The Book Tart Vlog song for Phuong Birthday!

Happy Birthday Song for Phuong!

I adore Phuong to the muchness! I met her on twitter months ago and we bonded over our love of stories (especially romance) and authors. I got to hug her at RT13! She rocks! Today, July 2nd is her birthday so I sang her a silly little song as a present….
(((hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts

New Releases July 2nd

Gahhh! Summertime is draining my batteries… *sigh* I’m tired. Tired. TIRED. And like Nanny in the children’s book Eloise (I adore Eloise!) I like to say things three times. 😛 It’s Tuesday! my Favorite, favorite favorite day of the week… after whatever day happens to be a day off day. 😀 There are a lot of new books today… And there were lots on July 1st too. (I actually goofed and was highlighting books from the 1st cause I thought that was Tuesday but I decided to leave it… See? so tired I didn’t know the days date!)  ummm enjoy… I’d love to know what book you’ve been waiting for that’s just come out.

Click HERE to see all the books out today (in my DB 😉 )

Click HERE to see the 350+ print books

Click HERE 130+ digital books

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