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Banner-Extra2Me: Kira hon! Welcome back to The Book Tart. I’m so very happy you didn’t make me (us!) wait too long for the third book in your Deadglass series, Heart of Chaos. *squees* I loved it! Here- Have a cupcake. 🙂

Oh! I’m celebrating shapeshifters here at The Book Tart with the Seriously Shifter Blog Hop. shifter

(click HERE for a chance to win ALL 3 of Kira’s Deadglass books!) Your books were the first that popped into my head. I’ve been fascinated with your world building since I picked up Hearts of Darkness and fell into your world with TWO races of shifters! Can you tell us a bit about the Drekar and the Kivati?


Kira: Thanks for having me! The two shapeshifting races in the Deadglass Trilogy were inspired by the folklore of the two major groups who settled early Seattle: Scandinavians and Native Americans. The Drekar are dragon shifters, based loosely on Norse mythology and dragon mythology world wide. The oldest dragon myths are from ancient Babylon, so all the Drekar worship Tiamat, the mother of all dragons and the Goddess of Primordial Chaos. The Kivati are loosely based on the Giant Animal People from Pacific Northwest Native American mythology. They can shape shift between human and totem animal form: Raven, Crow, Thunderbird, Crane, Wolf, Eagle, Owl, etc. They have an earth mother based religion and seek to protect the Gate between the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead.


Me: I love the mashup! And all the yummy shifters… dragons…. Thunderbirds! *Bounces onto couch*  And you finally shared Lucia’s and Corbette’s story in your new release Hearts of Chaos. *licks frosting off finger*cupcakes

can I just say yum?image


I was so happy. I love how you balanced Lucia’s desire to find her footing and Corbette learning that he doesn’t need to hold her back but just to hold her hand… *dreamy sigh* I loved their journey!

*points down* GET The book!

all the books 🙂


Hearts of Chaos (Deadglass, #3)Hearts of Chaos

(Deadglass #3)

Kira Brady (Author)
Published: March 4th 2014 |
ISBN: 9781420124583 |
Published by : Zebra |


The thrilling finale to the Deadglass Trilogy.

Lucia and Corbette.

Death can’t stop their love.

To save her world, one woman’s fierce quest will put her up against an ancient evil—and a desire too dangerous to deny…

She is betrothed to Seattle’s most feared shifter clan leader. Still, the Lady Lucia can never be the dainty aristocratic wife Emory Corbette thinks he needs. And as a malevolent, all-consuming monster plots to take hold of their shattered world, Lucia will risk her untapped powers to defeat it—and challenge the Raven King’s seductive rule. No one in Emory’s many lifetimes has ever defied him. Lucia’s courage and strength are shaking his iron control to its core…and making him hungry for all she can give. But their only hope is a wrenching sacrifice that could unite humans and shifters in victory—or destroy everything Lucia and Emory desire most.

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Me: Gahhhh! I loved this story. *holds book against chest* Loved it.     *sighs*

Oh! Oh! What are you working on now? There is hint at the end of Hearts of Choas for more in the story ?! *Puppy eyes* pretty please say you are not just a tease?


Kira: I am such a tease! A horrid, horrid tease. I had originally thought I might write a spin off trilogy in the Deadglass world, and maybe I still will someday. Not right now though. I’ve started a fantasy set in alternate history Philadelphia and started a small town contemporary romance, and when I say “started” I mean I’ve written only about 3k of either. I also started a Deadglass novella back in November. Maybe I’ll finish that one of these days and release it into the wild.

miatteMe: *screams into pillow* 😛 I wants all. ANY. 😀


Kira: But let me tell you about the project I’m really excited about! I just cast on a new retro sweater that is going to look awesome with all my retro dresses. (In Seattle we need sweaters 11 months out of the year.) It’s called the Miette designed by Andi Satterlund. I’m knitting it in this super soft, white Malabrigo yarn, so it will go with everything.


Me: Oooooooo Pretty. Wants the pretty! I’ve just downloaded the pattern… I am more of a hoarder of yarn that an actual knitter but…. *swoon* It’s lovely. I support this project…. and you writing more damnit. 😛


So before I let you get back to munchkins and knitting and writing! (hint hint 😉 )

I’m going to ask you a few silly questions

The Book Tart


Animal Party game 😀

1. Do you have a pet?

Yes, a cat.

Adopt me! And knit me a sweater 😀


2. If you could pick- what animal would you like to shapeshift into?

Thunderbird. I’d love to fly!

3. Is there a critter that scares you? (I’m scared of spiders)

Cougars, because they sometimes hunt hikers, and I love hiking. I really like them from far away. I have a friend who was stalked and chased by a cougar while he was out mountain biking. He had to stop, pick up his bike, and use it to scare the Cougar away. He was lucky.

4. First animal movie that comes to mind?
Animal Planet


5. A fav  animal picture book? (I love Lauren Child’s Who Wants to Be a Poodle I Don’t)

The Circus Ship by chris van dusen


Me: Awww thanks for playing hon. You rock Kira! Pretty please come back and hangout anytime. 😉


(((smishes))) Kat


Kira: Thanks so much for having me! I would like to giveaway a copy of Hearts of Chaos to one of your lovely readers.

 Me: Oh my goodness! Thank you Kira!

ok ya’ll- contest deets at the bottom the this post. Go forth and enter!

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More Kira:

A native Seattleitte, Kira spent her childhood hiking the rainy forests of the Pacific Northwest and drying out by the fire with a good book and a mug of something hot. She graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, where she met her real life Prince Charming and promptly dragged him back to sunless Seattle. She fell in love with historic, haunted cities in graduate school. Now she writes about the twisted cities of her imagination, where wraiths and shape-shifters stalk the night and love redeems even the darkest heart. When not writing, she can be found drinking inordinately large mugs of Assam tea, knitting wool socks, and raising a wee heroine and hero-in-training.


Stalk Follow Her

Website: http://blog.kirabrady.com/

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What: Kira is giving one lucky commenter a

PRINT copy of

Hearts of Chaos

Hearts of Chaos (Deadglass, #3)


When: Now-March 29th

Who: US entries

(remember the Seriously Shifter Giveaway

is for ebooks and open to international entries)

How: Use the rafflecopter and tell us:

If you could pick, what animal would you like to shapeshift into?

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  1. Great interview, Kat and Kira! I favor the dragon shape shifters. Good to know Kira has more books in progress! Don’t enter me because I have all the Deadglass books and LOVE them! I will take a cupcake though. Yum! 🙂

  2. I’d love to be able to shapeshifter into a dragon or big cat. Both are beautiful, strong and as a dragon I could fly. 🙂

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