Decadents β€œA Buck A Book Win A Nook” + Guest post by Casea Major!

I am so happy to be a spot on Decadent’s “A Buck a Book Win a Nook” tour! This is a great promotion. A Dozen romances on a special $1 sale. There’s something for everyone. πŸ˜€
Today is Casea Major Day! *Kermit flail* Her guest post is a hoot and she describes herself basically how I’d describe myself too… Plus I’m all all about the retrolicious hottie whom she compares her hero to. πŸ˜‰ Oh! Her book Night With A Dom is part of the $1 sale too! Go shop!

JoAnne Kenrick’s Irish Kisses Cover Reveal + Contest!

I love love love covers. πŸ˜€ I honestly DO judge a book by it’s cover… at least if I’m on the fence about trying it. I’m delighted to say JoAnne Kenrick’s cover for her upcoming print release Irish Kisses is yummy! I want to pull up a stool and get served something delicious at this Irish Pub. πŸ˜‰

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

PS. Don’t forget to enter the contest

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Renhala author Amy Joy Lutchen Guest Post + Contest!


*Kermit Flail* Oh! Oh! I am ecstatic to share today’s guest post. We all need to place an order… or find a genie… cause Amy Joy Lutchen is on to something big! I want one or three. I would place my order right now. Can you imagine the world after her product takes off… though honestly… unless it was some sort of sim-bot it would prolly take off for realsie on me. lol My grammar would scare most anyone away.

What am I talking about? *points down* Read it! bwahahahah Then check out Amy’s urban fantasy Renhala and enter her giveaway too.

(((hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts

β™₯ Guest Postβ™₯

The Product of Tomorrow!

by Amy Joy Lutchen

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New Releases, May 21st

Oooohhh *claps* I really really love my database! Lots and lots of new books nearly every day and you can see them by date. πŸ˜€ Have you played in my database yet?Β 

I wish I may I wish I might have all the books I’d like tonight… or something like that. πŸ˜€ If you browse through my database and make your own wish list you can enter my monthly contest to help your dreams… at least one or two… come true!

Click HERE to see all the books out today

Click HERE to see the 225+ print books

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Queen of Tarts review of Hearts of Shadow by Kira Brady

Hearts of Shadow (Deadglass, #2)Queen of Tarts Review of

Hearts of Shadow

by Kira Brady

Hearts of Shadow is a story filled with danger and pain and loss… and through it all winds the strong ties of love. There is so much going on in this story! It’s a post apocalyptic battle to keep the world from going to the gods and demi-gods control. I love Kira Brady’s world building. She has created an alternate world, focusing on Seattle, with Babylonian and Norse mythology, dragons (!), a Native American shape-shifting race, magic and steampunk elements. Hearts of Shadows weaves all these cords together along with a passionate love story that sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go till the last page.

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Google Giggle Hangout with authors Lea Griffith and Vanessa North + Contest!

Another Google Giggle Hangout!

I had some technical difficulties this time around… but we still had bundles of fun. Take a listen to my silly chat with Lea Griffith and Vanessa North about their new book Under A Moonlit Night and bears and madlibs and Pie! (Click HERE for Vanessa’s pie recipe)