The Book Tart episode 9- review of Jeaniene Frost’s Once Burned

I devoured Once Burned in one gulp :p yum! I did not get up from my chair until I finished reading the night I got it… A work night 😉 I was sleep deprived the next day!  I have loved Jeaniene Frost since I read the first Night Huntress book Halfway To The The Grave back in 2007 . I have been addicted to the adventures of Cat and Bones *sigh* ever since. If you like a strong female heroine and a yummy, powerful vampire hero, amazing world building and a relationship that keeps on deepening and characters that continue to grow and develop- (you can’t tell I am obsessed with this series can you? ) read Jeaniene Frost!


Small Blogs Big Giveaways Blog Hop!


small blogs big giveaways romance edition july giveaway Hi! Welcome to The Book Tart. I am so excited to be a part of this hop. I launched (hmmm… that makes me sound like a ship!) ummm premiered? Introduced? Started?this website in April and it went live-ish the first day of The Romantic Times Book Convention.  But this baby has been in the works for much longer- over two years in fact! I call it my baby elephant <g> I started dreaming in 2010 of a place that would collect all the new fiction release titles into one searchable lists because I was so tired of hunting for what new books came out on what days. The new release option shows you their top 100 popular new releases by genre, but I knew that wasn’t everything that came out. And all the other sites I checked, I could see the new books but not the date! *hair pulling* I was so frustrated! I thought there’s got to be a way. Soooo, I hired a programmer and I am close to having my dream come true. Take a look at my New Fiction Release database and you can select a month and then narrow that down by an exact date, like Tuesday, July 17th, and then scroll through the print titles listed alphabetically by author. My geeks are still working on a way to add digital releases and a wish list function. But we are getting close 🙂
Reading is my passion, my grand obsession, if you will. I love to talk about books, review books I enjoyed and get primped up in my pin up wardrobe and vlog about books too. Oh! I have two other contests right now. The Hot Jocks In July for a chance to win a $10 gift card and the Celebrate July contest to win 4 books and some fun swag.
I look forward to meeting all ya’ll .
(((hugs))) Kat
The Book Tart

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How to win the  books!
Winners will be able to choose from the big stash of prizes, it’s one BIG giveaway! You only need to enter it once via the rafflecopter tool (through any of the participating hosts. It’s different from a giveaway hop, where each blog hosts their own  giveaway).
To each host you visit and fill the form, you’ll receive one entry!
For this giveaway there will be  7 winners, one for each gifcard + 5 more winners choose at least 5 books  from the prize list!

Organized by: Reading Romances

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New Releases, July 10th

It’s Tuesday, Tuesday. Spendin’ money on Tuesday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the New Books, New Books.  Tuesday, Tuesday Spendin’ money on Tuesday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the New Books… <g> I’m trying to find a song to tweak the lyrics a bit and have a theme for Tuesday’s New Releases. Friday has potential. 🙂

Well, anyway.. It’s Tuesday! There are 120 fiction releases listed in my database. Click here for the complete list. As always if I am missing a book or books please contact me and I will try fix the uh-oh. Also, the database still doesn’t list ebooks 🙁

The Book Tart has 2 contests running right now 🙂 enter my Celebrate July and Hot Jocks in July contests for a chance to win

Here are a few of todays new releases that caught my eye…

The Great Escape: A Novel  by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsThe Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Poison Tree  by Amelia Atwater-RhodesPoison Tree by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes


So Close to You  by Rachel Carter So Close To You by Rachel Carter

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Hot Jocks in July Hop

 Yay! A blog hop celebrating hot, muscle-y, athletes. Really what’s NOT to love? <g> Thank you to  Guilty Pleasures and Under The Covers for hosting this sport themed hop and giving me an excuse to share my favorite JOCK romances.

Thank you for stopping by little corner of the web. The Book Tart is three months old and still learning to keep her head from wobbling! I started this site to celebrate my love of fiction and to have a database for me (and you too, hopefully) to scroll through all the new fiction releases by date. Take a look at my New Fiction Release and play around 🙂 You can select a month and view the new books by their release dates! A wish list function is in the works and the ability to add ebook editions too.

The prize from The Book Tart is for a $10 gift card from Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner’s preference) in hopes that the winner will purchase a book from my favorite sports series written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, The Chicago Stars series.

This contest in open to international entries and runs from July, 10th, 12:01 am EST to July 17th, 11:59 pm EST. To enter please leave me a comment and tell me who your favorite athlete is. The winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter on July 18th and notified via email and in this post. The winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Good Luck! 🙂

Don’t forget to visit the other great websites participating in this blog hop. They are listed at the bottom of this post.

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Red haired heroines, authors and me…

It takes a lot of work to maintain the luster of my salon given red hair… I’m NOT a natural red head :p that’s probably kind of obvious. <g> I’m a red head at heart, but not at the roots, mine are brunette. Brunette is a beautiful color and I was brunette until my twenties or so. At nineteen I started to go grey… I don’t know the percentage of grey, well, it’s actually white. When I stop coloring it someday, I am almost positive I will have a head of white hair like my grandmother and great grandmother. Which will be nice when I’m ready, but I’m soooo NOT ready!

