Google Giggle Hangout with author Cassie Alexander + Contest!

I am so excited! I got to chat with Cassie Alexander! *Squee!* She’s darling and we chat books, Edie, night shifts, madlibs, gingerbread men and cupcakes and Rhianna’s song Stay among lotsa fun randomness. I’m sorry for my echo! *head/desk* I’m away from home and in a different space. Gahhh! Tried to fix but not technologically savvy enough to minimize it. I hope you enjoy the silly and ignore the echo. 😉

(((hugs))) Kat

PS. I’m giving away Shapeshifted! Details at the bottom.

Cover Reveal for Rhiannon Paille’s Vulture!

Yay! I get to help with another cover reveal! It’s one of my favorite things… I get distracted looking at the pretty so I have to share my distractions. I’m generous like that. *nods* See the pretty? Rhiannon Paille’s upcoming release Vulture has a gorgeous, moody cover. I love the snow and the crows and the colors and the girl… I want to know more! Check it out.

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Queen of Tarts review of Shapeshifted by Cassie Alexander

Shapeshifted (Edie Spence, #3)Queen of Tarts Review of

by Cassie Alexander

Cassie Alexander’s has quickly become one of my favorite urban fantasy authors. I have mountains of books… A few mountain ranges likely. 😛 And I always move her books to the top of my pile. I love her creative world building, the visceral way she writes emotions and the moments of near poetry in her descriptions. Shapeshifted is the third book in this series and it didn’t disappoint me.

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Spotlight on Gwen Jones’ Wanted: Wife + Excerpt + Contest!

spotlight wantedYay! Today is Gwen Jones’ book birthday! Wanted: Wife is here now in eBook. *Snoopy dance* Virtual cupcakes and party balloons and confetti! I adore book birthdays! I think this calls for red velvet. *sigh* Take a peak at her new book with the fun excerpt… and add it to your list. Or better yet add it to your shopping cart. 😉

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

PS. Make sure you enter her contest!

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New Releases, June 4th

Aaaaaggghhhh! Oh my goodness Oh my goodness! I’m hyperventilating! So many books I’ve been waiting for are finally out today! Nalini Singh, Beth Ciotta, Cassie Alexander and Sylvia Day have new books today to name just a few.

Oh! I’m helping Gwen Jones celebrate her book birthday for Wanted: Wife Click HERE to say hey and enter for a chance to win it.

Click HERE to see all the books out today

Click HERE to see the 450+ print books

Click HERE 280+ digital books


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Queen of Tarts review of A Brother’s Honor by Brenda Jackson

A Brother's HonorQueen of Tarts Review of

A Brother’s Honor
by Brenda Jackson

Somehow in all my years of reading romance I’d never read Brenda Jackson before. I am glad that oversight has been corrected. She’s on my list now and I am eager for the next book in the Granger series.

A Brother’s Honor reminded me a bit of reading a Nora Roberts novel. (And that’s a good thing to me.) I enjoyed the layered story, the family bonds, well drawn characters, suspense, intrigue and romance… Continue reading “Queen of Tarts review of A Brother’s Honor by Brenda Jackson”