Quickie Interview with Amy Gregory + Contest!

I’m exciteJesses Soul.inddd to welcome the darling Amy Gregory! She approached me a bit ago with her contemporary romance Racing To Love –  Jesse’s Soul and my Maid of Tarts was able to read it before I could. Click HERE for her review! I will read this book- I love her combination of snark and heart!

I snagged Amy for The Book Tart Quickie and her answers are a hoot! Make sure you say hi and enter her giveaway!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts


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Maid of Tarts Review of Racing To Love Jesse’s Soul

Jesses Soul.inddMaid of Tarts Review of

Racing To Love

Jesse’s Soul

by Amy Gregory

Amy Gregory gives us a story about Jesse Frost, a motorcycle racer who has sworn off women to focus on winning.  Family problems cause his regular mechanic to quit mid season leaving Jesse fearing for his position on the podium.  Trusting the word of his manager, Reid Kincaid, Jesse agrees to take on a new mechanic.  He just never imagined it would be a women or that he would fall head over heels for her at their first meeting. 

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Cover Reveal for Finding Valor by Charlotte Abel

I think you might know by now… I love cover reveals. *nods* I’m a cover girl. I admit it! They are a huge factor, especially when I’m trying a new to me author.

I’m excited to be part of SupaGurls Cover Reveal for Charlotte Abel’s upcoming YA novel Finding Valor. After looking at this cover *points down* I had to read the blurb and now I’m hooked. Enjoy!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Spotlight on P.G. Forte’s Now Comes The Night + Excerpt

 NowComestheNight300P.G. Forte had a book birthday on Tuesday! Now Comes The Night is here from Samhain! It’s the 3rd book in her Children of the Night series. She writes EPIC love stories with complicated, beautiful characters. *sigh*

I spaced and was supposed to have my way with her on my virtual couch today! *head/desk* So… I will pin her down soon and have that chat plus a contest!

Make sure you come back, but for now check out the yummy cover and excerpt from chapter one.

(((hugs))) Kat

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Interview with Cora Hawkes + Contest!

rockedundertourlargerI just finished the angsty goodness that is Cora Hawkes Rocked Under. I’m so glad to hear she’s working on a sequel because I am not done with Scott and Emma! *sigh* Click HERE for my review.

Cora is a darling and a delightful guest on my virtual couch. We chat books and brownies and skinny dipping… lol Plus I teach her about madlibs.

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

PS. She has a great contest! Make sure you enter at the bottom or the post


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The Queen of Tarts review of Rocked Under

rocked under cover jpegQueen of Tarts Review of

Rocked Under

by Cora Hawkes

This novel is an angsty, gut wrenching, emotional roller coaster of a romance and I loved every drama filled moment of it. I was sucked into Emma and Scott’s relationship and aching for them to find happiness. The writing is lyrical and descriptive. I could visualize the clubs and school and Scott. *swoon* I kinda have a thing for musician. Sue me!

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New Releases, Feb. 26th

I love release days at the end of them month! There are so many many books out today. 😀 I am getting J.D. Robb’s newest In Death book, Calculated In Death *Kermit flail* I love Eve and Roarke! And I’ve added about 10 that I really really want to my shopping cart. Are there any books out today that you’ve been waiting for?


Click HERE to see all the books out today

Click HERE to see the 250+ print books

Click HERE 200+ digital books


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Guest Post ~ Jennifer Ryan + Contest!

SavedRancher bookcover

As I was getting ready for author Jennifer Ryan’s guest post I was browsing her website. The Hunted series looks delicious! The first book, Saved By The Rancher, will be out on Tuesday, February 26th in ebook. I love the story line and am very excited about the sequels. 😉

Settle back and enjoy as Jennifer shares about her love of cowboys!

Oh! Don’t forget to use the rafflecopter at the bottom of the post to enter for a chance to win Saved By The Rancher

(((hugs))) Kat

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Lusting For Covers ~ Cat Devon’s Sleeping With The Entity

PhotobucketThank you to The Book Queen for the Lusting for Covers meme!


This book had me at cupcakes! Well, *blush* the guy’s profile and the gray-scale lighting and his red eyes grabbed my attention. As did the snarky title, I mean, Sleeping With The Entity? bwahahaha

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