The Maid of Tarts Review of Nicole Flockton’s Sweet Texas Fire

Sweet Texas FireMaid of Tarts Review of

Sweet Texas Fire

by Nicole Flockton

Gage Cooper is an oil businessman, Charlotte Wilkinson an environmental analyst, even though these two have never met their meetings are never easy, calm or simple. They both push for what they think is best, usually the complete opposite of what the other wants. When Charlotte inherits a piece of land from Gage’s father (a friend who she was unaware of his connection to Gage) Gage is ticked, that his father left family land to some random woman when he expected it to come to him. With Charlotte in the US on a work visa and Gage wanting the land he suggests a compromise, a marriage of convenience. Charlottes gets a green card and he gets the land, what could be simpler? Continue reading “The Maid of Tarts Review of Nicole Flockton’s Sweet Texas Fire”

I’m Back! Romantic Times 2016

Lisa (The Maid of Tarts) Dawn and me Together again!

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I was able to attend the Romantic Times Book Convention! I’m so thrilled to be here. If you’re here and are a fan of The Book Tart bloggin’ vloggin’ funness come say hi! I’m running a print book giveaway for a Stephanie Evanovich novel (click HERE) and I’ll give the 3rd copy away to a random convention attendee who says hi 🙂

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