Madlibs with Becky Flade + Spotlight on Fated Souls + Contest!

fates soulsI met Becky Flade on Twitter over a year ago (I meet the bestest people there.) And we bonded over our love of Supernatural and romance.

I ummm *whispers* just read her novel Fated Souls and I’m wishing I hadn’t waited so long! I love her voice. I was laughing and nodding and I totally want to hang out with the heroine and while I wouldn’t take Aidan from Maggie… I’d want him to have a brother. 😉 Click HERE for my review.

Grab a cupcake and enjoy our silly chat then grab her book Fated Souls cause it’s on sale right now!

Oh! Oh! I just found out that her newest story Goddess Of The Hunt is on sale too! I love 99¢ sales. 🙂

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

PS. I have a contest for  Becky at the bottom of this post. Go forth and enter!


Me: Becky! Welcome back youse. It’s been way, WAY too long since we chatted. My world is both rushing and crawling by right now… *sigh* I’m delighted to have a reason to sit and focus for a bit. So sit, sit. Let’s eat cupcakes and chat.


Becky: It has been too long. I missed you but like you I’ve been crazy busy too. Between writing and working, I’ve been planning my wedding. There just isn’t enough time in the day, ‘ya know?


Me: Oh My Goodness!!! Congratulations! That is beyond busy. 😀 You need sustenance.

*plops and couch and grabs cupcake box*image

Help me eat these please, red velvet, lemon and carrot cake. Mmmm Speaking of delicious, I ummm *blush* just read your paranormal romance Fated Souls. IT is Delicious and I’m kicking myself for having waited so long. I loved it! I love how the heroine stands up for herself and calls the hero on his crap. And I was crushing so hard on Aidan. I loved his wild side and his wounded cautious side… Yum! *licks frosting off thumb*


Becky: Just one cuppy-cake for me *snatches a red velvet while dropping onto the couch*.  You remembered and got my favorite! Squee! Okay, maybe two. But that’s it – I have to actually get into my dress come October. 😉 I love my Aidan, I really do. He was modeled after our favorite demon hunter, you know.

Me: mmmmhmmm *daydreams* I loves him too!

Can you share a bit about Fated Souls and the special treat for readers you have going on right now?


Becky: Anything for you and your readers, hun!  The blurb for Fated Souls goes something like:


Investigative journalist Maggie O’Connell went from hard hitting exposés to alien abductions in the blink of an eye, but she did it with style. Her next big lead takes her to northern Minnesota hot on the trail of a werewolf and straight into the arms of Aidan Gael, a horse rancher with way more secrets than he has friends. Maggie may get the story but the man who shares the wolf’s compelling green eyes may end up with her heart – provided they can keep each other alive.


And this is one of my favorite moments in the book:


“You know something? I can’t remember the last time someone held my hand.” Maggie hadn’t realized she still had his hand gripped in hers and tried to release it. He held on tighter. “I like it.”

He rubbed his thumb against the pulse point in her wrist and Maggie felt it trip before racing. Raising their linked hands out of the frothing water, his gaze locked to hers, he lifted her wrist to his mouth and gently kissed the battering pulse. Maggie shivered despite the heat of the water swirling around them. She saw Aidan’s gaze flicker over her and she knew he’d noticed her flushed cheeks. His eyes lifted again, and she saw that the heat and the hunger had returned. They’d smoldered before, now they blazed. Maggie continued to shiver, in both anticipation and apprehension. What was happening between them, somehow she knew, was going to change everything. Change her.

He pulled her a little closer as he put his lips on the inside of her elbow. Maggie’s free hand came up to rest on his chest; she could feel his heart beating under her palm, the pace as fevered as her own. She moved slowly, inching closer as his mouth moved further up her arm. When they were face to face, he dipped his head low, his eyes hooded but locked on hers. Aidan’s lips hovered very close to hers; she could taste his breath, sweetened from the mimosa, on her tongue and her mouth watered. He brushed his lips gently against hers, barely touching flesh to flesh. Maggie whimpered softly as desire coiled in a painful knot low in her stomach.

The sound broke Aidan’s restraint and on a groan, his mouth crushed down on hers. The kiss was savage and possessing; it took Maggie’s breath away. She met the thrust of his tongue with her own, his seeking, hers soothing. He’d released his hold on her hand and both his were on her, one in her hair and the other splayed across the small of her back. His strong fingers were flexing, squeezing, and releasing, pulling her closer and closer. He growled fiercely and nipped her full lower lip with his teeth. He suddenly pulled away from her.

Maggie realized why now. He was afraid of himself and the wolf within, not me, she silently concluded.

Well the hell with that.

Me: *fans self* I loved them together… mmmm


Becky: Despite how spicy that excerpt may sound the heat level on Fated Souls is what Crimson Romance calls Behind Closed Doors but what I like to call “Mom Friendly.” My mom doesn’t approve of the other genre I write and she gave Souls two thumbs up. 🙂


Me: Ha! 😀


Becky: And that special treat you mentioned? Now through Sunday the 18th Fated Souls is on sale for just 99¢ via Amazon, Barnes &, iTunes, GooglePlay and Kobo!


Me: yay! Yay! YAY!

Kermit Flail
Kermit Flail

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Fated SoulsFated Souls

Becky Flade (Author) |
Publisher: Crimson Romance |
Release date: April 15th 2013 |
ISBN: 9781440566776 |
Format: Ebook and print

Shamed investigative journalist turned tabloid scribe Maggie O’Connell convinces her editor to let her go to Minnesota to research alleged werewolf sightings. Her first night in the woods, she gets trapped in an ancient sleeping bag, unintentionally attracts the attention of a bear, and is saved by the most unlikely of heroes: the very wolf she had come to investigate!

