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(I’m still researching how to upload this audio toitunes to make a REAL podcast 😛 But until then… enjoy this youtube vid/audio. 🙂 )

I adore Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn‘s rockstars and their Lost In Oblivion series. I’ve interview each girl on paper a few times and thought I’d try something different for the release of Twisted. Sooooo I had a phone chat with Taryn! We discussed how they write the series, what’s coming next (and their plans for more Oblivion!) knitting, slippers, and we read an excerpt from Twisted! Enjoy and make sure you check out this delicious series. AND enter for a chance to win Rocked (Lost In Oblivion #1).

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PS. My review of Twisted is here. 😀


Twisted (Lost in Oblivion, #2)Twisted

Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott (Author)
Publisher: Rainbow Rage Publishing |
Published Date: November 29th 2014 |
Format: ebook and print |
ISBN 13: 978-1940346144 |
ASIN: B00NAI85T2 |


He’s always saved her. Now she’s going to return the favor…

Gray Duffy never thought he’d end up as the co-lead guitarist of Oblivion, one of the hottest rock bands in the country. Even better? He’s sharing the experience with his best friend, Jazz. Since the day she’d showed up as his family’s new foster kid, Gray has protected her. Loved her. And not just platonically either. After all these years of wanting her in his bed, he still doesn’t know what it would be like to have her mouth on his.

Except for that one time. The time he’d shared her with Nick. The best worst night of his life.

Now they’re living their dream. They’re making music together and spending every waking moment trapped in tight quarters. With success at their fingertips, the time is right for him to finally make his move toward the woman he needs.

He just never figured he would lose control. Or that she would find out.

They’ve loved each other through everything. But what if this time love just isn’t enough?

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Lost In Oblivion Series!

Seduced (Lost in Oblivion, #0.5)
Seduced (Lost in Oblivion, #0.5) Click for more
Rocked (Lost in Oblivion, #1)
Rocked (Lost in Oblivion, #1) Click For More

Rock, Rattle & Roll (Lost in Oblivion, #1.5)
Rock, Rattle & Roll (Lost in Oblivion, #1.5) Click For More

And don’t forget their special website just for the boys (and Jazz!) of Oblivion.

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More Taryn

Taryn Elliott is from the great state of New York—upstate NY, thank you very much. Her family consists of a brother who takes care of keeping the snarky side of her alive and a dog that is more spoiled child than mutt. She counts her writer-friends as the glue that keeps her crazy ideas more in the sane category, and her non-writerly friends as the reason she’s not a complete hermit.

She can’t go a day without laughing, and falls in love with each and every one of her leading men as she’s writing their book. Music is life and every story has its own soundtrack.

Taryn is shamelessly addicted to the internet and adores hearing from readers. You can email her at or find her on most social media outlets via her website,

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PENTAX ImageMore Cari

USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn wrote her first story—a bible parable—in 2nd grade, much to the delight of the nuns at her Catholic school. Once she saw the warm reception that first tale garnered, she was hooked. Now she gets to pen sexy romances for a living and routinely counts her lucky stars. When she’s not scribbling furiously, she can usually be found watching men’s college basketball, playing her music way too loud or causing trouble. Sometimes simultaneously.


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  1. Honestly I’ve never followed just a musician but I love music, all types. A band I found through a TV show that always surprises me is Wakey Wakey.

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