I begun dying my hair and I thought as long as I was paying for color why not do something different. I started going red. At first just auburn highlights here and there. Then I went all over red with a short pixie cut. It was an orange-y red and really not good for my complexion. My skin can be rather reddish anyway, so tomato was not a good look for me! I have finally found a red that I am happy with for now. It’s bright and vibrant and I adore it… but it’s a lot of fracking work! When I wash my hair I have to use cool water. Red is one of the largest color molecules (I think) anyway, it washes out easy. As the girls who were my roomies at RT12 can tell you, I brought my own towel, a red one. So I wouldn’t stain the hotel towels red! If I go to bed with red hair, which I try not to do, if I’m not careful I will wake up and the sheets will look like someone was murdered in my bed! The collars of my pajamas are rather pink from wet hair. So, yeah, red is messy.

I love my red hair though. I am semi-seriously looking for a single attractive red haired male. 🙂 So my children could potentially be natural red heads. Of course I realize that hair color is soooo not a reason to marry someone, but the color would be a plus. :p Continue reading “Red haired heroines, authors and me…”

The Book Tart episode 8- review of Maya Banks Echoes At Dawn

Well, Yum! I read the first four novels in Maya Banks KGI series and have been on pins and needles waiting for Echoes At Dawn for the last few months. It was released on July 3rd and I spent three hours on the 4th curled up in my comfy chair engrossed by this story. I don’t read very much romantic suspense… I remember picking up the 2nd book, No Place To Run at Target because it caught my eye (yummy covers) . And then I realized it was part of a series, so I waited till I ordered all the books that were out and read them all, boom-boom-pow! 🙂 I love them so much! Since then I’ve also picked up her Harlequin Desires recent releases and her McCabe historical romance trilogy… that one is still on my TBR pile. Soooo, all that to say that I enjoy the way Maya writes… I’d never read her before. But since picking up my first book I’ve been hooked by the  emotion and heart of her characters, the suspense and tension in the plots and the way her stories pull me into the character’s lives. If you haven’t read her before and you read romance, I highly recommend you don’t miss her books! Check out her site here


Celebrate July Contest

Celebrate July with The Book Tart!

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

My pursuit of happiness includes reading … and I have lots of books! So as I was sorting through my collection I found a few duplicates in mint condition. Two of them I accidentally bought and the others were given to me. I am sharing the joy and also giving away some book swag as well.

The prize pack includes

a tote bag from Debbie Macomber

various swag from Lori Foster, Coreene Callahan, Alma Katsu, Maureen O’Betita and more…

bookmarks from Eden Bradely, Bronwyn Green, Sidney Ayers, Andrew Peterson to name a few

A purple XL T-shirt with a yummy hunk on it (unfortunately not in it!) from Jade Lee

A cosmetic bag from Sabrina Jeffries with book marks too 🙂

plus 4 books!

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New Releases, July 3rd

Ohhhh, Ohhhh! It’s magic…. (what?! Yes, I’m singing… I sing a lot) It’s magic, cause my favorite day of the week is here again! Yay! This Tuesday there are over 250 fiction titles being released in print! I know, I know, where are the ebooks? I don’t know *wail!* my guys are working on that… My vision is for the database to include all new fiction releases, cause “the people” (mostly me) need to know. <g> I’m curious like that. I am, afterall a Kat. :p

To scroll through today’s books, click here or click on the New Release tab above and you can browse the 900+ books coming out in July, or select another month 🙂 As always, please contact me if the database is missing a book/s and I will try to add it.


Here are a few of todays releases that caught my eye.


Hidden in Dreams: A Novel  by Davis Bunn Hidden Dreams by Davis Bunn


Echoes at Dawn (A KGI Novel)  by Maya Banks Echoes At Dawn by Maya Banks


Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues  by Diana Rowland Even White Trash Zombies Get The Blues by Diana Rowland

Imperfect Bliss: A Novel  by Susan Fales-Hill  Imperfect Bliss by Susan Fales-Hill


Thieftaker (The Thieftaker Chronicles)  by D. B. Jackson Thieftaker by D.B. Jackson

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Happy July!

Well…. That took WAY longer than I anticipated.I just scrolled through my New Fiction Release page for the month of July and browsed the 900+ fiction titles releasing this month! I was updating covers where possible and inserting the plots if they were missing. An unfortunate quirk of the programming for the database is that if the description has text like “description coming soon” the program will not look for a missing synopsis- cause there’s something there! I want minions to do the nit-picky stuff for me. Little yellow ones like in Despicable Me (one of my favorite animated movies) If I had minions they could make sure nothing was missing from the database and I could just enjoy viewing all the new releases and not worry about missing info. Oh! I am extremely amused at the fact that many of the series romance books needed the plots added to the books page and it reminded me of last year… when I was more naive and thought that my brother and I could manually create a list of ALL the new books and he was a good sport and helped me out… Till I decided there must be a programmer who could design something to help me. Anyway, my 20 year old brother saw more clinche covers and read more romance plots than most guys ever will! 🙂 He’s a good sport and has actually read a few romances novels. I think more guys should, honestly

Ummmm…. where was I? Oh! yeah…. July new releases. On the plus side, by my scrolling through all the titles in my database I discovered a few books I am very excited for. Elizabeth Peters is re-releasing some of her romantic suspense/gothic romance books at the end of the month! *squee* I absolutely adore her books and own most, but not all, of them. Take a look if you like romantic suspense and clever dialogue.

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