When she meets horse rancher Aidan Gael in the town market days later, she recognizes his eyes as those belonging to her champion. He dodges her every attempt to get to know him but undaunted Maggie launches a campaign to win over the recalcitrant Aidan.

Aidan tries desperately to avoid her; he both fears Maggie and fears for her. Neither man nor beast can resist her curious mind and courageous heart. One kiss threatens to break Aidan’s tenuous self-control but furthers Maggie’s resolve. But danger lurks at every turn. The curse Aidan fights to keep secret is only one of the obstacles that will test the strength of their bond. Together they will navigate the violence of both nature and of man in pursuit of their destiny.

Ebook Sale!

only 99¢

May 8th-18th, 2014 😀

♥ Buy this book from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble| Kobo| iTunes


Me: *Noms on cupcake* I love book sales!

Sooo hon, Ummmm do you know my favorite game? Wanna play?


Becky: I love games; especially word games.


Me: I loves madlibs! I am in awe of authors (like you!) who write a story that take me to another place with their words and characters… And madlibs illustrate the fact that what you do takes lots of work and it’s not just willy nilly words on paper. 😛 Soooo ready to through some words out there willy nilly higglety pigglety? <g>




Make the words as naughty or nice as you like…..









Living on a Prayer








Oh My God!










stamp collecting










It’s not the size of the boat…


Me: *Giggles* You put ME in it! ha! I love this game. Are you ready?


Becky: Hit me, baby!


Madly in Love

game from The Dating Divas blog 😉 Print it out and play at home

When I first saw you my ASS felt tingly like a BIKE and I heard choirs of KITES singing “LIVING ON A PRAYER”. You were so HARD and LAZY it gave me BOOKS in my stomach. I said to myself, “OH MY GOD” Of course I first noticed your LONG body and your GREEN NOSE. When I found out you owned a vintage HOUSE and liked to STAMP COLLECT I knew our love was destined to be SEXY. I immediately went to the BATHROOM and told KAT 😀 all about how SULTRY you were. She said, “IT’S NOT THE SIZE OF THE BOAT…” and I agreed.
Me: *chokes* I said what? lol He has a long body 😛 You prolly have nothing to worry about. *looks innocent* Oh! I want his vintage house to! Love this! 😀

Awww! Thank you hon for playing with me and for your yummy stories! And for your patience and for the fact that you drool over Jensen Ackles too. I wanna have a Supernatural marathon with you and eat… cupcakes (or Jensen 😉 but chocolate cupcakes will do). 😉


Becky: Cupcakes, you and a SPN marathon??? Sounds too good to be true! I’m in.


Me: You are totally on the hook to come back and play with me again hon. Pin me down and help me not flake out on you please? I don’t want to wait another year before we have another playdate!


Becky: I will totally be back whenever I can, as often as I can. Promise. Thanks for the cupcakes. How many did I eat? Nevermind, don’t tell me; I don’t want to know. I remember eating two. If anyone asks, I ate two. Next time, carrot sticks and maybe with some liquid courage for the videos. Wait, I get a little raunchy when I’ve been drinking. Screw it, that’s half the fun, right? 😉


Me: <g> Exactly! It’s a date!

(((smishes))) Kat

PS. I’m giving away an ebook of Fated Souls! Play with us 😉


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Newest Release from Becky!

Goddess of the Hunt
It’s on sale too!


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beckyMore Becky

When I was little I thought everyone had stories in their head. I didn’t find out that wasn’t the case until kindergarten. I remember thinking that was sad; and that I should share the ones I had. I asked my teacher for help. I had her cut, fold and staple the paper into a suspiciously book-like shape. Then I drew the cover art and illustrated the interior pages. Finally, and most importantly, I dictated the text. And violà … a writer was born.

It took thirty years for me to get from that first attempt to being a published author. I think the road thus far has added some depth and experience to my writing. At the very least I learned I shouldn’t ever do my own illustrations.

A city girl, born and bred, I tend to place my stories in and around southeast Pennsylvania, or at least have a character or two from the area. Home is where the heart is and I make mine with my very own knight in slightly tarnished armor, three beautiful daughters ranging in ages from college through pre-school, and a grandson who arrived on my birthday last year. When I’m not busy living my own happily ever after, I’m writing about someone else’s.

I’d love to have you visit with me on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter, or write to me directly at

Stalk Follow Her


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What: I’m giving away a kindle copy of

Fated Souls!

(don’t forget it’s on a great sale too!)

Fated Souls


When: Now- May 23rd

Who: International

How: Use the rafflecopter and tell us:

Your favorite bit from the madlibs?

good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor 😉


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  1. *snork* and we had a chat in the bathroom! I am totally picturing us at a restaurant having girl talk in the ladies room about his long body and green nose 😛

  2. Long body lol I like long things 😉 Me thinks we should throw a Tartlandia bash via Google giggle hangout with many authors and word games, and cupcake (yes, singular. One cupcake to fight over) and drinks. This book looks fun and I adore that Becky’s mom gave it two thumbs up. Literally mom approved!

  3. *repeats to self*: “She had two carrots, she had two carrots, if anyone asks SHE HAD TWO CARROTS–and courage may be found in liquid cupcakes! It is the courage of raw eggs! Red velvet bow ties in an October wedding.

    *pause to look around* This is the story we’re sticking to, right?

    *shrug* Hope so, it’s the only one I’ve got.

    As for the Madlibs, I was laughing at ‘stamp collecting’ before the words were even placed in the sentences. But as we all know: “It’s not the size of the boat!”

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