 is right around the corner. It’ll be out the beginning of January!


Me: Yay! Yay! Yay! and back at’cha sweetie. 🙂

But before I let you get back to writing (for me!) 😉


The Book Tart Quickie


1. How tall are you?



2. What do you wear to bed?
– My birthday suit, darlin’. 

*grins* they do say that’s healthiest 😉


3. Who sent the most recent text to you?

– My Unicorn.



4. Do you like scary movies?

No, but my Unicorn’s youngest daughter forces me to. Damn kids. lol


5. What was your first tattoo?

 – It was an angel, a sexy one, arching with her wings extended behind her. Its been covered up now though. After 20 plus years, it was time.

I’m been contemplating a cherry….


6. Do you still have any music on vinyl or cassettes?

– I may have some cassettes, but I KNOW I have vinyl in storage and I can’t find it! *frowns*

*tops off Dorothy’s drink* They’ll turn up hon


7. Which of the 5 senses would you say is your strongest?

 – Smell. (And that’s not always a good thing.)

lol I can imagine!


8. What was your first car?

– 76 (or close to it) Ford Mustang II. I had it for a little over a week because it was a POS. But it was fun for the week I had it. *grin*



9. Have you ever eaten a whole tube of Pringles by yourself?

 I cannot not confirm or deny this. Sour Cream and Onion is my fav.

That’s exactly my answer too 😉


10. Have you ever owned a slinky?


Mine always get irreparably tangled!


Me: Ha! You are a darling dear! Thank you for hanging out with me at satisfying my curiosity. I want you to know that I love that you tell stories about beautifully flawed, relatable people. I need that and need more! Soooo…. open invitation to come back and hang out on my virtual couch. 😀


Dorothy: Thank you! I love the broken ones. My hope is that someone somewhere can relate to them. Maybe it might help them see that they’re human. Maybe even help them feel empowered. THAT would be amazing.

Thanks for having me, Kat. I am beyond happy to hang on the virtual couch anytime you’ll have me. How about I help you fold this laundry? *sips drink*


Me: Yes please *beams* You are most assuredly coming back!

*smishes* Kat

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Dorothy F. Shaw lives in Arizona, where the weather is hot and the sunsets are always beautiful. She spends her days in the corporate world and her nights with her Mac on her lap. Between her ever-open heart, her bright red hair and her many colorful tattoos, she truly lives and loves in Technicolor! As Dorothy sees it: the journey is the best part!

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